AMD just won laptops.

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The Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 is one of the best all around gaming laptops period right now.
A truly unique and interesting tech podcast I really enjoy...ahem...
I bought the worst new PC
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Fallout legacy 67
Fallout legacy 67 - 14 timer siden
Everyone's praising this laptop because of the CPU performance yet nobody seems to care about the thermals yet they are some of the worst in the laptop industry. Thermals are literally the main topic of gaming laptops and I sure as hell don't want a gaming laptop with the CPU reaching 100 degrees within 15 minutes of gameplay. Yes this 14 inch laptop is powerful for sure but it's to powerful given its size and not fair to the consumer that will have a burnt out processor in a year's time of owning this.
Sgt K.
Sgt K. - 16 timer siden
Hey guys, this is Austin, Texas.
Pranav Haran
Pranav Haran - Dag siden
I wanted a gaming laptop that looks clean and professional. This laptop perfectly nails it!
rajeshwar prasad
rajeshwar prasad - Dag siden
In india r7 model is going for 1650$ it's sad 😭
Exotic - Dag siden
Hey guys this is Austin intro: *disappears*
Comments about Hey guys this is Austin: *Hey guys this is Austin*
PhantomMatrix - 2 dager siden
Those red PCBs is the signature of AMD graphics cards. 4:37
xxxB13xxx - 3 dager siden
Brought to you by g-fuel, I can feel the raw wwe power.
chiefy beefy
chiefy beefy - 3 dager siden
About the same as an Xbox Series X..... for 3 times the price.
Michael Monteon
Michael Monteon - 3 dager siden
Just remembered why I don’t watch this guy anymore. Horrible click baiting!
Arslan Gabdulkhakov
Arslan Gabdulkhakov - 4 dager siden
7:21 I mean, webcam?
Gary Dorman
Gary Dorman - 5 dager siden
How do you feel about the amount of heat blowing up above the keyboard onto the screen constantly?
Weird Felix, but ok
Weird Felix, but ok - 6 dager siden
I'm looking forward to this laptop and holy God 😂,
Austin : This red PCB is a piece of art, so beautiful, a masterpiece
Dave : this ugly ass red pcb
Orbital - 6 dager siden
master race is Nazi language. Be careful what you use as ‚normal‘ term.
Brian Sumayan
Brian Sumayan - 7 dager siden
this is amazing laptop imagine this gonna be op if this have Ryzen 7 4900 and RX5550M/5560M and secret webcam of course 32 gb ram and 80-90 wh battery that's my opinion.
Quinton Williams
Quinton Williams - 8 dager siden
My only real complaint is screen size and upgrade options. I would love if this was 15 inches but more importantly i wish upgrading the ram was better as i would rather have 32 gigs over 16 for work and the ability to add another ssd. That's all. So I'm really torn if I should get this or s lower end hp omen 15 with all the upgrades for days but lesser build quality.
TabalugaDragon - 8 dager siden
awesome review! Now, how much did Asus pay you for it, Austin? Especially for praising thermals which in fact reach 95-100 degrees in gaming?
Royalz 685
Royalz 685 - 9 dager siden
Is this the guy from mariah careys 'touch my body' music video?😂
Tyler James
Tyler James - 11 dager siden
why am i watching a review of the Zephyrus G14? Im using a Zephyrus G14...
Pablo Alejo
Pablo Alejo - 12 dager siden
Just got my own G14 :) it is incredible the size and weight of this thing, considering the power. And it feels quality built also. Keyboard is awesome. Great price. Any issue so far minor.
Logan Rodzen
Logan Rodzen - 12 dager siden
"We can all use the same processors though, Ken..." LOL
sinister gates
sinister gates - 12 dager siden
love the B role at the 10:50 mark gotta love putting your laptop on a vase
Bodhi Hermann
Bodhi Hermann - 13 dager siden
Bruh he’s using the Friday nights theme
2shar 2
2shar 2 - 14 dager siden
take a shot when he says "next gen console"
fredric Jacobsen.
fredric Jacobsen. - 14 dager siden
Bryr meg ikke vilket merke dere kommer med jeg skall ha hækka jennom apsolutt alle merker i hele verden ikke 1 merke skall røre meg og boxsen ikke 1 merke
Namish Kesavan
Namish Kesavan - 14 dager siden
Me : wait that has more cores than my gaming PC
Steven Starkey
Steven Starkey - 15 dager siden
But how is this better than a Chromebook? **Troll Question**
Micah - 15 dager siden
He looks like the dollar tree version of logic
The Unrelenting Male
The Unrelenting Male - 15 dager siden
Wait...Did he imply that the Asus G14 has about the same power as an Xbox Series X???
