I Bought EVERY Samsung Product 🤦‍♂️

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No, Samsung definitely didn’t sponsor this stupid idea of a video.
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Vitenskap og teknologi
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Austin Evans
Austin Evans - Måned siden
If you don’t subscribe you’ll be forced to use Bixby for seven years 💀
Jayvee Calvo
Jayvee Calvo - Dag siden
I hate Bixby on my Samsung Z Flip (i got it like 1 week ago)
Ethan Nguyen
Ethan Nguyen - 3 dager siden
All out savage
All out savage - 3 dager siden
I will not subscribe because I like Bixby
Arya's Kitchen
Arya's Kitchen - 4 dager siden
Bixby is almost dead lol
billy ruiz
billy ruiz - 9 dager siden
samsung also makes tanks ....wheres the tank austin , ....(-,-) u have lied to me ....i will remember this .....:p
Jayadeep Shanmugam
Jayadeep Shanmugam - 5 timer siden
Where's the ship?
Venox Lol
Venox Lol - 11 timer siden
Did u get the fridge
Hame fame
Hame fame - Dag siden
1:58 wich just are you talking about
Jassim Hesham
Jassim Hesham - Dag siden
Zoom confident meeting made titter soooooo say thank u zoom to zoom
/ B000en /
/ B000en / - Dag siden
Where's the smart fridge?
Asma Khatun
Asma Khatun - 2 dager siden
Your a bit earlyfor this video
Vicente Barrios
Vicente Barrios - 2 dager siden
You should do the same but with Xiaomi
Spencer Castillo
Spencer Castillo - 2 dager siden
You Forgot the K9 Thunder. The Samsung Military Tank.
Grandy Maxie Tjendra
Grandy Maxie Tjendra - 3 dager siden
Im alr a samsung eco system person.
Luis Meinl
Luis Meinl - 3 dager siden
what is bad about samsung?
Mr.Monokuma - 4 dager siden
This dude really gonna flex on us like this
Red Kinsley
Red Kinsley - 2 dager siden
Lmao. Sadly that's what most tech youtubers do. Especially UrAvgConsumer and Sara Dietchy 😆 Theyre flexing machines
Natan haile
Natan haile - 4 dager siden
10:11 what is your phone wallpaler
Tesd Frd
Tesd Frd - 5 dager siden
Austin Samsung is good
Max - 5 dager siden
Me booting up an ipad pro 2020
3 seconds later goddammmmmm let me use it
Dark Ark
Dark Ark - 5 dager siden
Samsung is so much better than Apple. Apple sucks
Arvine Farred
Arvine Farred - 5 dager siden
I Also live in the 🍎 Ecosystem
Lenny Is beter than carl
Lenny Is beter than carl - 6 dager siden
0:20 is this some kind of personal attack?!
The 14th Doctor
The 14th Doctor - 2 dager siden
Yes it was also a personal attack on all Samsung users... He was oppressing us
The 14th Doctor
The 14th Doctor - 2 dager siden
Simon Van Put
Simon Van Put - 6 dager siden
You forgot Alexa
Ghost out
Ghost out - 8 dager siden
All jokes aside samsung is a great company
I own an iphone btw
GD Mario
GD Mario - 8 dager siden
did someone know when austin open youtube it showed KreekCarft video about chapter 12 ending
Zharia Stith
Zharia Stith - 9 dager siden
Do you believe in god ?
Zharia Stith
Zharia Stith - 9 dager siden
I love god
RAGe dreeme
RAGe dreeme - 9 dager siden
the z flop
Tony_yeung - 9 dager siden
You forgot the tank
Ishaan Anish
Ishaan Anish - 9 dager siden
6:20 that's why they didn't sponsor you huys
Masroor Purewal
Masroor Purewal - 10 dager siden
Can you buy every apple and lg product
BH ZEN - 10 dager siden
The hub lol
Rishi - Kapoor
Rishi - Kapoor - 10 dager siden
Who thinks that SAMSUNG should make a gaming console?
Smith Louis
Smith Louis - 11 dager siden
“what friends” 😂😂
Andrew Calzada-Cuevas
Andrew Calzada-Cuevas - 11 dager siden
He is such a iPhone fan boy
FAZEX _02 - 12 dager siden
austin evans more lke sos-tin evans
Kevin Corbat
Kevin Corbat - 12 dager siden
Linus Tech: Just the Tips
Samuel Larreal
Samuel Larreal - 13 dager siden
Minute 11:00: *reguetton has started*
Me: *perreo intenso*
Flowboy - 13 dager siden
X3DwAnY Adwan
X3DwAnY Adwan - 14 dager siden
Uhh austin are you sure you want to buy tanks and battle ships?
BilS - 14 dager siden
Madeon 😍🎶🎵
Harley Edwards
Harley Edwards - 14 dager siden
You didn’t get the samsung fridge
Hey its me Fahad
Hey its me Fahad - 14 dager siden
Samsung phones are better than iphone
Anthony Tapia
Anthony Tapia - 16 dager siden
What a virgin
Nikki Holdmeier
Nikki Holdmeier - 14 dager siden
How is he
MadeIn Okinawa
MadeIn Okinawa - 16 dager siden
All we need know is Samsung Dildo 😂😳
That Won Dude
That Won Dude - 16 dager siden
Yeah, samsung doesn't have as polished of an ecosystem, but I think part of it is because they literally have such a large array of products, its harder to make them all work well together.
Iduo Plays
Iduo Plays - 17 dager siden
Samsung's vacuum sucks
Programmerz2020 - 17 dager siden
New budget: $0.01
Brian Conley
Brian Conley - 18 dager siden
Is an I bought every google product coming also?
LazyBobby240 - 18 dager siden
I switched to Samsung like the moment I knew what a phone was
Luz Consuelo Buelna (Relative)
Now do the same with apple

Bill $999,999
Youtube Admin
Youtube Admin - 18 dager siden
I have a pair of 60 dollar wireless earbuds that have a 10mm driver and anc
Roland Aung
Roland Aung - 19 dager siden
He did not say his intro :(
TGA Flow
TGA Flow - 19 dager siden
Its funny cause bixby is Samsung's phone siri thing I guess
BURNOUT BOB - 19 dager siden
Samsung is better
Bryan Shaw
Bryan Shaw - 19 dager siden
about time a big youtuber does this.
samsung got an ecosystem bruh. watch out apple
Jack Behrens
Jack Behrens - 21 dag siden
xNightlord Reaper
xNightlord Reaper - 21 dag siden
Imagine Samsung added an update to the phone that it could be used as a trackpad while its charging on the trackpad

That’ would be a killer feature
Jokez PvZ
Jokez PvZ - 22 dager siden
I have the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 and i mainly use it for making videos as well as playing games and stuff
Timothy Russell
Timothy Russell - 22 dager siden
Get a Samsung Fridges one has a tablet
Biraj Lamsal
Biraj Lamsal - 23 dager siden
You said everything Samsung. But your camera is not Samsung.
Tyler L
Tyler L - 23 dager siden
Tyler L
Tyler L - 23 dager siden
Fridge, washer, dryer?
Henry Kulikov
Henry Kulikov - 23 dager siden
): you didn’t get the beast, the smart fridge that would make your opinion 69x better