BROKE vs PRO Gaming Setup

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Is a PRO gaming setup really better than a BROKE gamer? 🎮
Last episode of BROKE vs Pro!
PC Builder:
PC Build Forum:
Build Showcase:
Micro Center’s Folding@Home Team
Austin’s Pro Setup:
Next Level Racing F-GT Dual Position Simulator:
Next Level Racing Black Monitor Stand GT:
Thrustmaster TS-XW Racer:
Thrustmaster T-LCM Pedals:
ASUS ROG Strix GL10DH Gaming Computer:
ASUS VG278Q 27" Full HD 144Hz Gaming Monitor:
ASUS Bezel Free Kit:

Ken’s Broke Setup:
HP 15-db1032nr 15.6" Laptop Computer:
Accessory Power ENHANCE Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad:
Microsoft Xbox Controller and Cable for Windows:
My new podcast The Test Drivers!
Our second channel @This Is!
Vitenskap og teknologi
Runtime: 21:24


Lvcid _FN
Lvcid _FN - 3 timer siden
What store is this?
Dennis Lafond
Dennis Lafond - 6 timer siden
I could use $300 to make an unlimited gaming set up
Sentry - 6 timer siden
What is the thing that ken used on the controller
Xzqwerty2324zX - 7 timer siden
does ken have his own channel? he has a really good voice
MR T REVIEWS - 18 timer siden
Broke bruh i cant even afford the broke gaming setup.
Joseph Murawski
Joseph Murawski - Dag siden
Out of all games for sim racing it’s forza
swat goat
swat goat - Dag siden
What's the store called there at
Nathan Villapando
Nathan Villapando - Dag siden
I use shoulder buttons to shift gears
tar Jan
tar Jan - Dag siden
Sumit Choudhary
Sumit Choudhary - Dag siden
only skills matter
VoicelessGaming - Dag siden
Hey that’s cool and all but... *CAN IT PLAY MINECRAFT????*
Nishant Avuthu
Nishant Avuthu - Dag siden
Your supposed to wear a mask
PUTINEXTRA 13 - Dag siden
look at the guy on the right at 3:15
Ka'ila Villa
Ka'ila Villa - 2 dager siden
I wish i could have a PC
Wheelie Blind
Wheelie Blind - 2 dager siden
As someone who has built computers in the past I see no point in the led lighting and window on the side of the case, but I guess I'm old school, as at one point in time I was building computers int he 1980's.
Girl gameplay HD
Girl gameplay HD - 2 dager siden
Do you keep that stuff cuse I need a laptop or computer cuse I have and old 2018 hp laptop
ImFlipyFlopsYt - 2 dager siden
sandu :I
sandu :I - 2 dager siden
1:33 is it snubs??
[ dream ]
[ dream ] - 2 dager siden
Hey austin this is guys
Kyle Schraw
Kyle Schraw - 2 dager siden
who buys pre-built tho🤣
Oculus clan Official
Oculus clan Official - 2 dager siden
He needs a raspberry pie
Galaxy_Miner7 - 2 dager siden
Can I have a turn having a pro setup
Kellyykg - 2 dager siden
I love that worker so cool 😂 I
Carrot Lol
Carrot Lol - 2 dager siden
I can barely even afford a ps4 and u guys have like 1000000 pcs
Itzarzky - 3 dager siden
My Gaming Setup Is Sooo Bad.
1st: I have no PC desk.
2nd: The “desk” is a cooler you would see in hotels.
3rd: I have no mousepad.
4th: The “mousepad” is a drawing pad.
5th: My PC is a Laptop that works so slow, Internet Explorer is faster than it.
6th: With FPS unlocker, I STILL only run 30 FPS on a good day.
7th: The only games I can play are, Roblox (only a handful of games) and Geometry Dash.
8th: Phantom Forces is the game I play on Roblox, yet I can’t run that smoothly with THE SLIDERS TURNED ALL THE WAY DOWN.
What I’m saying is, anyone can game. Even if your budget is less than $0 like mine.
(Also this has been my setup for 2 years now)
Itzarzky - Dag siden
018 - Adam arlei no I’m at home.....
Itzarzky - Dag siden
Clara M that’s great.
018 - Adam arlei
018 - Adam arlei - Dag siden
if u r still in school then it's not a really big deal after all 🤷‍♂️
Clara M
Clara M - Dag siden
Nice job. Improvisation. I have a system older than I am with all but one game that my parents had before I was even born. Happy as can be and saving up for a 2 DS XL.
epic_boy_vines - 3 dager siden
The two people I love at micro Center are Cody and the other person kristopheryee is friends with. Honestly tho everyone that works there is super kind and you can record in there and everything, way better than Walmart employees lol
Gacha Matrix
Gacha Matrix - 3 dager siden
wait im playing on the same laptop
AditPlaysYT - 3 dager siden
i think the broke gamer is better than pro
TheGmodBro's - 3 dager siden
so i have a new or kinda new and i can basically run 100 fps all games but i gotta say the broke setup is better then my old laptop though now i have a super computer
reikkuunn - 3 dager siden
That cardboard box looks comfy
n00biKun Plays
n00biKun Plays - 3 dager siden
Austin:Who builds pc,thats for losers

