I put a $50 CPU in a $2000 GAMING PC

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You SHOULDN'T put the AMD Athlon 3000G alongside an RTX 2080Ti...or should you? 🥴
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Vitenskap og teknologi
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Roldyk Rojas
Roldyk Rojas - 6 timer siden
You should play games at 4k. With that cpu in 4k you are getting way more fps than in 1080p
Sam Harris
Sam Harris - 19 timer siden
When I play csgo I run like 7 FPS but I can run valorant at 40-50. aMeRiCa EsSpLaIn
kevin suresh
kevin suresh - Dag siden
Thats what happen when you win a 2080ti from a giveaway.
TripleMoniterz - 2 dager siden
Austin:1200 $ gpu
Me: no gpu... 😖😭
Scourge Paws
Scourge Paws - 4 dager siden
Oh boy, another Athlon 3000G video!
Bhavdeep Gulati
Bhavdeep Gulati - 5 dager siden
You know what would be cool? A anti sleeper pc so like a super modern case but the worst components
reedforce - 5 dager siden
did you see that e was watching porn on the computer
CHARX5X - 5 dager siden
That graphics card is 2x the price of my pc
Declan Bachner
Declan Bachner - 8 dager siden
If you do this your dumb just get a console or a better cpu lol ;)
ODINO_BOI - 8 dager siden
Core i5 has left the chat
NickPlayz01 - 8 dager siden
Bro ski does this mean I should start pairing my AMD fx 4300 with a 2080 ti????
MRSgami Gaming
MRSgami Gaming - 9 dager siden
Necro - 9 dager siden
my recommended upgrade path: athlon - a10 - a12 - ryzen 3 - ryzen 5 - ryzen 7 - ryzen 9
GaM3r_Chan - 10 dager siden
true bottleneck
Benzz gaming
Benzz gaming - 10 dager siden
That cpu is worth more than my setup
TTGZ - 10 dager siden
You mean amd not ryzen
SaltyPeanutButterBros - 10 dager siden
5:16 has anyone noticed that he isn’t actually playing cs:go and yet he is still walking around and getting kills
Unofficial Election Analysis
Unofficial Election Analysis - 11 dager siden
Biden 2020
richkim0607 - 11 dager siden
that is a good cpu
richkim0607 - 11 dager siden
that is my cpu
Shivaam - 11 dager siden
The amd athlon is as good as a ryzen 9 for me
Sad life.
More Powerstroke
More Powerstroke - 12 dager siden
next video... I paired an Intel Core i9 with a nVidea GT 240 GPU.
PETTER - 12 dager siden
The cpu: Hey this is exhaustin
Sceepty - 12 dager siden
but tha that’s athlon not ryzen
Barry Wells
Barry Wells - 12 dager siden
I get 60fps on gtv, high settings, 1080p on a a10 7700k with 12gb ddr3 and rx560. So why was his fps so low?
Anton Jatko Björnström
Anton Jatko Björnström - 12 dager siden
My friend got the same cpu and saying hes cpu is better than a bearly used intel core i7 4th gen
ExOTiC LuCk - 13 dager siden
The cpu cost more den my life earnings
Demonic Cheese
Demonic Cheese - 13 dager siden
My laptop that’s a core I3 runs csgo at the same settings at 60fps
Martin Nesterovitch
Martin Nesterovitch - 14 dager siden
Why is Austin addicted to Amd processors?
playbhaiplay real life&gaming&vlogs
My cpu is more cheaper but powerfull than this its intel core i9 7th generation offline market sarupathar,assam,india 7$
Imagine Wagons
Imagine Wagons - 14 dager siden
I feel poor watching this vid
Imagine Wagons
Imagine Wagons - 14 dager siden
Even tho my pc is extreme ancient garbage
Jonah Butler
Jonah Butler - 14 dager siden
well AMD makes good processors
Juke TAHIATA - 17 dager siden
Me when i didn't hear the teacher for th 3rd time 0:00
Sjdn - 20 dager siden
Love his videos
Nugget YT6
Nugget YT6 - 22 dager siden
And today we learned that the cpu isnt generally a bottleneck in gaming
Dark Elf
Dark Elf - 24 dager siden
2:30 another really easy game to run is g-mod also known as garry’s mod. My hp stream 14 laptop can get 60fps on it
Jakub Konečný
Jakub Konečný - 26 dager siden
this is every single person who doesn't know anything about computer. 'Oh I heard about GPUs, mmmh yeah this one for 1200$, wait what is this, see pea you, ahh it propably doesn't do much i can cheap out.
W.d Gaster
W.d Gaster - 26 dager siden
Hah pathetic my cpu is worth 10 dollars
San Francisco
San Francisco - Måned siden
when your with your friends that are better than you an every way
baljeetus - Måned siden
Bro my cpu is 3.4ghz... 😫
Tendo - Måned siden
why not buy a rtx 2080ti to play CSGO and mine sweeper
NightFury - Måned siden
Austin: no one should ever try this.
me: watching this on a computer with a core 2 quad cpu and gtx 960
altツ - Måned siden
Why when you talk you have like a zing in the end
Wii gamer
Wii gamer - Måned siden
Well I'm gonna go watch Linus tech tips religiously
Levi Mack
Levi Mack - Måned siden
The reason it’s only 60fps is bc you need rgb
spaz - Måned siden
Austin's intro be like (he guys ziz is Austin)
Chris Robinson
Chris Robinson - Måned siden
Damn You said "Hey Guys This Is Austin"
GD_ noobz
GD_ noobz - Måned siden
Everyone: Oh wow this might be a nice budget cpu for my first budget gaming pc build
Austin: Is that 60 fps on a $1400 pc?
Everyone: *clicks off vid*
SumPatti Official
SumPatti Official - Måned siden
why does it always have to be called A ULTIMATE GAMING PC! nad not just a computer
KrawatteYT - Måned siden
Is a 3800x and 580 bottle necking
Psycho - Måned siden
50$ cpu in a 2000$ gaming

Isn't that like putting a 2080ti in Windows 98
Psycho - Måned siden
Tell me austin that if you are capable of buying an rtx 2080ti why would you buy a 50$ cpu
Shiny Sheep
Shiny Sheep - Måned siden
mr Abdelkareem
mr Abdelkareem - Måned siden
ultra bottleneck
Cuffed - Måned siden
Watching on a i phone 11 pro and for some reason the vid makes me have less bezzel almost like im in full stretch mode but it dosnt cut any of the vid
Zaid Lameer
Zaid Lameer - Måned siden
who else thinks its a big deal to get 20 fps at 480p on their computer
Zaid Lameer
Zaid Lameer - Måned siden
16 GB DDR4 for him is low he says
krzysztof kolodziej
krzysztof kolodziej - Måned siden
Me and my complaining about my i3 will now stop. TIM TO BUY MORE RAM AND GRAPHICS
meme torture.
meme torture. - Måned siden
I can see Austin having the shiniest head when he is bald
Cradzyy - Måned siden
My pc is so good! It can run RTX on ultra with negative fps!