I built the ULTIMATE GameCube

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The venerable Nintendo GameCube gets the ULTIMATE treatment.
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Vitenskap og teknologi
Runtime: 15:56


Jake Himelfarb
Jake Himelfarb - 2 timer siden
Finally, now I can play gameboy games on the go
bendythemaneak 8910
bendythemaneak 8910 - 10 timer siden
At Walmart they are selling GameCube light for $30.00
Henry Martin
Henry Martin - Dag siden
I’m shocked that a game triangle is not a thing.

War Lobo
War Lobo - Dag siden
For a avid collector like myself. This hurt more than it should but it also make me very happy. Memory lane hit hard. Lol
Dagvi - Dag siden
ken is so ugly
Nate105 Lee
Nate105 Lee - 2 dager siden
1:30 I had three wave birds and one of them didn’t work
Nate105 Lee
Nate105 Lee - 2 dager siden
One in white one in silver and then one by wireless in purple The one by wireless was complete crap
Jordan Pierce
Jordan Pierce - 2 dager siden
Dude the game boy player disc alone is your retirement fund 😂
Ash Touch'em
Ash Touch'em - 2 dager siden
My heart hurts watching you open all these.
Darian Kimberly
Darian Kimberly - 3 dager siden
1:14 WRONG! The Atari 2600 was actually EXTREMELY forward thinking with a wireless remote option. However it isnt recommend as it's fairly rare and the rubber its grip was made of turns toxic with age.
shadow_ tunder_23
shadow_ tunder_23 - 3 dager siden
How to over heat everything In your house
TrxppedIshigami - 4 dager siden
Ken is quite literally the most drippy man to ever live
freesf ftrefv
freesf ftrefv - 4 dager siden
If I swallowed a GameCube and a switch I'd shit out this console!
The OddCuber
The OddCuber - 4 dager siden
Petition for the hey guys this is austin intro
Ben's online
Ben's online - 4 dager siden
Did anyone notice when he kissed the game boy player 6:55
CaseyPlayz - 5 dager siden
"Now that I've ruined my future retirement fund, let's take a look and see what we've got."
Pika Pup
Pika Pup - 5 dager siden
I remember having the game cube and game boy player OuO , except ours was silver completely ^^ I still remember playing Pac-Man world2, and Pac-Man world race :)
CaseyPlayz - 5 dager siden
It smells like an eBay thing
RS ISH - 5 dager siden
Paying so much more for it to be new just to unbox it..
Ruby King
Ruby King - 5 dager siden
Austin your content is cool
Timmy Cheung
Timmy Cheung - 5 dager siden
Roselia , great!
Ysror - 6 dager siden
shout out to ken for wearing a DDLC shirt
Meftah Marouane
Meftah Marouane - 6 dager siden
I can live without hey all this is austin
Bacca48 - 7 dager siden
Austin being so hesitant to open the Gameboy player reminded of something that another Austin said. "There's no point in having toys if you can't play with them."
Intress Wo1f
Intress Wo1f - 7 dager siden
Who’s waiting for ultimate ps5 and seres Xbox series x
KGK Skull
KGK Skull - 7 dager siden
They forgot the final piece, the kidney of GameCube, donkey Kong jungle beat
aKIRa - 7 dager siden
lmao they are playing the gamecube on widescreen
FSAPO - 7 dager siden
Virgin Gameboy Advance SP Vs Chad Gamecube + Intec Battery + Intec Screen + Wavebird + Gameboy Player
Ayden Gaming
Ayden Gaming - 7 dager siden
Rift 348
Rift 348 - 7 dager siden
It looks like the Sega genesis with the 32x and CD add on
MagnyusG - 7 dager siden
Is that.. a GAMESPHERE?
AetheralMeowstic - 8 dager siden
The GameCube Player was incompatible with GBA Video Game Paks, because Nintendo was paranoid enough to believe that people would pirate the hyper-compressed terrible quality 240x160 video. Sure, I've downloaded the Shrek GBA Video rom from a GBA archive before, but still. WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD USE A VCR TO COPY THE 240x160 VIDEO?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Chris Austin
