Intel's Next Wave of Laptops | Showcase

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With the new Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 with 10th Gen inside there's a LOT to like.
More about Project Athena:
The Dell XPS 13:
Testing as of 30 September 2019. For systems with FHD displays. Simulated to replicate typical scenario on wireless web browsing workload: shipped HW/SW configuration running multiple background applications and open web pages; on 802.11 wireless Internet connection, DC battery power, and 250nit screen brightness.
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Narwhal Media Group
Narwhal Media Group - 3 måneder siden
Great video, Austin!
Minion - 4 måneder siden
Austin can you review the Dell xps 13 2020 version???
J B - 5 måneder siden
No usb type A though...
Terry Yip
Terry Yip - 7 måneder siden
hey guy
fiscer247 - 7 måneder siden
I wish AMD had their processors in more laptops.
Guy Glennon
Guy Glennon - 7 måneder siden
Can you do a gaming review with this XPS 2 in 1 with an eGPU
Bootahdah The 1st
Bootahdah The 1st - 7 måneder siden
"Intel sponsored this video"
well then, this is not a promise video
kenz - 7 måneder siden
4gb RAM!!????
My phone already 6gb!
Craig Leverenz
Craig Leverenz - 7 måneder siden
With a title like "Intel's next wave of laptops /showcase" I thought you would actually be showcasing a bunch of different laptops not just the Dell XPS 13.
young kosher
young kosher - 7 måneder siden
You think this good for beat making?
Brandon Taylor
Brandon Taylor - 7 måneder siden
Zackary Stewart
Zackary Stewart - 7 måneder siden
Ugh dude dirty
Cheekymonkey - 7 måneder siden
I can't deal with lack of ports.
This particular one is a hell no from me.
Marty Lardy
Marty Lardy - 7 måneder siden
Hey guys..this is cringe
Frank Wood
Frank Wood - 7 måneder siden
Why is he coming down the spiral staircase?! 🤣
saurabh cr7
saurabh cr7 - 7 måneder siden
But is this laptop is upgradeable?
saurabh cr7
saurabh cr7 - 7 måneder siden
So should I wait for laptops in 2020
KFS Family
KFS Family - 7 måneder siden
Don't get me wrong,I heard at first "this is disgusting"🤭
Sarib Farooqi
Sarib Farooqi - 8 måneder siden
"so the for the" 2:34
Alex field
Alex field - 8 måneder siden
I don’t care if he got sponsored or not, but I honestly think this certification is pointless and I don’t see why YouTubers aren’t talking about this?? Yeah they list all the pros and say how amazing the computer is and blah blah, but then I look at the price and I’m like damn! It better be good for what is worth. It starts at $999 for a 4 GB model, so you know that’s not the option to go for. Then the one with 8gb jumps to $1400!!! Like shit, it better be damn good for that money. Like the comment if you agree or comment what you think.
MilKStOrM - 8 måneder siden
“Hey guys, this is sponsored.”
Neoand12 - 8 måneder siden
Crazy how they turn on you Austin.
lastpicture - 8 måneder siden
One question. No benchmarks because any Laptop with a Amd 3700U dominates this one right?
Jose Castell
Jose Castell - 8 måneder siden
Wifi 6 performance?
SAkSHAM Jain - 8 måneder siden
0:44 When images of the cheque paid by intel emerges in brain.
Wall-E - 8 måneder siden
"Hey Austin, this is guys"
UnrealUnicorn - 8 måneder siden
Intel ftw on laptops and amd on desktops 🤷🏻‍♂️
md sharma
md sharma - 8 måneder siden
didnt u guys watched D2D latest vid...
he straight out said these are not for performance
NUMPA6 - 8 måneder siden
Hey guys if you pay me enough I'll say your product is good
But honest reviews
Krishna Vamsee
Krishna Vamsee - 8 måneder siden
"heyyy guys this is Austin" is the equivalent of "thisss is the ....." by Doug in the car review category.
SK3PT1C4L - 8 måneder siden
Linus Tech Tips: We are better
Austin: NO
Linus Tech Tips: YES
Austin: THIS IS WARRR ✈✈
Manuel Radam
Manuel Radam - 8 måneder siden
ultimate ps4 slim???
