BROKE vs PRO Gaming Laptop

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This time on BROKE vs PRO Austin and Ken go head to head with GAMING LAPTOPS. 💻
BROKE vs PRO Gaming Setup!
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Vitenskap og teknologi
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Omer Ortega
Omer Ortega - 2 timer siden
Lg is loser gang
Gamer kid Tiam
Gamer kid Tiam - 5 timer siden
B key
Cool Donut999
Cool Donut999 - 9 timer siden
It should be the broke vs money spender

I like the series😍
brockthegamer morrow morrow
brockthegamer morrow morrow - 11 timer siden
I actually poor coke ob my one time it was a accident so yeah
[NGTV] NichoGamerTv
[NGTV] NichoGamerTv - 12 timer siden
Dell laptop OG 10 years
Minjai - 16 timer siden
That’s a dell inspiron 3000 series.
windows 10
windows 10 - 20 timer siden
That broke laptop is a Dell Inspiron 15 3593
ShadoRanger - Dag siden
austins laptop was the dell inspiron 15 3000 or 5000
Dingo ate my baby Dingo ate my baby
the dinosaur in the back rond i had when i was little it sucked
INF4NO - Dag siden
His win was also a sponsor to show to “good” the lg trash is
xRiftz Glow ッ
xRiftz Glow ッ - 2 dager siden
yeah nice dell
YOG’ TZE - 2 dager siden
Laptop ““gaming””
Brady Coggin
Brady Coggin - 2 dager siden
are we not going to talk about he was on rick astleys channel
Rohit Aravinth
Rohit Aravinth - 2 dager siden
Is that a Dell laptop
Alureon dotEXE
Alureon dotEXE - 3 dager siden
Ngl I hate it when they accept sponsors that won’t let them even mention another brand, kinda stupid tbh
kevin suresh
kevin suresh - 3 dager siden
Well Guys its "not" a Dell laptop
Rapidtap1000 Real Make a Move
When ken is playing the game his actual laptop isn’t showing the game
Rapidtap1000 Real Make a Move
anyone notice that kens non lg products aka Razer and such isn’t blurred or has tape
Combet Warsor
Combet Warsor - 3 dager siden
And ken doesn’t let him say ###### but he lets him self say razar
Combet Warsor
Combet Warsor - 3 dager siden
Says building a laptop 2 secs later pulls out a pre built one
caleb phillips
caleb phillips - 3 dager siden
It is a Dell computer
TheRealRedFeek - 3 dager siden
ASHITH K REDDY - 4 dager siden
what we learnt today is that austin cant play any game properly
TWC Kodster
TWC Kodster - 4 dager siden
I would roast Ken at CSGO hahaha
joker of baghdad
joker of baghdad - 4 dager siden
Hp 1000c nt
A,R - 5 dager siden
the laptop was dell
alltomitgamer x
alltomitgamer x - 5 dager siden
I did not know there was YouTube channels that talk about computers and gadgets and stuff it's so cool I also subscribe because I love computers to
Eric Brann
Eric Brann - 5 dager siden
Bro, all I play is Minecraft so I’m fine with the MacBook my parents gave me
ducky dominnaders
ducky dominnaders - 5 dager siden
Dhruva Shivaprakash
Dhruva Shivaprakash - 5 dager siden
It is a dell laptop
Avadi Mak
Avadi Mak - 6 dager siden
Gavin Johnson
Gavin Johnson - 6 dager siden
Lol any ok fans recognize the mic
UnusuallyAsian - 6 dager siden
*i-is that Rick Astley?*
Mr.donkeys - 6 dager siden
No it is Rick Astley
VideoGameVlad - 6 dager siden
Bruh, a laptop that can play Street Fighter IV at 60 fps is good enough for me.
RXALLinONE - 6 dager siden
That was a dell laptop
killermaxpower - 6 dager siden
Ken cant hide the fact it's a chrome book
Jeetu Kumar
Jeetu Kumar - 7 dager siden
Thomas Billey
Thomas Billey - 7 dager siden
nice dell-
mark knotts
mark knotts - 8 dager siden
Frick ken
Funny tik Tokker
Funny tik Tokker - 8 dager siden
Is that dell yep
Funny tik Tokker
Funny tik Tokker - 8 dager siden
That monitor is from Austin’s personal setup
Funny tik Tokker
Funny tik Tokker - 8 dager siden
Who has a dragon 🐉 with hands
Wanted Exodiant
Wanted Exodiant - 8 dager siden
Nice stealth pc damn its definitely not a dell g3
NewSnow - 8 dager siden
Man, Ken's so funny. Ken's definitely the best part of Austin Evans
Jerred Chace Mataragnon
Jerred Chace Mataragnon - 9 dager siden
Unlimited budget no mouse pad huuuuh
Nishanth kale
Nishanth kale - 10 dager siden
WORST EVER VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr.donkeys - 6 dager siden
No, it's one of the best i've watched. And I watch Pewdiepie
Jaden Mayer
Jaden Mayer - 10 dager siden
That’s a hp I no I have same computer at home lol I can tell it’s hp it’s core i7
32-sumedh Chowdhury-7f
32-sumedh Chowdhury-7f - 10 dager siden
razer products but corsair mouse
H0W Xotiic
H0W Xotiic - 10 dager siden
Why is this channel so good
ProRes Gaming
ProRes Gaming - 10 dager siden
he cant say the word ryzen
Saad Abbas
Saad Abbas - 10 dager siden
Austin's laptop is Dell
Shadow Beast!!!
Shadow Beast!!! - 10 dager siden
That is a DELL laptop
Liam Playz
Liam Playz - 10 dager siden
i have a dell laptop i7 7700HQ 64 GB ram 1TB SSD i have lots of ram bc i run lots of VMs. VERY GOOD FOR GAMING.
david pufnić
david pufnić - 10 dager siden
Its A deLl
10k subscribers with no videos
Get this Asian nigga outta my face he's autistic as hell
Mr.donkeys - 6 dager siden
@Fiamma Nera Patrick yeah, it's annoying.
Fiamma Nera Patrick
Fiamma Nera Patrick - 6 dager siden
@Mr.donkeys Lmao, I just noticed the dude is trying to gain subs with the "10k subs with no videos" bullshit.
Mr.donkeys - 6 dager siden
And Asian n-word he isn't even black?
Mr.donkeys - 6 dager siden
@Fiamma Nera Patrick Agreed, Ken is one of the best part of this channel
Fiamma Nera Patrick
Fiamma Nera Patrick - 10 dager siden
You have some problems.
Robert Berry
Robert Berry - 11 dager siden
its a dell computer
Spectre - 11 dager siden
This is the most unoriginal comment section ever
Mr Carrot 2000
Mr Carrot 2000 - 11 dager siden
what is the name of the laptop
the cheap one
fachry kusuma
fachry kusuma - 11 dager siden
well austin use dell
3k - 11 dager siden
FUN FACT: LG Gram in polish means LG I'm playing :D