Chris Austin - 8 dager siden
"the gamecube has appreciated in value over the last 20 years" i bought one for $7 at goodwill.
Dragnar - 8 dager siden
You should have bought another game boy player, used, and thats it...this feel so wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!
Muhammed Asghar
Muhammed Asghar - 8 dager siden
Buck - 8 dager siden
You got an extra dislike for opening the Game Boy Player from me.
// A Nintendo Collector
chris mikula
chris mikula - 8 dager siden
God when he was talking about trading pokemon because you had no friends I felt that heavily
LagannDriller024 - 8 dager siden
I had almost all of these the only one i didnt get was the portable battery
Headbanger Metal
Headbanger Metal - 9 dager siden
nostalgia pure, great video
little guy*
little guy* - 9 dager siden
Pfft... he calls THAT SMALL THING the ultimate gamecube... Pfft...
TheKyGuy - 9 dager siden
I got a WaveBird for Christmas back in the day. I still have it, and use it for Smash Bros Ultimate.
The Doge man
The Doge man - 9 dager siden
R3D0 Diego
R3D0 Diego - 9 dager siden
I sold mine for 50 and it was in better condition
Richard Morrison
Richard Morrison - 10 dager siden
You've got to quit buying things NIB.
Douglas Ortiz
Douglas Ortiz - 10 dager siden
8:30 What he’s essentially made is a mega game cube right now
Lucas Rabello Cartolari
Lucas Rabello Cartolari - 10 dager siden
Eita porra
Fries101Reviews - 10 dager siden
can you guys build the Ultimate PS2 with HDMI capabilities
Zapetroid - 10 dager siden
The Atari 2600 had wireless controller options.
SneakyBoy 1999
SneakyBoy 1999 - 10 dager siden
Someone please help me,
I'm searching for a person who knows how much this is worth:↓↓
I have a GameCube Service disc ver 07, any idea how many of them still exist? Mine is pal / eu version. I have searched on the internet.. only 1 ver 07 is shown on YouTube and it's USA instead of pal / eu.. Google doesn't know a pal/ eu ver 07 exists....
And the biggest question:
How much is it worth?
(I will not sell it though, it's for my personal collection)
Kylo Ren?
Kylo Ren? - 10 dager siden
Austin's clap at the very end sounded like the Switch logo
yaaron plays
yaaron plays - 10 dager siden
yaaron plays
yaaron plays - 10 dager siden
paul duncan
paul duncan - 10 dager siden
"I've never played Melee before"
>Picks Kirby
well, checks out.
Taliah Roberson
Taliah Roberson - 11 dager siden
That's the cost of a switch😂😂😂
Ekra Fleetfoot
Ekra Fleetfoot - 11 dager siden
I noticed the composite port on the back of this unit. Nice catch; with the proper cable, the system could output in P-Scan mode. But those cables are rare and expensive, and I don't think there's a cheaper version of the component cables out there.
...I have to admit, it hurt me to watch you open that NIB Game Boy Player, *especially* with how much y'all had to pay for it. I thought myself lucky for finding one loose with the boot disk for 90 USD.
ShadowKnight 201
ShadowKnight 201 - 11 dager siden
I wish netendo remastered Mario sunshine to swich I have a game cube and Mario sunshine but it would so cool if netendo did that I don’t care how much it cost I would get it
Jaburesu - 11 dager siden
Nobody? Nobody? Ok, I'll say it.
Dongle Kong.
JKLegacyCrafter - 11 dager siden
where did the battery even come from, I thought toys r us got shut down, or maybe the battery is from ebay or something
Honey Badger
Honey Badger - 11 dager siden
Ultimate Gamecube? Where's your side speakers?
Frostedturtle69 - 11 dager siden
This cost more than my 800 vr headset and all the games in there
Josh Melendez JMsolidsnake
Josh Melendez JMsolidsnake - 11 dager siden
If i remember correctly the OG NES had a wireless controller. So did Atari