COOKING on a Gaming PC!

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We all know AMD Ryzen CPUs are great but a little ridiculous.
Go to and find out how you can get 3 months free!
I challenged @iJustine’s Apple knowledge:
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Vitenskap og teknologi
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Vinicius Bertevello
Vinicius Bertevello - 7 minutter siden
Aaaaaand Americans keep wasting food
Vinod Sringari
Vinod Sringari - Time siden
Just why Austin
The _aqua _Osiris 222
The _aqua _Osiris 222 - 6 timer siden
When u are watching then a Gordon ramsay masterclass ad pops up

At last some cooking expertise
J K - 9 timer siden
Someone could have eaten that processor!!!!
Cybothegamer - 15 timer siden
Welcome to cooking with austin!

And ken, but he’s just a camera man so ignore him!
SoldierSparky - 16 timer siden
AMD: I'm the most cost effective and most powerful
Intel: Hold my 14nm
Sㄚ 么 乙 ツ -YT-
Sㄚ 么 乙 ツ -YT- - Dag siden
bruh they are going wild with these ideas
andysucs !
andysucs ! - Dag siden
once hosted a bbq and cooked all the food on my pc after it catches on fire because I tried to blow up a block of tnt in Minecraft.
DumbStacks YT
DumbStacks YT - Dag siden
20 fps is normal for me D:
Syed Zakiullah
Syed Zakiullah - Dag siden
Austin : Can you cook on a gaming PC?
PS4 Users:That's cute...
Syed Zakiullah
Syed Zakiullah - Dag siden
Quarantine has brought us to this....
Rookie Man
Rookie Man - Dag siden
Me: mom we need a new stove
Mom: we have a stove at home
Stove at home:
Sebbb Gaming
Sebbb Gaming - Dag siden
Im gonna buy a gaming pc to cook my lunch
F.B.I - Dag siden
There's a YouTube channel of a guy cooking meat and other foods on his processor
F.B.I - Dag siden
There's a YouTube channel of a guy cooking meat and other foods on his processer
Arshad Ali
Arshad Ali - Dag siden
Omlette or bullseye
Jk Jk
Jk Jk - Dag siden
He’s flexing on us vibe check😅😂🤣
1000 sub without vids
1000 sub without vids - 2 dager siden
Me: something is familiar
Also me: where's 'this is Austin'
Sandeep N Bhandarkar
Sandeep N Bhandarkar - 2 dager siden
8:03 That's what she said.
Trey McOmber
Trey McOmber - 2 dager siden
Wow me at home saving up all the money I can for a pc and I’m not even a quarter of the way there to the case
DAREDUO - 2 dager siden
future f gass stove new ryzen with 20 gas burners and 16 induction stove clocked at 24 omlettles per sec
BenjiRBX - 2 dager siden
*only true gamers cook food on their pc*
Sophie The Cat
Sophie The Cat - 2 dager siden
TheViralUnboxing - 3 dager siden
Aurea Buladaco
Aurea Buladaco - 3 dager siden
Uhh... where's the fire extinguisher, Ken?!
highvoltage - 3 dager siden
my friend had some gummies laying on his laptop at a lan party. When we tried to take them of 1 hour later, it had literally melted the gummies lol.
Chicken Nuggets
Chicken Nuggets - 3 dager siden
Eggs?? Amateurs.. I cook steak, salmon, mashed potatoes, and Mac n cheese on my school computers (they suck)
Mikkel Nielsen
Mikkel Nielsen - 4 dager siden
It seems none of you passed phyics-class.
shutseal7206 - 4 dager siden
When you have run out of content:
Pratham Gupta
Pratham Gupta - 4 dager siden
Austins thermal paste reminding me of the verge...
Maximo Pato
Maximo Pato - 4 dager siden
Who’s here cuz u saw him in story booth
Syed Ali Ahmed
Syed Ali Ahmed - 4 dager siden
Hey guys! Where's Austin?
Citrus - 4 dager siden
ferni gang
hack tech
hack tech - 4 dager siden
You should use Bulldozer
De Best
De Best - 4 dager siden
Imagine if there was a cooking show where they cook off of Pc’s
Willy Johannes Vikstad Knutsen
Can I finally cook While im playing
please kill me
please kill me - 5 dager siden
quarrentine got to him
500 Subscribers without video
Austin Evans: making everyone’s quarantine a billion times better
Im very close to my goal, pls help
8DP Cyborg
8DP Cyborg - 4 dager siden
Bro you are subbed 2 t-series so no I will not help u with ur goal :)
GiarniGiovanna - 5 dager siden
Hey guys this is Austin
ImmForddd - 5 dager siden
Austin: cooking an egg on “EXTREMELY HOT” cpu
Me: Running my third gen i7 at 105c with my stock cooler
REBB REBB - 5 dager siden
Mythical - 5 dager siden
He should do a costom built setup vs pre-built
Benjamin Boy
Benjamin Boy - 5 dager siden
hey @austinevans im building a pc for the first time i have a low buget do you have any tips?
rionz1986 - 5 dager siden
Cooking with Ken has to become a thing.
MakiTheGamer - 5 dager siden
BRING BACK: Hey guys this is Austin.
aditya nawsagaray
aditya nawsagaray - 5 dager siden
can you give me a pc😥😰
ansh's tactics
ansh's tactics - 5 dager siden
Just because they have money they waste it people can not even afford the screw of the motherboard
Easilyyy - 5 dager siden
I miss his old intro...
Hey guys this is Austin
Cooper Marino
Cooper Marino - 5 dager siden
Do it on a titan rtx
StoleTheTexxts - 5 dager siden
Quick question: can u edit videos using a 60% keyboard? I just got into pc gaming and content creation but, I don’t like the look of a full keyboard.Plz reply if u can help me!
oliver griffiths
oliver griffiths - 5 dager siden
this is painful to watch they just were killing hardware RIP RYZEN 5 cpu july 25 2020 -july 25 2020
Kenneth Fang
Kenneth Fang - 5 dager siden
I see this is what you guys are doing for content in qurantine
Pranjal Bera
Pranjal Bera - 5 dager siden
So I have a 1660 super with a ryzen 5, and a psu of 450w. It works , but is it safe?
Ultimate3dition - 5 dager siden
Hello, if you don't know what to do with the components and the computers you build, instead of stupid giving them to people who really need them.
Vlone Clone
Vlone Clone - 5 dager siden
PLEASE help me. I rlly need a pc for this 2020 school year. It’s online and I can’t afford a good pc.
randomboy 1
randomboy 1 - 5 dager siden
Maybe try to buy a laptop.
randomboy 1
randomboy 1 - 5 dager siden
Just work for it.
Sky Anderson
Sky Anderson - 5 dager siden
Can you send me a gaming pc i really need a new computer, i play on a 200$ laptop (no joke) and i can't afford a new computer
OmegaStonks Gaming
OmegaStonks Gaming - 5 dager siden
Just use my intel penguin computer when I’m in the Minecraft home screen
It’ll fry them eggs in 2 seconds
Jorginho9 CPBR
Jorginho9 CPBR - 5 dager siden
he is using vpn because of the fbi agents watching them doing bullshit
alexq.z - 5 dager siden
imagine i got a pc with a graphics card thats not nvidia geforce 210 xD
TheOofOre - 5 dager siden
hold on.... is this the exact same pc Austin used for the gaming pc build 2020 tutorial?