Sandjaie R
Sandjaie R - 8 måneder siden
The ports in xps13 is pretty useless ..
Acknologia - 8 måneder siden
But D2D said to get the hp one
Parallel Clix
Parallel Clix - 8 måneder siden
Can you play fortnite on a 2010 MacBook anibody I'm just curious
Emmanuel de Vulpillières
Emmanuel de Vulpillières - 8 måneder siden
Can you put in the title: sponsored video ? Si we don't click on it by mistake. Thx
Luke B.
Luke B. - 8 måneder siden
Bruh the dislikes are exactly at 666
LondenTower - 8 måneder siden
I still haven't forgotten your review about Google stadia.
Sponsored by Google to get even More $$$ and that made it a biased review
Sprits Fal
Sprits Fal - 8 måneder siden
I checked the link thinking this brand new laptop would be around 2k, cuz they just are for some damn reason most of the time. But THIS was only 1k. I'm very impressed tbh.
Edit: Ah nvm, that was 1k at the STARTING point, and 4gb of ram just doesn't cut it today so I wouldn't even consider that as an option. So $1300? I'd rather go for a dedicated gpu for that price.
gameflux - 8 måneder siden
Cool !
sunnyville_Nz - 8 måneder siden
why take sponsored video now, really hurts the Austin rep. for shame...*bell chimes*
T.J. Gray
T.J. Gray - 8 måneder siden
I want a computer like that.
braddle meers
braddle meers - 8 måneder siden
So I came to your most recent video for a reason. If you have A usb to usbc adapter for your Nintendo switch, you can plug in a phone charger and it will start charging. I thought it was a good idea for you for a new video. It’s a very interesting thing. I thought you could try plugging different things into it as well. That’s my idea, thank you!
420sixnine - 8 måneder siden
As soon as I heard sponsered from Intel I knew this video was going to be bad
SomeoneThatUses This
SomeoneThatUses This - 8 måneder siden
Can you do a video on the Lenovo IdeaPad 320?
Patrick Bell
Patrick Bell - 8 måneder siden
This seemed like a 6 minute ad.
aduyo - 8 måneder siden
Can you buy me the best gaming laptop
Ryan Turley
Ryan Turley - 8 måneder siden
Can you rate the Escobar Fold 1
mihovecz jozsef
mihovecz jozsef - 8 måneder siden
Twice as much 0 graphical performance is still 0.
john cena
john cena - 8 måneder siden
3:35 a bug landed on the top left corner of my screen at that very moment 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
NOT Patrick Bateman
NOT Patrick Bateman - 8 måneder siden
Hey guys... this is SPONSUSTIN....
Abdullah Hasnain
Abdullah Hasnain - 8 måneder siden
Can it compete against mx 250?!
AIDAN PEREIRA - 8 måneder siden
Hey does anyone know the name of the song he played to test headphones a few years ago. It was something like takeoff or paper planes by Alta or someone.
Sloppy Toons
Sloppy Toons - 8 måneder siden
A lot of people complaining it’s sponsored. At least he starts the video with saying this is sponsored by intel. He doesn’t have to. I’m sure intel would rather this not be mentioned and get a glowing review. It looks a bit fluff so I won’t finish the video, but the guy needs to earn a keep,m.
Charlie Shiffman
Charlie Shiffman - 8 måneder siden
Do an ultimate PS4 slim, but include everything like headphones controller ect
FunkadelicPeach - 8 måneder siden
Sponsored video again?? Will you EVER be unbiased again?
Especially with crap products, you're sticking out like a sore thumb compared to your other YouTube reviewers who are choosing to be honest rather than taking money.
I hope you're enjoying your pile of cash, it certainly will last longer than your reputation.
nandagopal gopakumar
nandagopal gopakumar - 8 måneder siden
Intel: Use our final tactics for ads. SPONSORED.
Vincenzo Mario Saltamartini
Vincenzo Mario Saltamartini - 8 måneder siden
Dan Rustle
Dan Rustle - 8 måneder siden
Drinking game: Every time you hear the word “performance” you gotta drink.
Charlie skis
Charlie skis - 8 måneder siden
The lighting's messed up