Dear Android Users...

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The latest on The Test Drivers about Android vs iOS
The new iPhone SE 2020 is a VERY good phone for not much money which got me you REALLY need to switch to iOS from Android?
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Austin Evans
Austin Evans - 3 måneder siden
Download Rise of Kingdoms for free at the link in the description and use the code ALLYWITHME to get 500 free gems that you can trade for in-game resources.
Aman l
Aman l - 4 dager siden
I agree with every point you said in your video but I disagree with your battery life statement. I think it’s not good especially if you compare it with out phones
RickyRichReacts - Måned siden
Cmoky - 2 måneder siden
Nebras Ismeel
Nebras Ismeel - 2 måneder siden
vrod 05
vrod 05 - 2 måneder siden
No I don't think i will
Elisei Schuster
Elisei Schuster - 23 timer siden
4:13 nice wallpaper
Mohsin Syed
Mohsin Syed - 2 dager siden
Apple believes in Simplicity........
mikakami93 - 4 dager siden
Nothing matter Android or iOS they're all made in USA lol
Arturo Ochoa
Arturo Ochoa - 4 dager siden
Back in 2015 i got my first macbook pro and i was still rocking an android phone. Also to all the android users rocking a mac try the app Handshacker. Its in chinese the website but the app is in english. Its great!
LOWFRAMEBLOX - 4 dager siden
Funnily. Android is like Linux. And the iPhone is like windows. Android is an open-source, like linux. iPhone is a closed source like windows. The difference is popularity and usage. People rather use windows because it widely used. Meanwhile, Linux doesn't (like 1% I think, or I forgot and it get 10%). People rather use android because it cheaps and higher performance
truth seeker
truth seeker - 4 dager siden
windows is more cutomizable than iphone. so iphone isnt like windows. iphone is probably like the mac book since its from same company im sure it works similar.
Strumajen - 5 dager siden
This iPhone is the equivalent of taking a LS V8 and shoving it into the engine bay of a Honda Civic.
Lot of power... not so much fuel economy.
Fleak -_- Fn
Fleak -_- Fn - 6 dager siden
I like the LinusTechTips
Andrew Grivas
Andrew Grivas - 9 dager siden
The iPhone S.E is basically the iPhone 8
Claudio Salangka
Claudio Salangka - 10 dager siden
One reason why im choose android rathet than iphone:
*im poor af*
Toure Taylor
Toure Taylor - 7 dager siden
@Claudio Salangka Oh, I have a android and it's from Samsung. I have the Galaxy S20 and that phone is expensive. And all these androids getting that expensive really doesn't make sense to call your self poor. List the specific android you have before calling your self poor. I used to have a poor android that costed $29.99. But, People got called poor because they had a $1400 android. (Makes no sense right?) Just because you don't have an iPhone doesn't mean your poor. Because the most expensive android I seen was $1980 USD. You see, iPhone 11 started at $699 and the SE 2020 started at $399. But based on value for your money, you have to pay $999+ for an iPhone with a high resolution display and pro cameras. So I rather pay for the last generation's iPhone XS which have similar experience for almost half the price on ebay. Sorry if I typed too much. But I had to share the information with you.
Claudio Salangka
Claudio Salangka - 8 dager siden
@Toure Taylor if you gonna tell me that im not poor its not gonna work
Claudio Salangka
Claudio Salangka - 8 dager siden
@Toure Taylor look buddy i see myself a poor person everybody have a diffrent perception
Claudio Salangka
Claudio Salangka - 8 dager siden
@Toure Taylor oh yeah xiaomi silly me
Toure Taylor
Toure Taylor - 8 dager siden
@Claudio Salangka Did you mean Xiaomi? Because your not poor for having a Xiaomi.
Anthony Stark
Anthony Stark - 10 dager siden
The Snapdragon 865 beat the Apple A13 Bionic in all categories. While the Snapdragon 865 got an overall score of 5,57,378, the A13 Bionic scored 4,98,296.
