Can I Switch To RYZEN?

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AMD has gotten a LOT better with Ryzen but is it good enough for me to switch to yet?
My first foray into switching to Ryzen 💻
The Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 on Amazon:
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bananaboi 27
bananaboi 27 - 22 dager siden
Did anyone notice in the computers playlist that there are 3 of these videos
Blacula Playz
Blacula Playz - Måned siden
I got a Ryzen 5 3600. Impossible to find motherboards in stock that go for their actual msrp
Cheuk Nam Siu
Cheuk Nam Siu - 3 måneder siden
Interested in Ryzen; Picks a Ryzen Laptop that is more expensive than most intel laptops.

FYI the Lenovo E495 with basically the same chip is priced at 4xx USD.
Cshep 05
Cshep 05 - 3 måneder siden
Why is this on the computers playlist 3 times
HI HI - 4 måneder siden
This vid is mostly Austin roasting the surface laptop
আহমদ ইর্তিজা
His face was painful to look at. Really trying to convince why Ryzen isn't a better choice.
Alienoid Gamer
Alienoid Gamer - 5 måneder siden
I actually used to work for hp, I had t stop when they told me they knew things like this were happening but were doing nothing to fix it within those models, and they still wanted me to sell them..
TheOtioseFanatic - 6 måneder siden
Sounds like he's having a beef with Microsoft while trying to blame ryzen, especially at the beginning talking about price.
stevorkz - 7 måneder siden
Youtube videos in the year 2032 by Intel fanboys while Ryzen 9000 series are blowing Intel out of the water : "Is it time to switch to Ryzen?"
Adam Zawadzki
Adam Zawadzki - 7 måneder siden
surface with ryzen even makes me want to get one because the graphics with the amd cpu would give you better performance then intels
Movie Hd
Movie Hd - 7 måneder siden
Stupid review, no sense.
David Tech Tips
David Tech Tips - 7 måneder siden
why the heck you not test Battlefield or something? Call of Duty? Maybe Rust or even Minecraft, but hell not Fortnite, why you hate me?
David Tech Tips
David Tech Tips - 7 måneder siden
wtf FORTNIGHT? i thought you were a cool guy, UNSUBSCRIBE INSTANTLY
EsteBandido4444 - 7 måneder siden
The real question is, are we able to switch to a Surface Laptop 3 with these Apple-like practices from Microsoft?
Luis Alonso Dominguez Lopez
Luis Alonso Dominguez Lopez - 7 måneder siden
No thunderbolt 3 is almost a deal breaker for me
aTarii ו
aTarii ו - 7 måneder siden
What I clicked: Can I switch to RYZEN?
What I expected: Ryzen processor review
What I saw: Surface Pro 3 review
Harco van Hees
Harco van Hees - 7 måneder siden
I buyed myself a HP Envy X360 13 with Ryzen 5 (Vega 8), 8 Gig and 512 SSD on Black Friday (800 euro). During installation it had a BIOS and a Windows-update. And my system stays cool, is stable so no Blue screen, is fast en works perfectly. It would be fair to HP to do a second test to see if it works better now and you’ re system could be an incident.
Jiu Jitsu Everybody
Jiu Jitsu Everybody - 7 måneder siden
Ryzen is destroying Intel right now. I can state for a fact, yes you can.
BlackBruceLee - 7 måneder siden
But why are we talking about the price and looking at the microsoft surface one of the most overpriced laptops on the market as it is?
Efrain Gallardo
Efrain Gallardo - 7 måneder siden
Only thing I'll buy from Microsoft is an Xbox but that's all.. Anything else is all junk
Jerequan - 7 måneder siden
Got the acer aspire 5 with the 3200u on black friday for $260 and upgraded the ram for $30. Good Enough for me
Larry Taylor
Larry Taylor - 7 måneder siden
That’s 300 more dollars buddy
Gumott - 7 måneder siden
At this point, even though i love ryzen, the surface laptop 3 13” seems more compelling.
WHY YOU ARE AN IDIOT - 7 måneder siden
there is only 2 good ryzen laptops and only one of them is PURE


