Inside Toyota's Factory of the Future

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Something a little BIGGER than usual: how Toyota builds vehicles with some unusual tech. 🚘
The latest episode of MYSTERY TECH ⁉️
I went to JAPAN 🇯🇵
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Vitenskap og teknologi
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Milton Blanchard
Milton Blanchard - MÃ¥ned siden
When did you go to TMMI? I work at the Toyota plant in Texas but I visited TMMI last January.
Jackson Bolton
Jackson Bolton - 3 mÃ¥neder siden
I have a Toyota
Fuck you Cunt
Fuck you Cunt - 3 mÃ¥neder siden
Trevor entered the chat
ItsBigE 218038
ItsBigE 218038 - 3 mÃ¥neder siden
I'm getting COD Advanced Warfare flashbacks
Mostafa - 4 mÃ¥neder siden
jake campisi
jake campisi - 4 mÃ¥neder siden
a car
Gabriel - 5 mÃ¥neder siden
Lmbo! Thats funny, they do the huracane test to make sure they dont repeat 2018 lol
savith bhargav
savith bhargav - 5 mÃ¥neder siden
Check out national geographic mega factories on YouTube it is amazing.
Tad Saxington
Tad Saxington - 5 mÃ¥neder siden
You have to stop that "Hey guys, is Austin"
Joe Bassist
Joe Bassist - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
Just that robot sound made me laugh thinking "man, you are an idiot- but a lovable one" 😂
Jose Rivera
Jose Rivera - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
Thanks, now I can feel even more sad about myself for not being able to even make a single lego car.
Yeab Play's Life
Yeab Play's Life - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
Hey Austin, this is guys!
TechDove - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
Next time you see a Tesla you'll appreciate just how wide the panel gaps are
Ptown Gower
Ptown Gower - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
Y'all are like goku when he had all that gear on when he was training
Maximus Games
Maximus Games - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
Austin, pointing out the obvious for years!
Joe Owen
Joe Owen - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
This is basically showing us all how a Toyota works
Nikoloz Katamadze
Nikoloz Katamadze - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
For some reason I rode Austin makes you stronger
OLI - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
I got tricked into a Toyota add
Infamous Potato
Infamous Potato - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
I own a Toyota car

From 2004
Epcen - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
Happy you enjoy it.😂 just saying I put the glass on the passenger front door for the highlanders, now you know
MrTentaclesTV - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
I work here! Wish I had an exoskeleton for my underbody process.
Furious4Tom - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
Me who just bought a highlander: hey wait a minute
Noe Duran
Noe Duran - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
My mom has a highlander
Killerdwarf 88
Killerdwarf 88 - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
Holy crap Austin Evans I am so happy you did this. I work for TMMI the Toyota Factory that builds these in Princeton Indiana. I have worked there for going on 11 years drive. I started as a quality checker to becoming a Team Leader for Assembly. TMMI has tours every day for the public. We have 2 plants that build 3 Vehicles in total with more than 5,000 employees just at this factory not including all the amazing sub-suppliers that work hard on a lot of the parts we need for the Highlander Sienna and Sequoia its be an amazing ride through all theses transitions in the technology that goes into the new models. We are currently getting this Highlander going while working hard on the Next Sienna unfortunately I am unable to say more on that model but it will be great. I look forward to going into the next 11 years and seeing where this road takes us. Have a wonderful day.
Killerdwarf 88
Killerdwarf 88 - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
I Really wish I knew you was there I would have loved to meet you. I love your videos.
MSORPG - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
We're inching closer and closer now to The Surge.
Ethan Wang
Ethan Wang - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
I just watched a 5 minute ad
JK - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
Ethan Wang once i watched a disney ad and they put on a full on episode as the ad🤷‍♂️
King H
King H - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
they messed the fucking body up. it looks like a mazda now
Hank Daughtrey
Hank Daughtrey - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
Hey I work there!
SMK Taman Serai
SMK Taman Serai - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
But does tech makes you beexcellent?
ProdByElite - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
Exo🤦🏽‍♂️ just build more muscle
Cole R
Cole R - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
My brother has a toyota
Mr BrightSide
Mr BrightSide - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
Send Scott Kilmer there!
Manjushri - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
Awesome video. I love this kind of stuff.
Sarah Gorry
Sarah Gorry - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
soooo coool
Brandon Cooke
Brandon Cooke - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
Yeah that is literally the COD Advanced Warfare exo suit lol
Buff Helpy
Buff Helpy - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
Do 10 dollar gaming setup
El Fedora Usado
El Fedora Usado - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
Still loving my 2001 Toyota Yaris
Alexis Garicia
Alexis Garicia - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
I have a question how much pc do you guys buy and how much do you have
Hands on Dexx
Hands on Dexx - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
Me:Opens video
Austin: Does the robot sound joke
Me: closes video
Jason Gooden
Jason Gooden - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
My left arm and left leg arm are weak due to medical reasons. I could really use an exoskeleton like that. It would be life changing. I wouldn’t have to go about in a wheelchair.
MasterTrillex - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
That’s what she said
Mc Epic
Mc Epic - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
Cod Advanced warfare
Mc Epic
Mc Epic - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
I have an elite version of those suits
Mc Epic
Mc Epic - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
Anyone remember call of duty advanced warfare
Gigabyte1024 - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
Y O T A I wanna go to a tacoma factory tho
Sam Pritchard
Sam Pritchard - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
Looks like a Kluger to me
Venture Pictures
Venture Pictures - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
Ohh damm,this tech is already used .. that's cool
The Dave Gamer
The Dave Gamer - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
I’ve been to that plant many times and it’s so massive
The Dave Gamer
The Dave Gamer - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
I’ve been to that plant many times and it’s so massive
The Dave Gamer
The Dave Gamer - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
Killerdwarf 88
Killerdwarf 88 - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
Yep it is. I was working there the day he filmed this.
Ethan Cameron
Ethan Cameron - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
He goes to Toyota
Mkbhd goes to Tesla lol
Muhd Khairul
Muhd Khairul - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
Elysium confirmed
Yu Siew Lun
Yu Siew Lun - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
Space make human weak
Infzy - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
Tell me why it looks like its from advanced warfare
『Windwalker Requiem』
『Windwalker Requiem』 - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
Hey Austin, I wanted to ask what would be the best SSD or Hard drive to put inside of a hp ProBook 440 g5 laptop for upgrade
Parker Forbus
Parker Forbus - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
Daft punks dream harder better faster (STRONGER)
haithem - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
Computer components channel
Him: japan weird produts
Noone ever :..
Him: cars
Natan Bagley
Natan Bagley - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
Video: How Toyotas are made.
Ad: Buy a Ford!
Theodor den Store
Theodor den Store - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
Last like boi
Vikramaditya Lamba
Vikramaditya Lamba - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
00:30 Musk?