I TRIED Google Stadia...

With Google Stadia cloud gaming faces it's biggest test yet. 🎮
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Vitenskap og teknologi
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Wiups _10
Wiups _10 - Time siden
Ive seen better acting in porn , he clearly doesnt like it.
kevin suresh
kevin suresh - 21 time siden
Guess who is getting money from google.
colby dillon
colby dillon - 2 dager siden
Check out shadow
Withdime117 - 2 dager siden
Basically it’s a Nintendo switch wireless control
A.D.H.Dgamer - 3 dager siden
I love that idea no download required for any games no more waiting on Xbox waiting to play with your friends it fast and easy
Patrick Leo Stevens
Patrick Leo Stevens - 3 dager siden
I like the stadia surprising Right
dinousar goku locon
dinousar goku locon - 3 dager siden
this i want stttaddia&&&&&& infittiiitte stadia!
Assassin Jeff
Assassin Jeff - 5 dager siden
tbh I wanna bring this thing to school and play a game XD
Vizo - 5 dager siden
Watch Dave Lee for genuine video. No Brainer guys just check out. He is one of the most genuine YouTuber and doesn't take sponsors. He respects he's followers. Unlike this nerd guy, misguiding us.
Bob Evans
Bob Evans - 5 dager siden
Hey guys this is Austin, and this month, Google is going to be paying the bills.
ePlays - 6 dager siden
Austin: So guys, Stadia is a terrible console. It has input lag, FPS and rez dro-
Google: Hey, we’d like to sponsor this video so that you don’t say how crap our console is.
Austin: *Y O U G O T I T B O S S*
You make me sick, Google. It’s going to be a LONG time before I buy one of your products.
Pieman HD
Pieman HD - 8 dager siden
Tun tub tub tub
Altra - 8 dager siden
Not an honest review, stadias shit.
Gece Ergen
Gece Ergen - 9 dager siden
Austin, When Video Stops:

WoW! I can finally throw this piece of trash that is stadia to the trash!
JuicyMangoes - 9 dager siden
just plug in your laptop to a TV by that point LOL
Purple Banana
Purple Banana - 9 dager siden
This is like how the teacher acts when the principal is in the room
1_aer - 10 dager siden
69$ each nice
Clorox bleach
Clorox bleach - 14 dager siden
Wooden stock
Synthetic stock
Laughing stock: Google stadia
tranquang237 - 14 dager siden
I have 80mbps but Stadia isn't available in my country yet :(
Richard Smith
Richard Smith - 14 dager siden
I didn’t know you needed a controller to access Google Stadia I’m such a dumb dumb lol
Elijah Stanard
Elijah Stanard - 15 dager siden
Austin don’t lie to us we know that the Stadia was abismal
corrxpted_gem - 16 dager siden
i bet they payed him to say its good when in reality it is garbage
SPLASH_ Furry - 16 dager siden
It’s so complicated
BUMBA - 17 dager siden
Fucking sellout.
Bench Mark
Bench Mark - 17 dager siden
Hey guys this is “google”* opps sorry i mean Austin
Salty Samuria
Salty Samuria - 19 dager siden
stadia 2020 is amazing try it out
Autistic Ginger
Autistic Ginger - 20 dager siden
This is the most dishonest shit I've ever seen
TotallyNotMagic 1.0
TotallyNotMagic 1.0 - 21 dag siden
Did Google take him hostage
Sergiu C.
Sergiu C. - 21 dag siden
Austin : "For 4K you'll need 35 mbps which is...A LOT."
We from Romania: "bahahahaha *laughing in 1000mbps mode*😂😂😂"
Blessing Nwafor
Blessing Nwafor - 21 dag siden
Can we play fortnite on it
Vulneral - 22 dager siden
Bro this guy is getting paid to say those stuff
Vulneral - 22 dager siden
Imagine using stadia 🤮🤮🤮🤮
King beef
King beef - 22 dager siden
Stadia isn't bad it's just ahead of its time
Vulneral - 22 dager siden
Nah it’s trash af
Masked Man
Masked Man - 23 dager siden
sorry i disliked the video\

your channel is still awesome
zane davis
zane davis - 24 dager siden
hey why not ps1
Vulneral - 22 dager siden
Biff Mcspandex
Biff Mcspandex - 26 dager siden
Lmao I’ve never seen an Austin Evans video so disliked
Vulneral - 22 dager siden
Didn’t ask
Humaid Shakuli
Humaid Shakuli - 26 dager siden
It's the most disliked video of Austin Evans.
Austin trying to get Google stadia on iPhone 11 pro max Google pixel 4 am I a joke to tou
Abdullah Sakr
Abdullah Sakr - 27 dager siden
2nta leh 4aklak keda
BlueToadTheBulbous - 26 dager siden
PixelDesigns - 29 dager siden
austin got skinny what happenned
enilnoGT - 29 dager siden
I can't find a positive comment and i am not surprised
fallout new vegas player
fallout new vegas player - Måned siden
I think i will stick to my ps4
HudsonsStuff - Måned siden
Ofc it’s only for google phones 😂
Aureo Lightz
Aureo Lightz - 24 dager siden
No it’s not
Master Jaden
Master Jaden - Måned siden
Xbox game streaming is much more superior... and free
Andrew Bowman
Andrew Bowman - Måned siden
Rip stadia you sucked ass but at least you tried
liam stick
liam stick - Måned siden
Imurge - Måned siden
this guy is a clout for google. corny and stadia ia corny
Cerbthedog - Måned siden
I would say that if they added more games to it, it would be a solid travel console
Cloudy Memory
Cloudy Memory - Måned siden
weird... over 1.4 million people wanted to watch a 9 minute advertisement willingly. most people skip after 5 seconds this is crazy.
Tahj'ai Johns
Tahj'ai Johns - Måned siden
The controller looks like a ps4 controller mixed with a switch pro controller tbh
Godly Mods
Godly Mods - Måned siden
Unless it had 2 way authentication. It's a easy way for hackers to get into your home system
beaneboy123 - Måned siden
Come on Austin really ? I’ve been playing games and I even knew this wouldn’t work out the box but do you really can’t give your true opinion? The money that good ?
michael pecukonis
michael pecukonis - Måned siden
He blatantly left in serious proof of input lag at 515. Its bad
burning inferno
burning inferno - Måned siden
PhantomGamingX1 - Måned siden
Anyone find it weird that controllers are for 69
Crazy TNT
Crazy TNT - Måned siden
The stadia is fine but it only has like 40 games
loaded 21
loaded 21 - Måned siden
Google stada is trash internet really ps4 and xbox one doesn't need internet to play offline games and it lags to much ps4 and xbox one is beter my opinion
Sandy BoleYT
Sandy BoleYT - Måned siden
I feel like stadia is for everyone and nvidia’s geforce now is for actual gamers
MrBej - Måned siden
"Hey guys, this is exhausting!"
Genos Demon Cyborg
Genos Demon Cyborg - Måned siden
After the video: *”plz don’t shoot me, I did my best”*