FAKE vs REAL Wish Tech Challenge

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Should you try to save money buying fake tech on Wish vs Amazon? 🤔
We bought $820 of tech at a PAWN SHOP 😅 noburn.info/id/video/z6y4oJV5cZ-saX4.html
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Vitenskap og teknologi
Runtime: 14:25


Lan Ferrerr
Lan Ferrerr - 5 dager siden
I buyed the phone im using it now
billz - 6 dager siden
wish ads be like:

*solid gold iphone 12 pro max $2.99*
Chloe Tran
Chloe Tran - 6 dager siden
I love his Koya (BT21) blindfold
Your a Clown
Your a Clown - 7 dager siden
Hey guys this is Austin
Your a Clown
Your a Clown - 7 dager siden
No 💀
Hunter Curtis
Hunter Curtis - 7 dager siden
I’m watching this on iPhone 6s
Your a Clown
Your a Clown - 7 dager siden
I miss the hey guys this is Austin
Thomas Noble
Thomas Noble - 8 dager siden
6:39 how many chins does one man need?
mark knotts
mark knotts - 8 dager siden
2020 Coronavirus
jbl flex ytツ
jbl flex ytツ - 9 dager siden
Im watching with my ipad 4
Kaiyogi Sama
Kaiyogi Sama - 10 dager siden
When "Hey guys this is Austin" was a thing.
PLK - 15 dager siden
You could probably get some really good props off of wish, like replicas for a film
Stove Jeebs
Stove Jeebs - 14 dager siden
Omg it’s plk!!
Dude-Gaming YT
Dude-Gaming YT - 15 dager siden
Who else watched this to see if wish was good or not ? Also look at 6:30 Austin's eyes are different colors
PSlux - 16 dager siden
0:00 classic goodness
Bruno Leka
Bruno Leka - 17 dager siden
What’s up Ken
Bruno Leka
Bruno Leka - 17 dager siden
What’s up Austin
Ramesh Rockon
Ramesh Rockon - 20 dager siden
Paka faking
Ramesh Rockon
Ramesh Rockon - 20 dager siden
Paka faking
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M a m a i s a y e s
haziq barrett
haziq barrett - 26 dager siden
you actually paid 150 for air 270s holy shit
Manimation - 26 dager siden
*Pulled a linus* lmao
KeeJ The Creature
KeeJ The Creature - Måned siden
Kieran Brown
Kieran Brown - Måned siden
Hey guys zzz austin
Windows Gamer
Windows Gamer - Måned siden
Chris El cuh
Chris El cuh - Måned siden
That’s a thick ass boa!!
Sharky - Måned siden
Your mom
Cheesy liamy
Cheesy liamy - Måned siden
Where can I buy that shirt I need it
אריאל הצואל
אריאל הצואל - Måned siden
"Legit fake"
Storm Gamer
Storm Gamer - Måned siden
Salma Mohammed
Salma Mohammed - Måned siden
Salma Mohammed
Salma Mohammed - Måned siden
iPhone 6s unloxkkked
FiZzle BigBad
FiZzle BigBad - Måned siden
dude I have an Samsung galaxy s10 and watching that part is hilarious
Joey Altieri
Joey Altieri - Måned siden
The iPhone 6s came out in 2014 and still supports the most recent version of iOS (iOS 14) no wonder android users buy a new phone every one-two years
Jordan Luers
Jordan Luers - Måned siden
I’m confused on his advice for the iPhone... he said it was a decent deal when he bought it, horrible deal when he opened it, recommended it in the end?
Laycer - Måned siden
Just please give the links to the actually good Wish products.
Jason Kotler
Jason Kotler - Måned siden
Both of these guys have $2 bills in their pockets
adamkriaco - Måned siden
Potato gaming IS real gaming
Bendy Expecto
Bendy Expecto - Måned siden
I need that roboraptor shirt
KMP - Måned siden
The funny thing I got a wish ad
BmnGameBoy - Måned siden
I looked quickly at your name and i thought it said Jake Paul
Christopher Louda
Christopher Louda - Måned siden
he said pink when its rose gold
Sabya- Avi
Sabya- Avi - Måned siden
Roblox oof
Kitten dead cat
Kitten dead cat - Måned siden
9:54 this is a family friendly Chanel
spoopyjhope - Måned siden
4:13 LOL why is he wearing a Koya blindfold
tigga allen
tigga allen - Måned siden
Love your content keep em coming
noah. - Måned siden
my dad bought that ipad for my 5 year old sister he didnt want to spent a lot so he bought a old one from wish
supremeundies 1
supremeundies 1 - Måned siden
My guy has a little too much money to spend lol
Dragon Ninja
Dragon Ninja - 2 måneder siden
Can you buy a laptop for 100$ on wish for playing Fortnite?
NoopBooop YT
NoopBooop YT - 2 måneder siden
Wish is basically a shop for cheap people
FearTwoFrag - 2 måneder siden
Hey Guys This Is Austin
Ari Danckert
Ari Danckert - 2 måneder siden
The wish shoes are different model they be 270 reacts fakes and u just bought 270s ur brain too smooth
Navindra Shivprasad
Navindra Shivprasad - 2 måneder siden
Austin :that actually looks like an s10
Me:look at the bessels
Imrane Chennaoui
Imrane Chennaoui - 2 måneder siden
I wanna see the unreleased footage cuz I said so.
Wonzly - 2 måneder siden
It’s really cool that you guys found the dusty cactus 270s because those are the ones I have
Chloe - 2 måneder siden
I'm here for the koya eye mask
S C A R Ē D 23
S C A R Ē D 23 - 2 måneder siden
What is the music from 4:32 ?
NyashkaX - 2 måneder siden
0:00 he reminded me plainrock124
FearTwoFrag - 2 måneder siden
@NyashkaX I Don't Care
NyashkaX - 2 måneder siden
@FearTwoFrag mean :/
FearTwoFrag - 2 måneder siden
ewwwwwww,Fuck Plainrock124
Mercedes Guzman
Mercedes Guzman - 2 måneder siden
Austin buy wish bayblades
Dale Knox
Dale Knox - 2 måneder siden
That's good 😂
M. Ghaoui
M. Ghaoui - 2 måneder siden
Customers Services never answer. Even no proper messages. Or any email reply.
M. Ghaoui
M. Ghaoui - 2 måneder siden
Wish are credit card scam. Charging people with any order or confirmation
Cintli Guerrero
Cintli Guerrero - 2 måneder siden
I caught him simping at 10:44