I was WRONG about the iPhone 11 Pro...

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With lots of 💰 comes...a pretty nice phone that you still shouldn't buy.
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Mr. Xbox Playz
Mr. Xbox Playz - 7 dager siden
iPhone is king, Samsung SUCKS!! iPhone is king, Samsung SUCKS!!
Raymond Pajerowski
Raymond Pajerowski - Måned siden
I am using a ipad
Ля Ляпос
Ля Ляпос - Måned siden
no_NaMe tv
no_NaMe tv - Måned siden
please give me subs
Oliver Parker Bowles
Oliver Parker Bowles - 2 måneder siden
the 11 is good?
bannedfahim the gaming blogging legend
Faze Gamer
Faze Gamer - 3 måneder siden
iphone 11 Pro, battery life is not good. It drains very fast. Sometimes it is overheating. OLED screen is very bad. too yellowish or warm and you need to tilt it or put an angle to have more color accuracy. The color tint adjustment is only a band aid solution. The white point on this phone is too high compared older models, even enabling the reduce white point. The IOS 13.4.1 didn’t fix the battery draining issue. Chech macforum, a lot of people are complaining. I extremely regret getting iphone 11 pro.
Natthan Pacheco
Natthan Pacheco - 3 måneder siden
Still stuck on the s8 :(
HowlingCurve Tech & Gaming
HowlingCurve Tech & Gaming - 3 måneder siden
I have lost all respect for anyone that buys an Apple product and all sympathy for anyone that buys an Apple device and then complains about having no right to repair their overpriced device.

If you disagree on apple being money grubbing thieves, I'll rest my case on the fact that they are charging $1000 for a f*/**ing monitor stand that is separate from a $5000 monitor.
KingPanda 110
KingPanda 110 - 3 måneder siden
me watches video of new phone while i have the Samsung A20
Techie Viki
Techie Viki - 3 måneder siden
Maybe from next video dont mislead viewers with such titles!!!!
drminecff animatons and games
drminecff animatons and games - 4 måneder siden
Moto g7 power
BILL HAN 14 - 4 måneder siden
iPhone 11 pro 256gb
majorsupton - 4 måneder siden
Oneplus 7t is my phone in 2020
Harrison - 4 måneder siden
I would like to point out that you can get a brand new Pixel 3 for around $300, and a New Pixel 3XL for around $380, all of which have better materials, wireless charging, better processors, and that same camera with great screens.
Player1original - 4 måneder siden
"When you're spending 800 for a phone you do not need to deal with compromises"
*Suggests sub 1080p iPhone
Please note that the Iphone XR in Europe is 700 dollars right now and the 11 is over 800.... so yeah.
Fine_11 L24?
Fine_11 L24? - 4 måneder siden
Bruh I bought the iPhone11 now I can’t buy the iPhone11pro-___-
Love Chauhan
Love Chauhan - 5 måneder siden
One Plus 5t nd still rocking 💯🔥🔥
Skyguy7340 - 5 måneder siden
Google screwed up last year
Rolando Vargas
Rolando Vargas - 6 måneder siden
These youtubers be doing the same shit just to get extra juice (videos and money) out of the phones
Bon Henry
Bon Henry - 6 måneder siden
everything samsung pro here, finally i just switched back to iphone
faizqadirmusic - 6 måneder siden
I bought an iPhone 11 128gb watching your previous video. Only thing i miss is the pitch black OLED from my One plus 5T.
WILD - 6 måneder siden
I have a iphone 8 and its perfect fine
RandomGuy - 6 måneder siden
This is so annoying youtubers do this. I just unsubscribe.
Terry B.
Terry B. - 6 måneder siden
Hey Austin!! How we forget. Apple iPhones had bad batteries for over 8 year I noticed you guys never talk about it which is bias. 🤔🤔
Dana W
Dana W - 6 måneder siden
the iPhone 11 Pro has an awesome battery. Why aren;t you talking about that?
ur local giraff
ur local giraff - 6 måneder siden
Yes, the phone might be really good, but can. it. play. frogger?