Me Nozzy
Me Nozzy - 12 dager siden
$399 for the Iphone Same Edition damnit.
YT Daddy
YT Daddy - 13 dager siden
I have had the Galaxy S8 since the month it released and I kept receiving software updates up until a couple months ago.
DizzyPeter13 - 14 dager siden
for "ONLY" 50 dollars more we can get the 128 gig......
Prince Kagato
Prince Kagato - 15 dager siden
$400 and a 3 hour battery life...nope!
k kaiser.
k kaiser. - 17 dager siden
I’m willing to have an iPhone 8 Plus for a larger screen and battery and give up that A13 Bionic chip
Joshua Mccallum
Joshua Mccallum - 18 dager siden
It'll get updates for years to come! Lol yeah, to slowdown your phone! Anyone who bought an iPhone 6 or 6s between certain dates have been legally entitled to payouts after a class action lawsuit PROVED that apple more recent intentionally slowed down devices to force them to buy a new device. Gotta love apple users. Apple pissed all over your faces and in your mouth and you thank them for the apple juice.
Michael Lee
Michael Lee - 21 dag siden
iPhone SE definitely did tempt me a little, but I will never leave android 💚💚💚
Michael Lee
Michael Lee - 21 dag siden
TLDW??? What does this mean?
Poyraz - 21 dag siden
TypicalAnimationStudios - 21 dag siden
BRING BACK "Hey guy, this is Austin" !!!!!!!
safal basnet
safal basnet - 23 dager siden
Bladimir Almaraz Castañeda
Bladimir Almaraz Castañeda - 23 dager siden
Why do You call it "ecosystem"? What does the "eco" stands for? Can You explain?
Kevin Acorn
Kevin Acorn - 26 dager siden
What are you wearing a Linus tech tips shirt
Gaara One tailed shukaku
Gaara One tailed shukaku - 27 dager siden
I just wish the iPhone se 2020 had better battery life
Millo And friends
Millo And friends - 28 dager siden
5:02 gosh that face gives me the creeps
Kuba Hrdel
Kuba Hrdel - 28 dager siden
Wgat do you mean android users use for music..? Google music..? I never used that, but you can, also spotify, youtube, anything else ...
Phoreal - 29 dager siden
no hand cuffs on androids, ive use both and once i switch to android i was free the hand cuffs come off lol APPLE IS TRASH
Μαλακας Κουραδακιας
1:44 *litterally buying any apple products makes you broke*
Μαλακας Κουραδακιας
1:44 *litterally buying apple products makes you broke*
Isaac Reyes
Isaac Reyes - Måned siden
The A71 is definitely Samsung's answer to the SE, it's not even close in comparison.
Fox Scout21
Fox Scout21 - Måned siden
I need ios please😞
Jackson Nutt
Jackson Nutt - Måned siden
8.13 Spotify, Tidal, Qobuz, Amazon Music HD, all on Android and no crappy mp3. I use Qobuz, 24bit hi res music on my phone and also through my Hi-Fi system. Stream or purchase!
TheLostOne 172
TheLostOne 172 - Måned siden
Yet it's still to expensive for me.
Restore - Måned siden
I’m 14 years old and my parents said I didn’t do good enough so I got an se every video I’m been watching has been saying if your broke go for it and I’m like wtf
Ilhan Tele
Ilhan Tele - Måned siden
Apple "lets jst make the same phone year after year after Cause dumbass ppl will continue buying them" 👏👏👏👏👏👏
jimbobbyrnes - Måned siden
the only reason to buy a Iphone is the fact that its capable to be rooted now.