Linus:Am I a joke to you?
Weeny SFM
Weeny SFM - 4 dager siden
I’m waiting for Broke vs Pro Quarantine Edition
Gaming With Angus
Gaming With Angus - 4 dager siden
The opposite of broke is not pro
Despresso - 3 dager siden
Ethan Mitchell
Ethan Mitchell - 4 dager siden
Bro I have A 100 dollar set up broke is an understatement
Renzo Jaworski
Renzo Jaworski - 4 dager siden
So what am I, broke+?
Scroll 50
Scroll 50 - 4 dager siden
I like how they think it comes down to the setup but it really comes down to the driver and talented they are at sim racing. I have been sim racing for right around a year and a half to 2 and I have a $300 setup. Logitech g920, Logitech shifter, and Pro Racing Stand. I’ll be able to beat them. Otherwise very good video and funny at some points.
LeakingGammer - 4 dager siden
Ken has a set down lol
Jesus Aragon diaz
Jesus Aragon diaz - 4 dager siden
Dear Austin
If you are reading this I happen to have an idea for for your next Broke vs pro but it’s just pro meaning that Austin and Ken have unlimited budgets but here are some ground rules if you do that
2. One person chooses Intel while the other one choose AMD.
3. The max you can go is A Ryzen 9 and for Intel the Core i9 10900k.
4. SLI is allowed for the GPUS.
5. Water And Air cooling is allowed.
6. If it’s the entire like the monitor and keyboard and mouse you can choose any one of those at any price.
Those are all the guidelines and rules for the Pro Challenge but the propose is to see how powerful a pc money can buy and really hope this can be a reality soon
waleed arshad
waleed arshad - 4 dager siden
Thee125guy - 4 dager siden
15:14 S🅱️innalla
Sherballz 29
Sherballz 29 - 4 dager siden
I built my pc and it almost cost 1000
Elias McGregor
Elias McGregor - 4 dager siden
He is never gonna use the "pro" setup
Julian Hagero
Julian Hagero - 4 dager siden
Hacker 🤔????
Rebecca McEwen
Rebecca McEwen - 4 dager siden
I think the pro gamer is going to keep it up 😆
Krisna Heskiel Lumbantoruan
Krisna Heskiel Lumbantoruan - 4 dager siden
just make the monitor seemless
proelect19 gaming
proelect19 gaming - 4 dager siden
hah the pro just lost to broke
Leonシ - 4 dager siden
13:05 I have that monitor
WasmoTheBeast - 5 dager siden
I got a 8k setup
WasmoTheBeast - 2 dager siden
Despresso uae
Despresso - 3 dager siden
@WasmoTheBeast also my insta is Coomansheep
Despresso - 3 dager siden
@WasmoTheBeast what country do you live in?
WasmoTheBeast - 3 dager siden
Despresso and in my country everything is really expensive
WasmoTheBeast - 3 dager siden
Despresso how should I show it do u have insta?
Ninja - 5 dager siden
FarisHub - 5 dager siden
20h20i hi
Cww Plays
Cww Plays - 5 dager siden
1:06 I build my own PC :(
Trolli TTV
Trolli TTV - 5 dager siden
Nobody : Austin Evans during the pandemic shopping for gaming equipment
GamerBoyz88 _YT
GamerBoyz88 _YT - 5 dager siden
I have the same fridge
Andromeda Nixy
Andromeda Nixy - 5 dager siden
What game r u playing
Euiyang Kim
Euiyang Kim - 5 dager siden
Austin got too excited...
Phantom _fade290
Phantom _fade290 - 6 dager siden
its a mazing how ugly he looks
Joe mama
Joe mama - 6 dager siden
You know you have a bad system when your cpu is 3.1 ghz and 100% utilization and the pro gamer here at 4.03 ghz and 0 PERCENT UTILIZATION
Cooler FILMS
Cooler FILMS - 6 dager siden
11:04 just scouting the competiton
Marthinneill Apoi
Marthinneill Apoi - 6 dager siden
If Austin need Rich to unbox,Ken will unbox with Poor?
Gabe itch
Gabe itch - 6 dager siden