I Can't HANDLE 360 FPS...

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At CES 2020 Asus showed off their new ROG Swift 360 gaming display and much more.
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Vitenskap og teknologi
Runtime: 7:21


moe lester
moe lester - 12 timer siden
me playing at 20 fps on my laptop
pizzastrong - 2 dager siden
Austin Evans: I can’t handle 360 FPS. Me when next gen consoles come out: I can’t handle 120 FPS
AnozApple - 2 dager siden
the tumhbnail
Dualzz - 3 dager siden
"Now there are a few downsides to this display." "It only runs at 1080p"
RGB Bacon
RGB Bacon - 4 dager siden
when a laptop can run you DESKTOP ICON better than your COMPUTER
Thom Brown
Thom Brown - 8 dager siden
Pftt... Reality is infinite frames per second.
THELITGAMER - 8 dager siden
I miss hey guys this is Austin
tabantai - 9 dager siden
And here I am playing pirated black ops on intel hd 3000
the people from coffin dance
the rich kid complaining that he doesn't have 1000 fps on one game.
Da Boi
Da Boi - 11 dager siden
1000 FPS
Mm Lol
Mm Lol - 11 dager siden
360fps is so smooth
Doom eternal in pc : hold my anger
jizzle _clapz
jizzle _clapz - 12 dager siden
10yrs later budget build with a 240hz monitor
Arnav Kathuria
Arnav Kathuria - 13 dager siden
Me playing robolox at lowest setting at 60fps
Random Guy
Random Guy - 13 dager siden
Me : *plays games on 20-30 FPS*
Austin Evans : I can't handle 360 FPS
TheSpitfire - 21 dag siden
Me with 7 FPS: *dang this is smooth*
AwokenOP - 25 dager siden
Well i can...cuz my tablet kida suc but not that mutch
Galaxis - Måned siden
the thing is ninja was never good
Icysurfy Gt
Icysurfy Gt - Måned siden
I need a pc I
Alex Fraizer
Alex Fraizer - Måned siden
These were simpler times.
6688846993 technician
6688846993 technician - Måned siden
4k 240hz is better than this 1080p 360hz.
ㄩ爪卂尺 - Måned siden
What is this laptop called
sami firdose
sami firdose - Måned siden
overwatch players living in their parents' basements: "bUt yOu cAn oNly sEe 20 fPs"
Saksham Rao
Saksham Rao - Måned siden
Only 30-60 fps players can like this
JP Germar
JP Germar - Måned siden
when your computer can't even go 60 fps and it all runs on low on dota 2 :(
Turn on Benji’s comments
Me with my 42 fps
Toxls - Måned siden
It's not free and it's not cheap, but you know what is...

Raid shadow legends
SmG Mystic
SmG Mystic - Måned siden
Austin:this is too many fps
Me: I’m just chillin at 500 FPS in game in fortnite
Moritz - Måned siden
This video lasts 7 min with 20 sec soo.. u need to watch it at 720p thoughts?
roronoa zoro
roronoa zoro - Måned siden
Dota and ninja whats the connection
Tommi - 2 måneder siden
when your spinning fidget spinner in 2020...
PlanetB1ue - 2 måneder siden
mate trust, no one wants to be as good as Ninja. They want to be better
PlanetB1ue - 2 måneder siden
Weres the 1000 hz monitor. I need that
Ashish J
Ashish J - 2 måneder siden
1:47 hm was that supposed to impress me? I watch shows on a god damn psp.
Sean Alegada
Sean Alegada - 2 måneder siden
Austin: I can't HANDLE 360 FPS...
Me: I can't HANDLE 1 FPS...
Gamerelite 104
Gamerelite 104 - 2 måneder siden
Any body watching in quarantine 2020 great year for anything ????
Ikan berapi
Ikan berapi - 2 måneder siden
When we get
*420 BLAZE IT Hz*
Khaled Ayash Khaled Ayash
Khaled Ayash Khaled Ayash - 2 måneder siden
Wait didn’t know he had a missing tooth
potato fy
potato fy - 2 måneder siden
U suck
Ankit Dey
Ankit Dey - 2 måneder siden
Me: Watching in 144p
"This looks fast AF" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Max Monjauze
Max Monjauze - 2 måneder siden
Ryzen 4th gen still runs on Zen 2 architecture :/
ItzBlxzzy - 2 måneder siden
I’m watching this at 240 fps
An Obtuse Duck
An Obtuse Duck - 2 måneder siden
jesus christ my pc can only run 120fps-130fps in games like the witcher 3 and they out there making monitors that're 360hz *what*
It's Bennyboi
It's Bennyboi - 2 måneder siden
dang, just make the video 360 fps, lol
Nicholas L.H.
Nicholas L.H. - 2 måneder siden
10 fps 😓
smαrt - 2 måneder siden
All I can say is GOOOD lucckk
Geo - 2 måneder siden
Austin: talking about monitors
Me: wondering why tf he has a 50 ft long mic
Jaxxy RBLX
Jaxxy RBLX - 2 måneder siden
Watch it on an Xbox 360 at 360p to complete the experience
ccanndyyy - 2 måneder siden
Me:looks at my pc after seeing thjs
My pc:don't even think about it
Ionuț - 2 måneder siden
Can it run Minecraft?
Huncho Flow
Huncho Flow - 2 måneder siden
I’m still at 60 😭
Reddit Man
Reddit Man - 2 måneder siden
Ninja is an Esports player?
Cries in shroud
E - 2 måneder siden
Idk what its like to see 60fps😫
Powell - 2 måneder siden
nothing beats the brightness of using your phone max brightness in a pitch-black room
Timothy Williams
Timothy Williams - 2 måneder siden
Him says the only downside is that its only 1080p
me with a tv from 2016 thats 7020p
2KS - 2 måneder siden
We need 1Mhz screens
Remedy Plays
Remedy Plays - 2 måneder siden
Did a full 360
joker gaming
joker gaming - 2 måneder siden
too much talking
Grumpy Snail
Grumpy Snail - 2 måneder siden
my one sentence “cost more than a train”
LavenderYak 7729
LavenderYak 7729 - 2 måneder siden
Perfect for the 3080 ti
me_unknown - 2 måneder siden
there is no point of 240+ fps if your monitor doesn't have a high refresh rate