ian superchamp
ian superchamp - Måned siden
apple suuports there phone for a long time but im sure the battery of that phone doesnt support you for very long on a daily use that im sure 😄
Wow - Måned siden
I still prefer my Android
Sabrintwitt3r - Måned siden
2:36 don't lie. It does
Abhin Mohan
Abhin Mohan - Måned siden
iPhone can't download telegram videos which are 2 gb size in background. Apps will work in background only if it produces some kind of audio.. So i have to keep the screen on for hours get 1gb file to complete downloading. thats annoying.
xDxrk Vibzx
xDxrk Vibzx - Måned siden
Dear one plus users 🦵
RAURY RIDER - Måned siden
Well I believe that if you should even decide to jump ship from Android and get an iOS device, you'll probably just have to get the best of the best at the time, like maybe the highest tier iPhone and iPad because after all I personally would be more content with an iPad pro and an iPhone 11 Pro Max than an iPhone SE or iPod touch with An iPad or iPad Air or Mini. To each his own I guess🤷🏾‍♂️
CoughoDemon - Måned siden
I got my s9+ for 300 bucks. Although it was used it's still completely perfect no damage
Shane P.
Shane P. - Måned siden
Young Linus?
The Damn Train
The Damn Train - Måned siden
if u broke buy iphone se
romania: nah thats too expensive
now for real is about 500 euroes here
Crusader B
Crusader B - Måned siden
Broke in their "standards"
In the future
In the future - Måned siden
Ni ma un roman
Kevyn Markowitz
Kevyn Markowitz - Måned siden
You did this video a month ago, so things have changed. If I can afford it, I think it's worth getting the iPhone 12 5.4 128 for $649. I will not be buying into the whole thing. I'll just see how this goes. Thanks for the info, this was good timing for me.
Alex and Jaxikins
Alex and Jaxikins - Måned siden
the galaxy is the same price (slightly cheaper actually) has almost no bezels touch I'd (on a place where your finger normally is) has a better camera AND is alot less dated design
Alain Saintvil
Alain Saintvil - Måned siden
Too small for me. I'll wait until the iPhone 12 comes out and then buy the iPhone 11.
GB Gamer
GB Gamer - Måned siden
I'd rather buy PewDiePie chair for 399
Mohammad Usman
Mohammad Usman - Måned siden
Now all we need to know is that does it get OS and security updates
NOVA - Måned siden
I'd rather have more features. Expandable storage. An edge to edge display. Quad hd screen. USB TYPE C 120hz with great cameras.
And i get new features every year. I'm gonna stick to Android
Randell S. Dalisay
Randell S. Dalisay - Måned siden
Windows: are you challenging me?
Randell S. Dalisay
Randell S. Dalisay - Måned siden
Even though I'm the only android user im my own family

I'm not F-ing gonna switch to that selfish company who sells monitor stands for 1000 dollars
Jasonjack27 - Måned siden
So is it better then iPhone 8 cause that’s what I have
Crusader B
Crusader B - Måned siden
Not by much
Sam Fox
Sam Fox - Måned siden
then there's people like me who are tryna get into that ecosystem coming from android and windows
impendio - 11 dager siden
I've been fragmented on android phones from samsung and cloud services from google but have been using mac os for my personal computers for more than 10 years but have to use PCs and microsoft suite of services and software for work and _aughhh_ It's too much and I'm tired of having to use workarounds and cross platform syncing export bs, so fkn tired. I'm getting the iPhone 12 this year and cancelling all my google services, thank god samsung and microsoft services are terrible and never had to invest much into them...
50,000 subscribers without any video challenge
Moi exept im poor gang
Selim Denizli
Selim Denizli - Måned siden
I did to that. Im not complaining
Bruh McBruh
Bruh McBruh - Måned siden
I don't like using any type of mac. I don't like iOS on laptops
Aaimaan Ali
Aaimaan Ali - Måned siden
Google pixel lineup provides 3-4 years of major android updates 9:38
Dolphy - Måned siden
Oluwafemi Okedeyi
Oluwafemi Okedeyi - 2 måneder siden
Wait you're wearing an LTT shirt