iPhone 11 Review - Buy this one.

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The Apple iPhone 11 is the new default iPhone for 2019 and that's a good thing.
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Minty Clips
Minty Clips - 5 timer siden
came for the phone, stayed for the selfies
juicez -
juicez - - 2 dager siden
i forgot u existed cuz i made a new yt cuz i had too many subs i didn’t watch lol
Joshua Most
Joshua Most - 3 dager siden
this year the iPhone 11 has 2 cameras, unlike last year when the iPhone 11 did not have 2 cameras.
Max Jolani
Max Jolani - 18 dager siden
Pp smell
Psychic Friends
Psychic Friends - 18 dager siden
Your saying buy this phone but dont buy this phone
ZACHARY CARROLL - 22 dager siden
"what is this lavender or lilac"
apple: it's purple my dude, just purple :)
TG Sophia
TG Sophia - 22 dager siden
me being on the same phone he is using 👁👄👁
Dane Simpson
Dane Simpson - 24 dager siden
mans hating on the phone
Nęsa - Måned siden
Buying the iphone 11 in a month, is it still worth?
Joshua Cardona
Joshua Cardona - 10 dager siden
I bought yesterday and it’s definitely worth it
Aiden - Måned siden
This guy has the yellowest teeth
NOVA - Måned siden
There is nothing good about the iPhone 11 besides the camera. As an apple and android user. Just get the 11promax
Just a random User
Just a random User - Måned siden
No no no it’s not the one to get, why do youtubers always say this bs and make their fans believe complete horse shit😫
Edit: before anyone says anything dumb, you can get the BETTER in everyway xs for cheaper🙄
Xelati - Måned siden
Who’s watching the on the 11
Hadjah Sylla
Hadjah Sylla - Måned siden
Feels good to finally say......watching this on my iPhone 11😌
Victor Gabriel Dinu
Victor Gabriel Dinu - 2 måneder siden
The slofie just wasn't that funny, why was he laughing so hard
Zone - 2 måneder siden
why does everyone keep getting purple
EatAtTheDanglingDiner - 2 måneder siden
Phones have turned everyone into a bunch of girls. Bunch of pussies and bitches.
Monty Dizon
Monty Dizon - 2 måneder siden
Wonder what his daily driver is ..
Corpus Reformatorum
Corpus Reformatorum - 2 måneder siden
that fake laugh tho
Jacobknx - 2 måneder siden
That shit is 800 I’m
Nerd Saiyan
Nerd Saiyan - 2 måneder siden
Jacobknx 700
Adarsh kombilath
Adarsh kombilath - 2 måneder siden
I was watching JerryRigEverything before opening this one and the intro scared the fuk out of me
miyagi ryota
miyagi ryota - 3 måneder siden
I just bough Iphone 11 and will return it. Everything is so good except when playing videos in facebook or youtube. The videos are so grainy. Dont know whats wrong with it
Dylan Hoover
Dylan Hoover - 3 måneder siden
2:50 white people
Warren - 3 måneder siden
The video on the iPhone looks so professional if you never said anything I would think it was a proper video camera
Melhem Hayek
Melhem Hayek - 3 måneder siden
The pricture of the video pushed me to watch it who else?
c122 h122
c122 h122 - 3 måneder siden
What is video recording on the 11 like?
R SV - 3 måneder siden
ngl he kinda sounds like an over enthusiastic news reporter or something
Jersy Chin Kar Koay
Jersy Chin Kar Koay - 3 måneder siden
2:54 great clock alarm for everybody
Shaikh Abdullah
Shaikh Abdullah - 3 måneder siden
9:57 I can't get my eyes off the Deku and Bakugou action figures! Extra credits for being a MHA fan!😉
Mason Hsieh
Mason Hsieh - 3 måneder siden
what case you rockin on the xr austin?
Spartan Tripp Gaming
Spartan Tripp Gaming - 3 måneder siden
He said the forbidden word “Slofie”
Zoran Lazarov
Zoran Lazarov - 3 måneder siden
Asuka from evangelion shirt is the best!
Passenger's Lover
Passenger's Lover - 3 måneder siden
Battery life of this one is the weakest among 3 iphone 11s so i don't think it will last long enough
Clifton Thompson
Clifton Thompson - 3 måneder siden
idkstuff iguesss
idkstuff iguesss - 3 måneder siden
Fuck you're ugly
Matt Rodriguez
Matt Rodriguez - 3 måneder siden
2:56 not gonna lie that was one of the whitest laughs I’ve ever witnessed
oluh ツ
oluh ツ - 4 måneder siden
Watching this on my iPhone 6😞
heuymoi - 4 måneder siden
I have to give APPLE props. When my carrier couldn’t do nothing to help me on my iPhone issue. I was told from a customer of mine to go directly into an Apple store because they “guarantee” all their products. I always have insurance on my phones. So I went in and Apple found some internal issues with my phone and instead of fixing my phone they decided to give me a brand new phone! I paid only $25 and got a new phone out of the box. Something android will never do. Androids equal to always getting a refurbished phone that don’t work half the time. Gotta love Apple. ❤️❤️
mh - 4 måneder siden
This guy's in Malcolm in the Middle?
sami siddiqui
sami siddiqui - 4 måneder siden
why not to buy X or XS better screen.... no performance issue
grabarzinho - 4 måneder siden
Deku? Bakugo?
BMJ Produductions
BMJ Produductions - 4 måneder siden
iPhone 11 squad where u at?
YamiAlex224 - 4 måneder siden
I got the iPhone 11 a couple days ago. I love it
Bdawwgg07 - 4 måneder siden
well thennnnnnnnn
ashik masood
ashik masood - 4 måneder siden
Right now in many online shopping sites,iPhone xs is cheaper than iPhone 11 is it a good idea to get iPhone xs in 2020?...plzz help me
Chuck - 4 måneder siden
Iphone looks better on nightmode shots
Red and Blue Yo
Red and Blue Yo - 5 måneder siden
Y arnt any meme templet made on him
Rafsan - 5 måneder siden
Rocking with iphone 6s
Viktor Kolev
Viktor Kolev - 5 måneder siden
You lost me on the slofie
Laura Corbett
Laura Corbett - 5 måneder siden
I have an IPhone 5c but I'm trying to save my money for an IPhone 11
Aadil's vlog
Aadil's vlog - 5 måneder siden
Anyone please tell me i am using MIA2 , IS IPHONE 11 DISPLAY BETTER THAN MIA2???????? SOMEONE TELL ME PLEASE
slotgamer1 - 5 måneder siden
iPhone: Slofie
Fitgoat4life - 5 måneder siden
Literally cannot view Instagram photos on it's under 1080p display
Seth Tailfeathers
Seth Tailfeathers - 5 måneder siden
I’m thinking about getting one soon, then I’ll have to get one for my wife too lol
Rushan Dias
Rushan Dias - 5 måneder siden
Matt your fat bro time to start working out bro
PlutoHades Blaxx
PlutoHades Blaxx - 6 måneder siden
Watching on my new iPhone 11
TECHSOME - 6 måneder siden
Great video review. All important points were covered. I also just released my review. Check it out on my channel 😊
marko - 6 måneder siden
i remember people bragging about having an iphone 3gs
Pedro Alves
Pedro Alves - 6 måneder siden
Why we need to take pictures in almost total darkness ? I don’t get it
Filming Luxury Properties
Filming Luxury Properties - 6 måneder siden
Can’t stand this reviewer