Can I build an Xbox Series X?

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I’m so excited for the Xbox Series X I...decided to build my own. Kinda.
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Menace - 13 timer siden
The reason why he stopped saying, “hey guys this is Austin”, is bc you guys were making fun of him for saying it, and now you guys want it back. But he won’t do it bc you guys are gonna make fun of him again
Logan Williams
Logan Williams - Dag siden
Pc is washed up 💀
Aydon Dixon
Aydon Dixon - 2 dager siden
erm can someone recommend me a new 600w power supply as mine is dying
fxck me
fxck me - 2 dager siden
Its 70 but idk how much would it be with taxes but its on amazon
fxck me
fxck me - 2 dager siden
EVGA 600 BR, 80+ Bronze 600W, 3 Year Warranty, Power Supply 100- BR-0600-K1
Plo Koon
Plo Koon - 4 dager siden
Just the case is 2/3 of my entire rig
Dennis Dering
Dennis Dering - 4 dager siden
you for got raidraicing
GD Mario
GD Mario - 7 dager siden
: me sad austin diddnt show the poer supol
L E G I T - 8 dager siden
I’ve learned something holiday 2020 I’m gonna own a series x
Joel VanHandel
Joel VanHandel - 11 dager siden
Did anyone else hear the lisp at 4:27 ?
UcantHide4eveR's Gaming Channel
Anti Xbox guys: I will just play on PC
PC: Prepare your anus.
Asa_Dude - 12 dager siden
Xbox fans Give me 3 reasons of why to get the series s
Here’s 4 reasons for Ps5:
Ultra fast ssd
Many more games
Most likely lower price
Controller has many features
Fetus X
Fetus X - 12 dager siden
1:58 is that blurred armpit hair? Is that thing on youtube? Wtf? Hahaha
The king L2
The king L2 - 12 dager siden
cool video but very few people buy a pc to play games in 4k it's just dumb
Sk.Tahmid Ahmed
Sk.Tahmid Ahmed - 13 dager siden
This is not Austin, it's his evil twin. The real Austin always says, "Hey guys! This is Austin".
Dave Hartnell
Dave Hartnell - 13 dager siden
@Austin Question, the NZXT cases riser is PCIE3 isnt it? Did you run the the mobos PCIe slot in 3.0 mode or did you swap out the stock riser for something 4.0 compatible?
MasterCode3000 - 13 dager siden
Imagine upgrading your actual Xbox series X in a similar way. I'm sure you would have to do some code perhaps.
Ghosty Boi
Ghosty Boi - 13 dager siden
Why is it sencered at1:19 to 2:01
Ethan Beyer
Ethan Beyer - 13 dager siden
Another difference is the fact that there is no optical drive in the "Xbox series x" you built so two differences from the one you built and the one they are gonna release
JA-Gaming - 14 dager siden
Did anyone notice his armpit was censored
Daycare Daycare
Daycare Daycare - 14 dager siden
No u cant but u can build ps5
Thinking Tech
Thinking Tech - 14 dager siden
Price per performance pcs can never beat consoles not just in hardware and software but theirs so much customizations in console machines
DiogoTheguy - 14 dager siden
I hope gta 6 can actually play at 60 fps
Luke Fruits
Luke Fruits - 15 dager siden
LuckyLucc420 - 15 dager siden
how have I not noticed this video before
Đức Phát Nguyễn Đỗ
Đức Phát Nguyễn Đỗ - 16 dager siden
Series X = r7 3700xt + rx 5700xt
Antonio Hale
Antonio Hale - 16 dager siden
Gears 5 was gonna be 120 fps on the series x
Cicero - 16 dager siden
I swear every young white male with short hair and glasses looks like Gordon freeman a hev suit and grow a goatee..
Generic Idiot
Generic Idiot - 18 dager siden
Geez it has the power of a 5700xt? That’s like an rtx 2070!
Green beast pro
Green beast pro - 18 dager siden
How much is the xbox series x going to be
OHCAM5 - 15 dager siden
Much less than this build will cost you
Alf Waibel
Alf Waibel - 18 dager siden
But... can it run Crysis?
MikaelPlayz 7077
MikaelPlayz 7077 - 20 dager siden
Do this with the ps5
mayen67 - 20 dager siden
Why was his armpit hair blurred out?
Hugapanda - 20 dager siden
Where's Austin?
Rike 106
Rike 106 - 24 dager siden
Holy shit I'm buying Xbox series x baby thank you austin
TrickyPanda 65
TrickyPanda 65 - 25 dager siden
Look at me I'm console master race now
Paul Hilton
Paul Hilton - 26 dager siden
To be honest it was quite close
Ryil's Show for kids
Ryil's Show for kids - 26 dager siden
Smokin Man
Smokin Man - 26 dager siden
JayzTwoCents just slick dissed this guy and all these other Youtubers claiming "I can build a console equivalent PC". The video is PC vs Console 2020 and he goes in depth early on but flat out says it at the 18 minute mark.
john olson
john olson - 28 dager siden
Who the hell is this guy?
Not888 - 29 dager siden
Is nobody gonna mention how the video link has "gae car" in it???
Noah Joynson-bakar
Noah Joynson-bakar - 29 dager siden
you should build a ps5
Jernos - Måned siden
Do you know the price of the console?
Amiga Honda
Amiga Honda - Måned siden
Unfortunately very far from Xbox Series X powerfull proco and optimization, little size and moreover, don't forget that a pad ($60) is provided : overall for only $500 :) :) :)
VergePerge - Måned siden
Dang, they really blurred his armpit hair
R1Z3_Envy - Måned siden
Yo let me get a pc bruh
YJHooliV2 - Måned siden
ur missing somwthing its....

hello guys its austin
Zayed Hashmi
Zayed Hashmi - Måned siden
The price of that case alone will probably round up to the entire console's price and the pc's performance is not even near that console wow!!!!
najyp vamp
najyp vamp - Måned siden
Is this logic
Good Boy Troy
Good Boy Troy - Måned siden
Lov your vids
Fucking YouTube-Ads
Fucking YouTube-Ads - Måned siden
it seems like you can not buid a xbox. where is the optical disc drive?!
David Damasceno
David Damasceno - Måned siden
So, if you set your resolution to 1440, and graphics on high, you still get an awesome performance, am I right? I know, the XSX is more powerful, but there are a lot of games only available on PC, so for them, I think this is an awesome build.
fuck xbots
fuck xbots - Måned siden
He is playstation hater.
RR_skateing - Måned siden
Dumb Dumb
Dumb Dumb - Måned siden
you can but consoles have a spec that performs better than a pc with the same specs like the xbox 360 had 512mb ram(and they were thinking about putting 256) even with this ram it ran gta 5 at 480p and was capble of 720p my 8gb ram macbook pro lags with 4 or more chrome tabs
SerPenT - Måned siden
Ça sent la vidéo sponsorisée en cachette comme pour la xbox one
Black-Zombie13 - Måned siden
XB Series X & PS5 both are more powerful than a Gaming PC...
Kevin Hard
Kevin Hard - Måned siden
Yeah, more than 90% pc master race have lower power than xbox series or ps5 power
Noah Stivers
Noah Stivers - Måned siden
He didn't say his signature "hey guys this is austin"
John52 Chesser
John52 Chesser - Måned siden
Poser FN
Poser FN - Måned siden
I have a question. Can you play keyboard and mouse on Xbox series x because I only see one USB port. Please like so he can see this.
Smoggy Tv
Smoggy Tv - Måned siden
Xbox series x has 120 FPS
Ashish Patil
Ashish Patil - Måned siden
Pc gaming is gonna die