TheCooledV - 16 dager siden
Imagine Razer and MSI laptops with Ryzen 4000
Amedeo Bianchini
Amedeo Bianchini - 15 dager siden
Basically heaven
Luke Verble
Luke Verble - 19 dager siden
Don't love that there is no thunderbolt port.
Emanuel L
Emanuel L - 21 dag siden
Is no one gonna mention it only has one ram slot and it’s Ryzen???
Dapper_Dog1 - 23 dager siden
Austin Texas lol
Gamers Council
Gamers Council - 25 dager siden
Brightness is not good, the screen is complete trash
VaXity vibeZ
VaXity vibeZ - 26 dager siden
4 thousand comment :D
Humberto Hinojosa
Humberto Hinojosa - 26 dager siden
Can this run Minecraft mods?
Edvin Månström
Edvin Månström - 29 dager siden
There's a lot to like here. I especially like the editing around 3:00 where Austin walks past the camera and ends up behind his original position. Thrilling!
Dian Oy
Dian Oy - Måned siden
when i clicked this vid and u said "before the whole world ending stuff" my little brother was crying for 20 minutes
Deez Nuttzz
Deez Nuttzz - 4 dager siden
I started crying
Senas Taksioras
Senas Taksioras - 12 dager siden
lol same...
Manuel Prado
Manuel Prado - Måned siden
😱😱😱😱 you should test mass effect 2 full settings and street fighter 5 💪
Mark - Måned siden
If you're serious about gaming, buy Intel. Ryzen runs waaay too hot 🔥
DJCTE - Måned siden
Not gonna mention the fact that it doesn’t have a webcam?
Sabita basihya
Sabita basihya - Måned siden
Lyle Wiley
Lyle Wiley - Måned siden
Im going to get this beast right now!! Taking back my Lenovo Y740, I7 9750h, gtx 1660 ti.
SuperSnowy07 - Måned siden
How they got an rtx 2060 in that laptop is beyond me
Galore Steak
Galore Steak - Måned siden
Goin from an Acer nitro-5 to this hopefully. Should be quite an upgrade (:
Alex Mayer
Alex Mayer - Måned siden
This laptop beat the crap out of intels all 10th gen mobile processors. Amazing.
Indu Lekha
Indu Lekha - Måned siden
Outside looks nice
Austin -i lIKE tHe InSiDe
Rog-umm thanks
Luqman Mohhamed
Luqman Mohhamed - Måned siden
Hi am sorry to say that I don’t want you in the class and you are doing
That Jedi
That Jedi - Måned siden
Austin goes to Austin, interesting
Eeslo - Måned siden
yo this laptop is 1349.99 on best buy currently is that a good deal? I might cop.
jesustehanimator - Måned siden
What will amd think amd mobile chip any one?
Deadtime 55
Deadtime 55 - Måned siden
Can you connect an Xbox and ps5 to it
Isaac Kottlowski
Isaac Kottlowski - Måned siden
@Austin Evans you should review the msi gs66 stealth laptop with a inte 7 10th gen, rtx 2070 super, 1tb m.2 ssd, 16gb of ram, and a 99.9 watt hour battery with a bigger screen and thinner than this laptop
frankylin - Måned siden
0:26 Austin went to austin.... he
Yolo Flame
Yolo Flame - Måned siden
Austin went to Austin
ThePlayzGang - Måned siden
Austin went to Austin get it
ㄩ爪卂尺 - Måned siden
What’s this laptop called
Zubair Hasan
Zubair Hasan - Måned siden
In alternate universe:
You know what it doesn't have? It doesn't have a webcam.
Dapper_Dog1 - Måned siden
Dis or a Razer Blade 15?
What is the price
Hector Garza
Hector Garza - Måned siden
anyone running linux on this??