A NEW Type of PC?

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Finally a PC for me.
Check out the Acer Concept D: bit.ly/2M71Ak7
This video is sponsored by Intel.
This is the Acer Concept D7 powered by an 9th Gen Intel Core i7 processor which turns it into a legitimate Creator PC...but how is it different to a gaming computer?
Intel has gifted me with the Concept D7. All other products appearing in this video are not associated with endorsement from Intel.
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Vitenskap og teknologi
Runtime: 05:45


Mark Terrin
Mark Terrin - 6 måneder siden
Sometimes you need to be more ... fair
MrSpy52 - 9 måneder siden
Or you could get a MacBook
GD_ noobz
GD_ noobz - 9 måneder siden
good job intel
Nnbveh Masala
Nnbveh Masala - 9 måneder siden
It feels like this guy is screaming at me all the time, couldn't handle the stress))
ً - 10 måneder siden
3:48 blizzard launcher???
RJ Card
RJ Card - 10 måneder siden
Literally get any high end laptop and it will run circles around this “high end budget laptop”
riopato2009 - 6 dager siden
bet you can't find one that will run circles on this. A desktop maybe, but not a laptop.
Relasati Chicazo
Relasati Chicazo - 10 måneder siden
What predator is this? Answer fro someone? 🌊🌊🌊🔥🔥
Siddharth Ghosh
Siddharth Ghosh - 10 måneder siden
Isn’t this basically an ultrabook
Vincent Brassard
Vincent Brassard - 10 måneder siden
DQuiLon - 10 måneder siden
Is there a YouTube tech channel that takes into consideration the needs and requirements of someone that is NOT a video/photo editor?
MegaBlade - 10 måneder siden
This showed up as an ad I hope you know that
Alex Libman
Alex Libman - 10 måneder siden
Most important thing: BSD / Linux support. Otherwise System76 is better
Anhi Pham
Anhi Pham - 10 måneder siden
@Austin Evans Is it possible to upgrade RAM to 64 Gigabytes? It has RAID 0 Support. Is it possible to upgrade SSD to 4 TB with 2x 2 TB SSD?
candy andy
candy andy - 10 måneder siden
Finally an Apple alternative for Windows Users!
doge plays
doge plays - 10 måneder siden
my mom gots a workstation and it atleat is good but it lies about it having 8gigs of ram
shizuma hoshimanu
shizuma hoshimanu - 10 måneder siden
It's just a freaking debadged low profile version of predator Helios 300 .Lol. new type of clickbait? C'mon Austin you're getting cheaper and cheaper.
Zacronzer Zetto
Zacronzer Zetto - 10 måneder siden
What? Excuse me? This “Creator PC” is just basically a gaming laptop which has the maxed-out spec with a clean aesthetic chassis.
Most if not all gaming laptop has upgrades option such as
- “The 4K professional / creator display you mentioned”
- more ram
- more storage
- better gpu/cpu combo
Thats it apparently, just put the best spec of the gaming laptop counterpart with a new look to be titled as a CREATOR PC/LAPTOP.
A N D Y - 10 måneder siden
Why can I only get this in white?
Matthew Reis
Matthew Reis - 10 måneder siden
Austin literally spent 5 minutes and 45 seconds on a laptop comparison video in which the only differences between the two non-workstation models were the amount of factory installed RAM, screen tech used and SSD size.
Ahmed Anter
Ahmed Anter - 10 måneder siden
Austin can you make a video on hp elitebook 8460p gaming laptop
Fahad AMA
Fahad AMA - 10 måneder siden
U deserve a dislike
Skye Diann
Skye Diann - 10 måneder siden
If that's a Lenovo P70, it's worth every penny.
Skye Diann
Skye Diann - 10 måneder siden
My guess is you typed this comment from a MacBook and are incapable of appreciating a powerful well constructed machine that has lots of connectivity and isn't so stupidly thin that there's no space for a full size USB port
Fedir Kriviy
Fedir Kriviy - 10 måneder siden
No it is not
Overclout - 10 måneder siden
Why is this a ad Austin?
m _khizar1
m _khizar1 - 11 måneder siden
Plz start giveaways plz!!!!
