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Vitenskap og teknologi
Runtime: 11:42


Austin Evans
Austin Evans - 4 måneder siden
oh yeah I forgot one tech tip linus won't teach you

Vincent Paricio
Vincent Paricio - 4 dager siden
Lil Swish
Lil Swish - 5 dager siden
Parfait is a yogurt
DX 69
DX 69 - 12 dager siden
He should get world record for most items dropped by one person
Moon Pool
Moon Pool - 14 dager siden
ive dropped plenty of times still work drifts a bit tho
Siphon Jade
Siphon Jade - 15 dager siden
you just save me 80 because of the ps4 hack thank you
jay jay
jay jay - 2 dager siden
SparkleBMX GarciA0718
Bad Boy
Bad Boy - 2 dager siden
For me there is still stick drift
Mr Fart
Mr Fart - 2 dager siden
Hey kids watch your videos
TripleMoniterz - 2 dager siden
JERRY TRAN - 2 dager siden
Lachlan the YouTube in the vid
M.Aryaan Amiri
M.Aryaan Amiri - 3 dager siden
Did anybody else notice that he watches the odd1sout(you could see it when he opened Yt on the xbox)
ShadowTheLight - 3 dager siden
Man when are you gonna start giving links to the dude's shirts? They are always so GOOD
CHOLO - 4 dager siden
Austin: has expensive item that is delayed when he says something but costs money so he says its okay.
Austin: has cheap item that is also delayed and says its sucks -_-
UnrealAuto4069 - 4 dager siden
I have stick drift I'll try
ItzAquaLad - 4 dager siden
No xbox hacks???
ZET THE MASTER - 4 dager siden
O m g I already know this
toxic gamer3956
toxic gamer3956 - 5 dager siden
Iij ts lachlan
Nikhchan's Gaming
Nikhchan's Gaming - 5 dager siden
DISLIKE. I didn't get what I clicked for. pinning dual shock 4 usb port
Tamyhen Nair
Tamyhen Nair - 5 dager siden
I cant wait for Linus to reply to this diss track
Brothersgaming Channel
Brothersgaming Channel - 5 dager siden
You said you could pretty much use of anything for resetting The PS4 controller so can I use a bulldozer
Dorian Ujhazi
Dorian Ujhazi - 6 dager siden
Yes i habe dualshock 4
Matthew Vu
Matthew Vu - 6 dager siden
He is using a PlayStation and wearing a Xbox shirt
Benjamin Jones
Benjamin Jones - 6 dager siden
The joycons actually have speakers they only work with some games like mario party
ItsReaperWhy - 6 dager siden
He's wearing an xbox shirt while using a playstation. IT WAS HERESY
sean m
sean m - 6 dager siden
you dont have to hold the ps4 reset button for 10 seconds just pressing works perfectly fine
RboySmasher - 7 dager siden
Sponser Xbox merch
Ðřåğøŋ ¿?
Ðřåğøŋ ¿? - 7 dager siden
It’s funny how he’s wearing an Xbox shirt and making a video about playstation
Foxy - Gaming & More!
Foxy - Gaming & More! - 7 dager siden
old memories: *Building gets burnt*
YouTube: let’s put that into the recommendation
Techonomics 101
Techonomics 101 - 8 dager siden
Why does he beelp out okay google
Vincenzo - 8 dager siden
Who uses wears an xbox shirt while using a playstation
skervin the gamer
skervin the gamer - 8 dager siden
Thank for the information I just subcribe I am a young gamer your support would be great
Ashton Alexander
Ashton Alexander - 8 dager siden
Maybe little Timmy wanna catch theses hands
Kurt Schricker
Kurt Schricker - 8 dager siden
i like Linus, you mean
Dirty tamato
Dirty tamato - 9 dager siden
Lol. For real, Linus tech tips is bullshit. I used to think he was pretty good, but I slowly realized that the stuff he says is shit.
AwesomeNauan - 10 dager siden
I hate Fortnite
Vitou VT
Vitou VT - 10 dager siden
Hillbilly GAMER 48
Hillbilly GAMER 48 - 10 dager siden
Question for you every time I’m in a party with a friend he sits there and keeps me from seeing messages to other friends is he trying to hack me what is he trying to do to me or I have to turn off my system
Bill Sherman
Bill Sherman - 10 dager siden
I like how you censored ok google but not Alexa 😂
ModernKane - 11 dager siden
Flipflop pop
Flipflop pop - 11 dager siden
Basically he just promoted lachlan's vid
FlintRocksTV - 11 dager siden
I’ve been trying to fix my controllers for ps4 and nothing working I literally did exactly what he did and it didn’t work
Joel McNeely
Joel McNeely - 12 dager siden
Xbox hacking *xtream_hack* on Instagram
Joel McNeely
Joel McNeely - 12 dager siden
Xbox hacking *xtream_hack* on Instagram
Luka Smolic
Luka Smolic - 13 dager siden
He wears xbox tshirt but use ps4
Scuba Bro
Scuba Bro - 13 dager siden
Lol he starts talking about a master reset on a PS controller wearing an X-Box shirt! Cold blooded! 😂
GEARZ I - 14 dager siden
I love how he has a Xbox T-shirt
Usman - 14 dager siden
Hey beep off the xbox
Ismaeel Asghar
Ismaeel Asghar - 14 dager siden
Sounds like he is swearing lol 😆
Gaming Boy BW
Gaming Boy BW - 15 dager siden
Stupid wearing a Xbox shit when you play ps4
Phantom sv
Phantom sv - 15 dager siden
playstation with xbox shirt
Dorcas Bill
Dorcas Bill - 15 dager siden
@HEX_HACKER09 on insta for any problem on hacking
Ry Ze
Ry Ze - 15 dager siden
Lol yeah I love the fact u bleeped the google so ours wouldn’t be stupud
Ry Ze
Ry Ze - 15 dager siden
Hi Austin I love these vids
8Sniperz - 15 dager siden
i love that at the beginning of the video he is doing a ps4 hack with an xbox shirt (:
Logan Savok
Logan Savok - 15 dager siden
*pulls out handcuff key* "this is a SIM tool"
ItsRizzmid - 16 dager siden
im poor
Amari Lewis
Amari Lewis - 16 dager siden
Nelson notice he’s using the PlayStation room in the place through the PlayStation for PlayStation play room
cam carmon
cam carmon - 17 dager siden
how do you get a mic to work on xbox
Flixz Gaming
Flixz Gaming - 17 dager siden
Oh yeah secret I totally didn't know that for 3 years
Kodenetic - 18 dager siden
5:35 I was just having that same problem. I am confused.
corrxpted_gem - 18 dager siden
im so glad that they bleeped out google because my google assistant would have been activated
Sem V D Wolf
Sem V D Wolf - 19 dager siden
CAN ENYONE HELP ME !! My controller just doesnt work wireless (i need to press like 4 times on x to make it hapen) but if i go to controller settings and set my controller to usb and plug the cable in it just works fine? Pls reply is you can help me 🤗
Ryan Salberg
Ryan Salberg - 20 dager siden
*fixes a DualShock while wearing an Xbox shirt*
Krylx - 20 dager siden
He has a Xbox shirt on ironic