Christopher Francis
Christopher Francis - 6 måneder siden
android is super duper meh but if you need an android get the pixel 4 be because google is a respectable company and there phones have good build quality as apposed to the one plus who has enough respect for that company you are paying 600 dollars for a product that you will use every day i have used Samsung phones they are not good(my opinion very slow) but get the job done i love iphones i do not have the 11 or any thing but but the se is great whatever haters it is still supported but on paper the iphone 11 pro is the best deal however it is hard to justify getting 1000 dollar phone phone so i wood say the 11
Neon - 6 måneder siden
Pause video at 0:00 it’s funny
Preston Gerimonte
Preston Gerimonte - 6 måneder siden
I want you to use your iPhone and film all your videos for a year on it
c CC
c CC - 6 måneder siden
your just another sheep in the herd
Emperor of the universe
Emperor of the universe - 6 måneder siden
I'm using galaxy c7
And iPhone you should recommend are all 3 that came this year because they're all good in some points 🤔
Unspoken Sniper Live
Unspoken Sniper Live - 6 måneder siden
iPhone XS Max
Jackson Studios
Jackson Studios - 6 måneder siden
the sponser was a LTT segway
Maximus2004 Rkwow
Maximus2004 Rkwow - 6 måneder siden
too late i already own 3 of those
Gamerz Nation
Gamerz Nation - 6 måneder siden
Why. No Xiaomi
Moussa Jomaa
Moussa Jomaa - 6 måneder siden
Question for both Austin and ken, where do you think the galaxy fold fits in with the current line of smart phones?
Pnuttz Clark
Pnuttz Clark - 7 måneder siden
"Daily drivering" ? Did he just make up a new word?
K4rthik 5789
K4rthik 5789 - 7 måneder siden
I love Samsung’s design, UI, display etc.
But... the Snapdragon-Exynos divide is getting so noticeable to the point where you’re actually getting ripped off.
When you buy a flagship, you should be getting the best specs, not a run down processor with a terrible GPU and Ghastly battery life
Not to mention all the fake promises with the software updates
When Samsung someday decides to standardize their chipsets
I’ll start considering it.
Erin Buck
Erin Buck - 7 måneder siden
I have a 11 Pro 256 GB in silver and I love it I’m not getting a new phone for a very long time
Carver Stocks
Carver Stocks - 7 måneder siden
ayo fook google pixie 4😂
PotatoPCGaming - 7 måneder siden
J6 2019
DARKNINJAGAMING - 7 måneder siden
my dad in Australia paid $850 dollars from $1349 because he traded in his old samsung at the samsung store and got $300 discount from samsung at the time when he bought it
DARKNINJAGAMING - 7 måneder siden
The S10 is a pretty good phone
KaZperr_ - 7 måneder siden
Im using the s10+
Paul Williams
Paul Williams - 7 måneder siden
iPhone 11 or 11 pro or no phone at all
Elvin Ramirez
Elvin Ramirez - 7 måneder siden
0:17 how is ken not a meme
Patrick Mackinder
Patrick Mackinder - 7 måneder siden
Couldn’t pay me to use a pixel 4
David Kirksey
David Kirksey - 7 måneder siden
Glad to see things picking up on your end since the "incident". No Google Pixel 4 video?
Never mind. I should watch the video before posting comments. xD
Omar R
Omar R - 7 måneder siden
My respects when people admit they were wrong. Yes the iPhone is the best of the best
Andy Moy
Andy Moy - 7 måneder siden
Waste of my time with this video
Iammrwither 1
Iammrwither 1 - 7 måneder siden
Using a galaxy s105g
Philosopher - 7 måneder siden
Bruhhhhhhhhhh I am watching this video on my switch I don't have a phone
Mike B.
Mike B. - 7 måneder siden
If a phone exceeds $500, I expect type c, oled panel and 3000mah battery min.
Apple - 7 måneder siden
Mik Bio what fantasy world you live in because that phone does not exist
Larry.V - 7 måneder siden
Im still over here with a iphone 5c
Chan Raksa
Chan Raksa - 7 måneder siden
I just don't understand why Google tries to compete the price? They should get people's attention with good specs, functions, and affordable price. Pixel team needs a new leader.
Pranav Tatavarti
Pranav Tatavarti - 7 måneder siden
In my opinion the best value phone was the Redmi k20 pro. It has everything that the op7 pro has except for a few very minor details, and it is so much less money. You even get a triple camera setup for less than 400, while the 700 dollar pixel 4 doesn’t
Ilham mausar ilham mausar
Ilham mausar ilham mausar - 7 måneder siden
Good job austin evans 👍
Shady Playz
Shady Playz - 7 måneder siden
Lenovo k9
ManyuTV - 7 måneder siden
The truth comes out once you got what u want 😂
Eduardo Salas
Eduardo Salas - 7 måneder siden
Like always