I regret buying this MYSTERY Tech...

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What an excellent podcast that I definitely don't host 🙃 www.relay.fm/testdrivers
This video is WHY so much money was wasted this episode 🤬 noburn.info/id/video/zHnPhtWLeI-ojKg.html
Last Mystery Tech was...explosive 🙄 noburn.info/id/video/sJnbec-jgKSja2E.html
I regret buying this MYSTERY Tech...
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Vitenskap og teknologi
Runtime: 15:09


S K Singh Sirohi
S K Singh Sirohi - 2 dager siden
i am just dying of lafter
th3 slayer 136
th3 slayer 136 - 4 dager siden
Mystery tech huh, mystery TECH... wtf does the first product have to do with tech. I know it’s from a game but it’s a god Damn mask
Brian Is very epic
Brian Is very epic - 5 dager siden
That lion is smart
Pittpens2005 - 7 dager siden
Listen, boys dont mature, we just get more money
HighWayStudios - 7 dager siden
11:57 ken should've said "you could use that for the fans for your computer"
Randy Perez
Randy Perez - 7 dager siden
This made my day
Joshua Marwoto
Joshua Marwoto - 11 dager siden
Ohhh Bad Apple, nice, very sophisticated that is so.. cool
Charles Hurst
Charles Hurst - 12 dager siden
momo headphones
Coop Doggydog
Coop Doggydog - 12 dager siden
Austin Evans: his intro exists
Me: clicks off the video
Nathanael James
Nathanael James - 14 dager siden
0:51 I thought it was harry roque coming out of the broken something, any filipino fans here 😂
Spacce_Mann - 15 dager siden
Wish I had a gaming pc to stream and play games on
SuperDestroyer - 16 dager siden
3:16 a better way to say that is "Toto is like the apple of toilets"
Hetarth Patel
Hetarth Patel - 16 dager siden
U just ruined lion king my dude 😂😂😂
joshua cruz
joshua cruz - 17 dager siden
I really like that case.
Juan fry Mason
Juan fry Mason - 17 dager siden
Juan fry Mason
Juan fry Mason - 17 dager siden
He looks awesome With the lipstick
Peterproz United
Peterproz United - 17 dager siden
Sonic in his true habitat
RabbitRampage - 17 dager siden
"the case is $300" I wanted to buy one, but my entire pc cost that much, and it can perform similar to a alienware 15 r3. Guess I cant buy it.
Rylan - 18 dager siden
12:16 When 5 yearolds accidentally found their moms lipstick.
sean smith
sean smith - 16 dager siden
Same bro 😂😂😂
VedixonGaming _
VedixonGaming _ - 19 dager siden
10:52 i wish i had a GirlFriend
VedixonGaming _
VedixonGaming _ - 15 dager siden
Now shut your mouth gum gum dum dum and im from bosnia now dust shut up
VedixonGaming _
VedixonGaming _ - 15 dager siden
I was dust kidding
sean smith
sean smith - 16 dager siden
Send credit card
sean smith
sean smith - 16 dager siden
I’ll be you girlfren whats your snap
James F
James F - 19 dager siden
As a 28 year old gothic male, I was way to happy for that graphics card. I need it.
PlazmaExT - 20 dager siden
Austin is a grown man am I right or am I not wrong
Mark Pugh
Mark Pugh - 20 dager siden
im from canadas
Grav - 21 dag siden
You have no idea what I am typing rn I am niu looking at my phi r
Divyam Shahani
Divyam Shahani - 21 dag siden
Gosh who doesn’t miss “The hey guys this is Austin”?
joshgameboy - 22 dager siden
GAMER - 23 dager siden
6:30 when you get your first phone
ZeroPoint_magma - 23 dager siden
And the best intro award goes to Austin freaking Evans
OmAdMust - 24 dager siden
When you get japanese or other foreign stuff, why dont you just use the google translate lens to see whats on the box? would work pretty well I assume.
Joel Sweesy
Joel Sweesy - 24 dager siden
Yo if that simba is programmed with ai then that’s the best ai I’ve ever seen
Helios Flicefer
Helios Flicefer - 25 dager siden
so far i think this one is the best mystery tech i watch
Big Ben Games
Big Ben Games - 27 dager siden
7:53 sonic the drug dealer
Big Ben Games
Big Ben Games - 27 dager siden
Damn that new sonic movie is looking pretty good
LoXy - 27 dager siden
the poor z-flip(
THEODSTKING117 - 29 dager siden
Finally I found a mystery tech vid that doesn’t have 1k dislikes for whatever reason
Alpha wolf
Alpha wolf - Måned siden
i would LOVE that pc, with all my heart.
eddy.H - Måned siden
From mystery tech to toy review channel.
Black Hawk
Black Hawk - Måned siden
But what was the gpu benchmark?
hexa - Måned siden
10:50 music?
NA sixsixsix
NA sixsixsix - Måned siden
8:33 😂😂😂😂😂
LuckyLucc420 - Måned siden
That pc is so fuckin dope and im a dude
Stormy KTTMKKR - Måned siden
4:36 ''i am a grown ass man''
ColdMini - Måned siden
i want the sonic mask :/ where can i get it
Slumped blossom
Slumped blossom - Måned siden
Can u give me the link for that pc case
Craig Farley
Craig Farley - Måned siden
I love the way the sonic mask looks at Austin
Hamdan al hammadi
Hamdan al hammadi - Måned siden
DRAGON BOX - Måned siden
Anybody noticed that Austin was wearing a Phineas cosplay
Hector Rodriguez
Hector Rodriguez - Måned siden
Not till now
ZephaniahNoah - Måned siden
Tell the camera guy to kindly close his lips and stop talking
Angel Ariel Tapia
Angel Ariel Tapia - Måned siden
12:53 song? Pls :(
Zaid Alvi
Zaid Alvi - Måned siden
1:39 rich people be like 😂
PIXEL & COMPANY - Måned siden
Assolutamente nessuno:
Cicciogamer89 all'inizio dei suoi video: 6:10
Gxmxr Dxnny
Gxmxr Dxnny - Måned siden
You didn't show what the anime chick graphic card was capable of
Aaron _ be _ vibin
Aaron _ be _ vibin - Måned siden
Austin and the crew look through the comments and click on the ones with the time
detroitsmash - Måned siden
Ken rocking the Aqours jacket. I like that.
ok bomer
ok bomer - Måned siden
This better than the movie 😂😂
Wooosh If Gay
Wooosh If Gay - Måned siden
Shawn JamSome
Shawn JamSome - Måned siden
Remember Phineas from Phineas and Ferb well this is him all grown up you feel old now
Ltr memo
Ltr memo - Måned siden
This is an office for kids
Pushan Alam
Pushan Alam - Måned siden
Austin is real-life Andy from The Office. :v
Cowtastic - Måned siden
7:09 woah nostalgia blast