Kevin Bradshaw
Kevin Bradshaw - 11 måneder siden
Real work? Few people edit 4k video as work. Only an idiot would listen to this shit.
Ryan Demboski
Ryan Demboski - 11 måneder siden
stoppppp withhhhhh theeeeeee clickbaittttttt make original content like you used to :/
2010ngojo - 11 måneder siden
So basically a gaming laptop with a 4k screen. Which a lot of gaming laptops have the option to have a 4k screen.
Dennis Schmitz
Dennis Schmitz - 11 måneder siden
I like it!
Aidan - 11 måneder siden
> *Titles the video "A NEW Type of PC?"*
> *Says many times how it's just a slightly different version of the Triton*
Aidan - 11 måneder siden
Does Austin realize you can put 16 more gigs of RAM and a 1TB SSD in almost any laptop? I thought he knew this.
Aidan - 11 måneder siden
So a difference between it and workstation laptops is the price.... yet it costs multiple thousand dollars? What?
Garrett Myers
Garrett Myers - 11 måneder siden
Hey guys this is Austin had me wheezing
abdelilah - 11 måneder siden
hey austin ive watched your story on storybooth and im very amazed how you made it this far really good job man :)
CoDGplays - 11 måneder siden
there is no creator pc, shut up with them new clickbait words. pc is a pc
입니다쿠로송 - 11 måneder siden
I don't know why but, I just read the tittle to 'the new type of C' only me?
blackness010 - 11 måneder siden
New type? It better take out fucking trash for that money
dirt232323 - 11 måneder siden
"Creators" lmao 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dice Gamer 27
Dice Gamer 27 - 11 måneder siden
Is the build quality good? How about compared to a MacBook? Pls answer
Angelo Tognon
Angelo Tognon - 11 måneder siden
Nice ad intel
Jesse Torres
Jesse Torres - 11 måneder siden
Wallpaper of the oil paint?
daxz n
daxz n - 11 måneder siden
Let me guess the one big con.
Non upgradable parts anything?
pieman3141 - 11 måneder siden
Is editing from your system drive a thing now? One of the first things they taught us in my editing classes was to use a scratch disk.
Trevor L
Trevor L - 11 måneder siden
4k is a gimmick
edmund - 11 måneder siden
sponsored by Intel
mrfrosty3 - 11 måneder siden
I don't understand the shouting and the odd pronunciation. Is it a trend? It is very distracting.
Tres Waters
Tres Waters - 11 måneder siden
In pretty sure Austin models his style from Tintin
Voxters - 11 måneder siden
No physical mouse buttons for real Work? .... Shit on it, close it slowly and put it into the trashcan.
zUltra - 11 måneder siden
I don't hate you, but why is this an ad?
PC STREAMS - 11 måneder siden
Stop with the click bait
Hassan Awal
Hassan Awal - 11 måneder siden
so you mean a regular type of laptop with high end components?
Jaya Kejriwal
Jaya Kejriwal - 11 måneder siden
Apple MacBook Pro: Am I a joke to you?
X G - 11 måneder siden
$3000 . is still a lot of money for something that looks like a netbook
matt winward
matt winward - 11 måneder siden
*cough* _2k 120hz still mia..._
matt winward
matt winward - 11 måneder siden
*cough* _2k 120hz still mia..._
samarth patil
samarth patil - 11 måneder siden
The background music sucks
Levin Soh
Levin Soh - 11 måneder siden
nitsuA, Just get a ThinkPad.
Jacob - 11 måneder siden
Did anyone else notice that Deku figure in the back?
HybrydATP64 - 11 måneder siden
I swear i heard him say Zeon
onens oneens
onens oneens - 11 måneder siden
Clickbait, your channel is much worse now, sorry
neai aoidan
neai aoidan - 11 måneder siden
Seriously, fuck off Intel