Dear iPhone Users...

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We need to talk: between the OnePlus 8 Pro and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip it's finally time.
Listen to Myke and I on The Test Drivers!
Why you SHOULD switch to iPhone:
How to get iMessage on Android
Our second channel @This Is!
Vitenskap og teknologi
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Samuel Bravo
Samuel Bravo - Dag siden
android phones are so ugly jeez
Morgan - 8 dager siden
is it just me when he says he likes watching video on the fold it says 69 top right 10:11
frogboi_ !
frogboi_ ! - 11 dager siden
Ever since I’ve seen the Z-Flip, I’ve had a slight urge to switch to android.
Miikka Maljanen
Miikka Maljanen - 11 dager siden
Im staying on Android because My wallet says so
DTOG - 18 dager siden
I never found a reason to switch to android because to me Apple has Memoji, Apple TV, Apple Watch, MacBooks and iPads and iPad pros and what does android have? I don’t know and don’t care because it’s not interesting to me at all
Ur Bro red
Ur Bro red - 20 dager siden
I use iPhone 6s and this vid didn’t convince me to switch
Zach Nye
Zach Nye - 28 dager siden
My iPhone 7 hits 100 percent in less than an hour its not really a flex lol
Truthseeker - Måned siden
Dislike yeet like
Maxwell Fisher
Maxwell Fisher - Måned siden
So inconcusion Apple is better
Hania Azhar
Hania Azhar - 21 dag siden
no or could be
Hameed Ibrahim
Hameed Ibrahim - Måned siden
MKBHD merch?!
Lorantz - Måned siden
Faheem - Måned siden
the new iphone 12 will most likely not come with a charger
GD Spam King
GD Spam King - Måned siden
I dont care! Im staying on apple! Even tho i dont have any apple products yet..
Im gonna get it!
Quake daddy
Quake daddy - Måned siden
top ten anime betrayals
Sabrintwitt3r - Måned siden
0:29 Happy Young Linus
ElZamo92 - Måned siden
I’ve tried, multiple times, and multiple times I’ve tried not to go back to my old iPhone for another year, and I failed. Android is just not for me. I hate it, and I don’t know why.
Big Goose
Big Goose - Måned siden
So basically this video is just Austin complaining
Weekend Warrior
Weekend Warrior - Måned siden
Every reviewer likes the z flip/every reviewer does not recommend getting it....🤔🤔🤔
Edward Wilding
Edward Wilding - Måned siden
"there is no samsung watch"
bruh, galaxy watch
ItayM - Måned siden
1:43 That comparison isn't correct since the sd855 plus.
Dolphy - Måned siden
Raw Interest
Raw Interest - 2 måneder siden
nice paid video
Kurk - 2 måneder siden
Yeah after being an android loyalist for years I switched to Apple because I realized just how invasive Google was becoming. Can't even use android now without a google account. They want access to all your contacts, info, credit score future anyone?
Mousa King
Mousa King - 2 måneder siden
iOS is the Best
AJigsawnHalo - 2 måneder siden
It’s weird hearing Myke in a lower quality audio.
ThatguyDalton - 2 måneder siden
I just don’t like android OS, I think it’s garbage, Android type phones aren’t bad in my opinion, I just hate their OS
Ed Du
Ed Du - 2 måneder siden
In summary if your buying a iphone in 2020 your buying it cuz its popular not for it quality and price difference
Lil Savage
Lil Savage - 2 måneder siden
Namrata Chauhan
Namrata Chauhan - 2 måneder siden
Damn!! Love your studio.
Petro - 2 måneder siden
Androids are hard to use for an idiot like me
Stupid Johny
Stupid Johny - 2 måneder siden
Hey bro.
I saw you play clash Royale
Michael - 2 måneder siden
I always love hearing songs by Dylan Sitts in the background! Awesome artist. Great video!
Iamreallycoolful11 - 2 måneder siden
I'll just stick to my Galaxy Note 9. Lol
Dylan Power
Dylan Power - 2 måneder siden
I’ve only had iPhones (iPhone 5, 6s plus now the Xs max). I just love how my iPhones work well with my Apple Watch, iPad Pro and AirPods.
Tácio Luís
Tácio Luís - 2 måneder siden
Austin is really letting is beard grow, cool
Yeah Dude
Yeah Dude - 2 måneder siden
One plus has given me a tonne of money, ok I'll make a video
Travis Horrell
Travis Horrell - 2 måneder siden
The biggest problem that I find is that most people don't care that much about tech, like we do. I watch every keynote that Apple, Samsung, Google etc. have, because I love tech. However most people don't and won't ever. So people don't really care if the phone has a curved display or has a better camera or has 5G. People that have any iPhones will almost always buy an iPhone. Same with Samsung or a Pixel. The only thing that's really changing the phone landscape is price. Personally I think in 2021 we are going to see a race to the bottom from more companies. Price is driving everything, look at Samsung they sell more phone than any other company, but the galaxy S and Note only make up about 12% of all the phones they sell. Because most people can't drop $1,400 on a phone. Really if you want to kill the smart phone market off tomorrow, just don't offer any kind of payment plans for phones. Phones would be about $400.00 forever. I used to get a new phone every year sometimes two different phones pre year. I always would buy them unlocked and paid in full. When an iPhone or a Note was $500 -$700 I could buy two phones a year. But now I'm buying one phone and keeping it for two or sometime three years because the phones are too expensive to buy. This is the area that's going to drive the market. In the last four years Verizon and AT&T have both saw a large decline in year-over-year upgrades. Personally I think it because the phones are too much money not because they aren't innovating.
