I tried to make a better Switch Lite

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Building the ultimate Nintendo Switch Lite hack with Hydro Dipping 💥
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Vitenskap og teknologi
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yasir moin
yasir moin - 7 timer siden
U don't belong to youtube
Claire Chappell
Claire Chappell - Dag siden
3:27 WTF is this?
ironwar367 - Dag siden
Rub - 2 dager siden
J'm'en balek
I like pizza
I like pizza - 2 dager siden
Nintendo: let’s make a switch that can’t switch
I like pizza
I like pizza - 2 dager siden
Nintendo switch lite can’t switch
The Tyro of Toriyama
The Tyro of Toriyama - 3 dager siden
Couldn't that magnifier lead to an avengers level threat when met by sunlight on a bright day? If that stuff worked then you'd probably see pros covered in so many gamer attachments that they looked like the inside of a new pc
Navaneeth MayilVelmurugan
Navaneeth MayilVelmurugan - 3 dager siden
can u buy me a nintendo swithch
Jori Roberts
Jori Roberts - 3 dager siden
Bruh that switch lite looks like a Power Rangers MegaZord with all the Yellow, Blue and Red
Subzero Subz
Subzero Subz - 3 dager siden
Look at the goo at 938/1322
Dankway !!!!
Dankway !!!! - 4 dager siden
Are u forced to do this
LOOTxGOD - 5 dager siden
hey bro please reply i want to know the name of the instrumental used 4:00
Gary Redfield
Gary Redfield - 5 dager siden
My school computers have the same image that the switch lite has on this video cover only that it doesnt have the mario it has my school logo
billz - 5 dager siden
Austin should go into advertising
LoLeLoLi - 6 dager siden
*plainrock124 wants to know your location*
Michael Finnigan
Michael Finnigan - 6 dager siden
This video is the opposite of what I expected. "Hey guys, I bought a load of random stuff then changed the back plate."
Spritzsy - 6 dager siden
If the Nintendo switch is called the switch Bc you can switch to different controllers or something then why is it called the Nintendo switch lite if you can’t switch controllers and they dont come off. And just to be clear is said IF
VideoGameVlad - 6 dager siden
Mykargh_gamerboi - 7 dager siden
you can video out on a switch lite with a mac USB c adaptor
Matt Wallett
Matt Wallett - 7 dager siden
Been wanting a switch lite but I'm worried about drift. Easier to just get new joycons for the big brother
PKLuver944 - 5 dager siden
The switch lite DOES get drift. I just got mine back from a month and a half repair for decent drift and input flickering on the left joystick. This will happen if you use the device every day. BUT you will get free postage and repair for drift if you go onto their website and report that you have drift
GiarniGiovanna - 7 dager siden
GiarniGiovanna - 7 dager siden
Pls lol
GiarniGiovanna - 7 dager siden
Can you give me thay switch that u hydro dipped
Cristian Gameer pro :V
Cristian Gameer pro :V - 8 dager siden
Azophi - 8 dager siden
Guys I added removable joycons, a kickstand, and a docking port to the switch lite
Am I big brain???
Azophi - 8 dager siden
Guys I added removable joycons and a port that can be docked to the switch lite, big brain
mountjj - 9 dager siden
Ultimate Wii
AncientPickle - 9 dager siden
Had to leave a dislike because he played Fortnite.
2My Tailfin
2My Tailfin - 9 dager siden
9:34 the sewage switch
Blubb Cloude
Blubb Cloude - 10 dager siden
The Robo Dino is Cool!
Shaurya Kedia
Shaurya Kedia - 10 dager siden
3:30 i heard him swearing for the first time
Xanx - 11 dager siden
Here's who to make the switch light better Remove the aux port next make sure it thermal trodles then remove the SD card slot. Oh wait every other company does this :0
Squirrel !
Squirrel ! - 11 dager siden
silvercreek animations
silvercreek animations - 11 dager siden
I _____________________ l
I l l l
I l Nintendo l 0 l
I (O) l l 0 l
I l_____________________l l
WolfPackYT - 12 dager siden
The hydro dipping segment really stressed me out 🤣
azxrl - 13 dager siden
Austin: I am a big fan of the lite
*said nobody ever*
Dangly Dangus
Dangly Dangus - 13 dager siden
This guys fucking face pisses me off
Taco766 - 13 dager siden
so is the screen magnifier for people who think that the switch's screen isnt big enough?
Akmal Danial
Akmal Danial - 13 dager siden
9:59 Fruit Fruit uhhhhhh MORTY 2 CUT uhhhhhhhh 😂
eggybizkit - 13 dager siden
i just use the original nintendo switch and i have a portable monitor that i plug into the dock and it all uses one outlet
DiogoGamer_PT_ - 13 dager siden
4:55 - 5:15 Don't look at screen, hear only the audio
DannyBeatzEnterprise - 14 dager siden
rules :
1. Have a drink every time he says switch
2. Down your drink everytime he says switch lite
Toxic Bambi
Toxic Bambi - 15 dager siden
it's so painful watching you just pull the case out of the hydro dip without shaking it around under the water to get the extra off
JDogsDogs - 15 dager siden
So all I need to do to have 2 million views is to have a Nintendo switch and hydro dip it and put all worthless crap on it?
Homnix HD
Homnix HD - 15 dager siden
You did the dip 8 times and never thought to flip it over lol
Chaingui Rafael da Silva
Chaingui Rafael da Silva - 15 dager siden
Man I almost choked laughing when this chimera was assembled, especially when The whole thing Fell on The floor lol
Angel Cross
Angel Cross - 16 dager siden
lol that looks terrifying
Cryogen - 16 dager siden
When you typed tried to make a better switch I thought you would genuinely make it better by adding the Bluetooth capability into the switch or something or making the battery last longer by putting in a better one but you just bought mostly useless thing and put them together to build a piece of garbage.
Danep Ransis
Danep Ransis - 17 dager siden
To create the OooOOooltimate Switch
Vize Clan
Vize Clan - 17 dager siden
Just get a saw and make a regular switch
Alex M Stratton
Alex M Stratton - 19 dager siden
I agree with Austin that's dumb lol but what a workout lol
Julian Briceno
Julian Briceno - 19 dager siden
This is unreal
doritojesus - 19 dager siden
when you took the back shell off and then set the switch lite circuit board down i felt pain
Herobrine_jr Hero
Herobrine_jr Hero - 20 dager siden
Stop stop the switch lite sucks
Burak CilekciGS
Burak CilekciGS - 21 dag siden
3:44 *E X P A N D D O N G*
Hilal Mohideen
Hilal Mohideen - 21 dag siden
You suck at hydro dipping
Gabriel Mayo
Gabriel Mayo - 22 dager siden
Yo is that a game sphere?
UMLOTH - 22 dager siden
Waaait hold up, i remember seeing this video before but why is the part where they order more shell cases gone?? Is my brain dumb or have they removed it? They just ordered like 2 and failed direcly and had to order more???
Hex - 22 dager siden
are they hydro dipping a fish 6:36
Makaka Obami
Makaka Obami - 22 dager siden
5:44 - it's alive!