the other is half AMD
Digg W
Digg W - 7 måneder siden
этот пользователь некомпетентен и просто толкает пургу, косплеит профа, забавно что столько подписчиков, наверно им гугл толкает рекламу
The Boom
The Boom - 7 måneder siden
Wait till 4000 series laptop
E Eh
E Eh - 7 måneder siden
You should let your hair grow
corbett coburn
corbett coburn - 7 måneder siden
The problems sound like MICROSOFT problems -- not RYZEN problems. If you're dumb enough to buy a Microsoft branded product, you pretty much deserve what you get.
Codstone - 8 måneder siden
Hey guys this is austin 🥴
DrZle Art
DrZle Art - 8 måneder siden
Can you pls review digital storm lynx
The_Bi11iona1re - 8 måneder siden
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weed king
weed king - 8 måneder siden
Daryl Zero
Daryl Zero - 8 måneder siden
The way this guy speaks is so annoying
@8:13 Compares a Ryzen 5 to an i7 ??????? Intel Schill
Louis rodriguez
Louis rodriguez - 8 måneder siden
abdeldjebar mounir
abdeldjebar mounir - 8 måneder siden
You talked about surface laptop or Ryzen? Change the title to can i switch to surface laptops
L J Thomson
L J Thomson - 8 måneder siden
Can ask out of curiosity why you did not compare with a Ryzen 7 to get a better balance core count wise as with Intel and Amd core counts being not exactly the same and sounds more of the issue with Ryzen computers have been more down to the early support of the computing companies rather than Ryzen itself also as Ryzen was built more for desktop tower computers and servers when amd first started their production and mobile unit formats were limited and as stated partly before with the large system structure change causing support problems and like with this model of laptop shown there has not been an upgrade in the other supporting to cover the power draw increase with the new screen for example.
Marc Gallant
Marc Gallant - 8 måneder siden
Next gen mobile ryzen(4000) cpu's are going to destroy intel in efficiency and performance
mistereisb - 8 måneder siden
Did I miss something? Why is Austin comparing an i7 to Ryzen 5? Did I hear him say, "can't match up to Intel". Definitely unsubscribing. Too much Verge shining through......
Didn't think this channel would reach this level of ignorance, or bias. Either way, notduncan just lost credibility to me.
Thatghg Gilli
Thatghg Gilli - 8 måneder siden
4 minutes into this video and he’s just been comparing surface laptops... what about Ryzen vs Intel?
Animize - 8 måneder siden
Still don't know how and why I got subscribed - and also why I stay - and sometimes watch the videos... But yeah here I am, listening to Austin, talking about missing Ports on an Non-Apple product, while he is browsing the Verge Website.
MRAZ Chen - 8 måneder siden
hey guys , this is amd yes!!!!! amd yes !!!!
NBW DOUGHBOY - 8 måneder siden
Honest Review. Thanks for that!
Samantha Tang
Samantha Tang - 8 måneder siden
Zackyander - 8 måneder siden
Austin said this video is not sponsored
After 10 sec this is the best lapto
Nilay G
Nilay G - 8 måneder siden
You CAN switch. But MAY you switch?
Neo is Gaming
Neo is Gaming - 8 måneder siden
Had to wait over 6 minutes, before this turned into a Ryzen video instead of a "Microsoft Surface Laptop" video. Also, imho, Ryzen is more compelling on desktop.
Dhruvin Rakholia
Dhruvin Rakholia - 8 måneder siden
Compares ryzen 5 to i7 wow what a jerk
JD96893 - 8 måneder siden
This guy is really kind of stupid. He bashes on how hot his Ryzen laptop was putting the problem on Ryzen cpu's when the problem is the laptops cooling. This also probabley the most egoistic YT video I've seen, it's literally about whether or not a guy who appears to dislike Ryzen can use a pc that has one.
Ritik Khilnani
Ritik Khilnani - 8 måneder siden
Hey Austin, this is guy!
Sviatoslav Marynial
Sviatoslav Marynial - 8 måneder siden
Can you switch to ryzen? Yes., no surface review needed, channel reported.
Jean Carlo Abreu
Jean Carlo Abreu - 8 måneder siden
Not a fair comparison at all
FlamezZ FragzZ
FlamezZ FragzZ - 8 måneder siden
Austin can do math lmao
nicola johnson
nicola johnson - 8 måneder siden
Just open it up and put more ram in and a higher capacity ssd, it's not difficult to DIY.
Rad1at - 8 måneder siden
Is it weird how i find his intros sounding like vsuace
Anonymous Trutherz
Anonymous Trutherz - 8 måneder siden
The extra space in that laptop would be perfect for hiding joints too but extra ports would also be cool. LoL
Moore Gaming Videos & Clips
Moore Gaming Videos & Clips - 8 måneder siden
Some gaming Laptops would be cheaper
onecleangti - 8 måneder siden
What I learned from this video, m$oft is still out of touch
Andrei Cudal
Andrei Cudal - 8 måneder siden
Why does everytime he tests on a laptop, gaming performance and tests fortnite? Wtf?
Wagner - 8 måneder siden
Intel for gaming, Ryzen for work.
Joshua Moore
Joshua Moore - 8 måneder siden
What wallpaper was that?