kaleal lunsford
kaleal lunsford - 2 måneder siden
yes i am well with the iphone that i have xr is still cool and better then android
the normal one
the normal one - 2 måneder siden
Using a Samsung Phone and a Apple iPad. If you are a tech fan, be a tech fan
Azim Shaer
Azim Shaer - 2 måneder siden
Am I the only one who thinks Austin worn MKBHD merch.
Noah - 2 måneder siden
I don't see the point of the Z flip. Its cool it flips but there's very few reasons for a need to flip it.
Noah Brown
Noah Brown - 2 måneder siden
austin, it makes me dizzy when you walk around the room like that.
Maguisk - 2 måneder siden
Regret alert
Mr Horseman
Mr Horseman - 2 måneder siden
That MKBHD merch is dope
Gavin.Skates__ - 2 måneder siden
idk who this guy is. he didnt introduce himself
Saunak Mondal
Saunak Mondal - 2 måneder siden
I am watching on my apple iPad Pro 12.9inch 4th generation
darian III
darian III - 2 måneder siden
A phone has a higher refresh rate than my PC monitor 😔
UPDATE: Guys I ordered a new PC! Also I bought two 144hz monitors!
Rodin 0
Rodin 0 - 20 dager siden
Ay this comment has 144 likes. Nice!
PixelUnit Playz
PixelUnit Playz - 23 dager siden
RafaelRBLX or you just buy a good pc
PixelUnit Playz
PixelUnit Playz - 23 dager siden
Time to buy a new pc lmao
Homeless Dog
Homeless Dog - Måned siden
Heriberto Morales mine has a 165 refresh rate
Riptide Doe
Riptide Doe - Måned siden
Welp fk
Batuz - 2 måneder siden
This video doesn't even mention some of the real strong points in Android. Austin still seems to love iOS, he just wanted a reason to make a video
Fulvio Presutto
Fulvio Presutto - 2 måneder siden
Laughs in Europe
aaryaveer somani
aaryaveer somani - 2 måneder siden
In India the oneplus 8 pro is only 730 dollars and the 8 is 560 dollars
Chris Aguilar
Chris Aguilar - 2 måneder siden
You’re talking about 5g but 5g towers are slowly killing people
Chef Boyardee
Chef Boyardee - 2 måneder siden
The only reason I still have an iPhone is because I didn’t have a choice. But when it’s time to switch to a new phone, it’s gonna be a one plus.
Jalen - 2 måneder siden
I started out using android phones but then the note 8 happened. A $1,000 phone that lagged after 6 months of moderate use not too mention waiting aimlessly for a software update that other people had and when you finally get that update you better enjoy cause you might not get next years. Sure, it had more features and the iphone x at the time was also +$1,000 but the value for me was the software.
S. L.
S. L. - 2 måneder siden
Apple products: They do less, cost WAY more, and fanboys/girls get them because they make them feel hip and trendy. 5.9k Apple fanboys/girls disliked this video because they hate the truth.
RapMastaC1 - 2 måneder siden
I switched in 2017 when I realized there truly was an Apple tax on iPhones. I got a Galaxy S8 which was essentially an iPhone X a year before it was launched at half the price, with more available storage, an actual OLED display, a higher resolution, and easier to use one-handed. I now have an S10e which is sufficient for my needs since I always carry a tablet with me, it is a better iPhone 10 because I don't have a notch, I have a micro-sd card slot, and I paid half the price still.
I still love iPads, especially with the new OS features, but that's only because the iPad doesn't really have a lot of competition on the market.
Cemal C.
Cemal C. - 2 måneder siden
there's no cooler Apple smartphone than the Galaxy Z Flip, the Z Flip has a little flair of innovation :`)
Vincent - 2 måneder siden
Alright Bois I got a question. Right now I'm looking to switch to iOS Because being a teenager everyone has a iPhone and a andriod isn't exactly practical anymore. And also I never max the specs of a system so is getting a andriod system really needed for someone who doesn't look to max out the specs on a system and just wants kinda some games and to vibe with their friends?
KingLemmy {Sean Bartlett}
KingLemmy {Sean Bartlett} - 2 måneder siden
I know this is completely unrelated but....
Joseph Schreenan
Joseph Schreenan - 2 måneder siden
Hi have you reviewed the nubia red magic 5g ?
Alexander Sokolov
Alexander Sokolov - 2 måneder siden
Still didn’t see any explanation about switching, only “just look how smooth this phone runs”, eh, what?