iPad BEATS the PS4.

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With 120 FPS gameplay, the Apple iPad Pro actually beats the PS4 Pro and Nintendo Switch. 🙄
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Plainrocky 123
Plainrocky 123 - 22 timer siden
Me: sees video
My 2013 iPad Air:
My Xbox one s:
My switch: well I’m not getting upgraded yet.
Nihal Gaming
Nihal Gaming - Dag siden
iPad : Austin supports me
PS4 : I have 2tb storage a controller a touchpad a CD and better options than you
iPad : I am from apple
PS4 : ya an eaten apple
Ps5: I am the best
iPad : I quit
Hame fame
Hame fame - Dag siden
Tab s7 is also great and its the same level as the ipad pro 2020
GibsonSwag - Dag siden
My PS4 Slim can run fortnite at 4k120 with better quality... the ipad lacks quality and games
Maher & Ibrahim's Avengers
This dude just hates playstation
Evop Fx
Evop Fx - 2 dager siden
For those dumbasses trying to compare the iPad pro to a console: iPad Pro is NOT MADE for gaming. Some games are OPTIMIZED to be smoother. People buy iPad Pro to do creative and student work and need the specs to run power taking programs. Thank you for your patience and please shut up.
STRATAKLAS - 2 dager siden
Xbox one x its supporting 120fps in boost mode.
Vincent Louise Beltran
Vincent Louise Beltran - 2 dager siden
Who the fuck plays fortnite on switch lmfao. It kinda defeats the purpose of the switch
Melodic - 3 dager siden
I like how he doesn’t say the iPad beats PS4/Xbox
Tanishq Vishwakarma
Tanishq Vishwakarma - 4 dager siden
Hey you deserve a subscribe
Literally Trash
Literally Trash - 5 dager siden
When you realize the iPad Pro cost 2x the cost- me looking that the ps4 game prices : 👁👄👁
Cali Qm
Cali Qm - 5 dager siden
I do like that gesture Ken gives at the start like "Nope,no it's not"
Who the hell cares about the better Fortnite experience,is there anyone looking for a console JUST to play Fortnite
3 People Productions
3 People Productions - 7 dager siden
Wow, we can finally play mario kart tour at 120 fps
This LOL
This LOL - 7 dager siden
I understand the point of the video is too showcase the cool fps possibilities, but don't compare them they are way too different
Bob - 7 dager siden
Panda Panda
Panda Panda - 8 dager siden
A12x ipad
Imagine A14x Processor that will release this year in iPad pro and macbook
D Man
D Man - 8 dager siden
Yes but mobile gaming sucks balls.
Wow Tow
Wow Tow - 10 dager siden
Stephon Riley
Stephon Riley - 10 dager siden
I don’t think so my guy
Caspian Adams
Caspian Adams - 11 dager siden
You may as well buy a monitor and a console for the price of an iPad
Khadija Feroz
Khadija Feroz - 11 dager siden
Ps4 is better.but iPad has more FPS than ps4
Happy McChicken Burger XD
Happy McChicken Burger XD - 12 dager siden
XD The iPad does not have Graphics as Good as the PS4 Or Xbox!! 😂
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi - 13 dager siden
How does it beat the ps4 the ps4 can also get 120 fps if you unlock the fps and with great game graphics
Nathan Sandy
Nathan Sandy - 14 dager siden
Just gamer
Just gamer - 14 dager siden
Aaron Alasa
Aaron Alasa - 14 dager siden
So Microsoft has been paying him all this while. Damn.
Emiel333 Official
Emiel333 Official - 14 dager siden
Yes! Angry Birds at 120 fps!!! Yay... not 🙄
Durgeswar Roy
Durgeswar Roy - 15 dager siden
TheWildCardxD - 16 dager siden
Bruh a iPad Pro costs triple a ps4 or Xbox
Saim Arslan
Saim Arslan - 17 dager siden
ipad 7 vs ps4 🤔
King of Gamers
King of Gamers - 19 dager siden
I have iPad Pro 11 2020 playing Fortnite with PS4 controller while running 120 FPS
RKRO 6 - 19 dager siden
Bruh graphics on iPad are so trash and the game is only 5gb storage that's why it can run 120 fps a 700 dollar pc can run it 170 fps on pro graphics a pc is always better
Happy McChicken Burger XD
Happy McChicken Burger XD - 12 dager siden
I Know Dude the PS4 Has Much Better Graphics than the iPad
Mr Troll
Mr Troll - 20 dager siden
Bruh only mobile games im going to need 120 hertz to play sudoku
Divyam Shahani
Divyam Shahani - 21 dag siden
I’m like: Why did Austin not include the Xbox one s/Xbox one x? But then I realised that it has 120hz support
Srijan Nandi
Srijan Nandi - 23 dager siden
I own an iPad pro
Sudhi418 - 24 dager siden
0:23 my mans flexing his airpods
TSM RICHO - 24 dager siden
It can beat ps4 but only at fortnite and fortnite is trash so I'm good I dont need to waste more money
Lachlan Thomas
Lachlan Thomas - 26 dager siden
yeah a ipad can give you fortinte in low 120 fps, but can u get 4k all ultra seetings with 60fps on ipad, no i didnt think so austin so shut up.
Patricio patricio
Patricio patricio - 27 dager siden
So we can play playstation games at school when there are vacant times or when no professor.
Ruben Vardumyan
Ruben Vardumyan - 28 dager siden
Idiot, compare ipad's epic graphics with ps4's. Ps's in 100 times better.
Crash_King - 29 dager siden
Once they release all ps4 games on iPad I will agree with this video
Bobo Cha Cha
Bobo Cha Cha - Måned siden
me playing The Last of us 2 with my PS4 pro
my mom playing candy crush in 120fps with her ipad pro
Austin: your mom's gaming setup is better than yours ._.
Arnob Jubaer
Arnob Jubaer - Måned siden
vai i pad pro cheap naaaa!! sbi ei fortnite khelte chay na vai! ps4 exclusive boleo ekta kotha ase ! dhur!!
bazz - Måned siden
he aint doing x box cause he dont want to admit tat an ipad is better
Alex Tud
Alex Tud - Måned siden
He didn't want to admit that the Xbox One is better than an iPad Pro.
cooldoom - Måned siden
Even my tablet beats PS3 and Xbox 360 , doesn't mean I can play console quality games on it .
IIZT YO GIRL KEKE - Måned siden
Nvm you say xbox when talking bout the upgrade but when flaws that xbox has and ps4 has you dont say xbox
IIZT YO GIRL KEKE - Måned siden
Nvm you said consol my bad
IIZT YO GIRL KEKE - Måned siden
Xbox as well you should have siad consol
Users - Måned siden
PS4 have better games, for the price of this iPad you could build a pc with more powerful than the iPad and ps4.
Emre Korkusuz
Emre Korkusuz - Måned siden
PS 5 better tahn ipad pc better than all devices siri better than alexa xd
Sirish Gi
Sirish Gi - Måned siden
Plays fortnite and says ipad beats PS4. Huh
Divyam Shahani
Divyam Shahani - Måned siden
At first I was surprised that you didn’t bring the Xbox one x but ya know get it why cuz Xbox has it when it comes to FPS then Xbox is the almost winner
Sandy BoleYT
Sandy BoleYT - Måned siden
You can do this but at 60 FPS for 347 on the base iPad
It’s not 120 FPS but it’s hella cheaper
Usama Tariq
Usama Tariq - Måned siden
I bought iPad pro for playing Candy crush at 120 fps. True Gamer 🌟🤜
Specter MVP
Specter MVP - Måned siden
Oh wow iPad beats ps4 because it doesn’t have 120 hzs but guess what PS fans we going to get better graphics better frames better everything
Soheil Mohseni
Soheil Mohseni - Måned siden
iPad can't beat PS4 Pro because the games and boost mode and price and graphics
Foizun Nessa
Foizun Nessa - Måned siden
YAAY the Hey guys this is austin is back!
Sharkbite - Måned siden
When you find out ipad cost three times more than ps4
Piggelz - Måned siden
I like how he roasts the switch and PS4 but not the Xbox

So suck it Sony
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha - Måned siden
He should tried ps4 pro