Is the 2019 iPad Worth It?

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The cheapest iPad is not only worth it, it's a downright steal.
2019 7th gen iPad on Amazon:
Does the PS5 even matter?
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HZ_ Flipperkskate
HZ_ Flipperkskate - 5 dager siden
I’m watching this on a iPad 7th gen
the normal one
the normal one - 13 dager siden
I like this iPad, I bought the air though since i needed a bit more power for my studies
Itay Sharir
Itay Sharir - 18 dager siden
What do you think about the Logitech combo touch
Wassim Bentebbal
Wassim Bentebbal - 29 dager siden
This video at the time i posted this comment has 420 dislikes 🚬
Samin Wahed
Samin Wahed - Måned siden
Why is austins ipad always at 27%
Nayyar Yaqoob
Nayyar Yaqoob - Måned siden
I want to tell some people that THINNER does NOT mean BETTER. The air 3 being soo thin gets really hot. Just wanted to warn anyone
Sandy BoleYT
Sandy BoleYT - Måned siden
If you are at school and do lots of work online and live a fast paced life this is a must have because you can take notes, game, do work, listen to music, create and lots more but of course lots of people might not be afford it
hbgalore1 - 2 måneder siden
The keyboard ever get discounted anywhere? I don't think I've seen it discounted before.
Elichi Desi Now Starting 50 Subscribers Goal
Finally someone likes the iPad 7
Rayyan - 2 måneder siden
I am watching this on my iPad 7yh gen i just got it
Nxstyz FN
Nxstyz FN - 2 måneder siden
iPad 7th gen/2019 is so good
Luis Sanchez
Luis Sanchez - 2 måneder siden
Did Taco Bell give you any bean burritos and do you have a chihuahua
Rayyan Khan
Rayyan Khan - 2 måneder siden
I wished roblox studio was on iPad and I could play games on iPad with my mouse and keyboard like android and it had a desktop-like UI and I could play pc games on the iPad it could definitely replace a laptop then
InsaneFire10YT - 3 måneder siden
If this had the A11 this would be the perfect iPad for the price
GįńgęrBrēåd XŻ
GįńgęrBrēåd XŻ - 3 måneder siden
Mine costed 349.99
Unknown94 - 2 måneder siden
Mine cost $399.99 with 128gb of storage
Christian - 3 måneder siden
Same as always: unaffordable for me
Anurag Pal
Anurag Pal - 3 måneder siden
Is it good enough for note taking stuff for students?
Japanese Mickey Mouse
Japanese Mickey Mouse - 3 måneder siden
if only it had a build in kick stand
UNLOCK BIT - 3 måneder siden
The ipad 7th gen costs $329 in USA & $708 in Bangladesh does it make sense
Scoping - 3 måneder siden
Why not 10.5 inches iPad Pro?
The Shadow Man
The Shadow Man - 4 måneder siden
As long as iPad has a locked down OS where the only way to install apps on it is through the apps store no sane person should buy anything above the base iPad.
cinnamon twist r gud
cinnamon twist r gud - 4 måneder siden
k I got the iPad but I swear ever since I got it IT CHARGES SO SLOWWW
Shafayat Alam
Shafayat Alam - 4 måneder siden
Great review and very useful as well
Jesse Hagerman
Jesse Hagerman - 4 måneder siden
This is the same iPad I use everyday😂😂
Public toilets Cheap toilets
Public toilets Cheap toilets - 4 måneder siden
Another ipad I can't afford
Darth Kadd
Darth Kadd - 4 måneder siden
Great review, I'm really enjoying my iPad 10.2 128 gb. I have a supped up PC with an i9 9900k, 2070 super and 144hz curved monitor, so for me, I don’t need the fanciest iPad, I need one that is sleek, and allows me to watch videos, read news and do basic tasks when I’m away from my pc and don’t want to carry my laptop. I have 2 children, sometimes it’s better to have an iPad instead of a laptop with you . I love this thing and the price to performance makes it even better
JTG - 4 måneder siden
Hey Austin this is guys
haley - 5 måneder siden
where do you find it for $330? i only found ones around $380-450
Jester X
Jester X - 5 måneder siden
my iPad runs 1440 -1080
sillymahimcool2 - 5 måneder siden
My dad buyed it for Christmas
JacketClanKing - 5 måneder siden
Microsoft office is the poor Man's Microsoft office
Shaq h
Shaq h - 5 måneder siden
Wait until they make one that requires the $999 stand
lihan_77 - 5 måneder siden
Do Airpods work good with the iPad? Because I'm kind of considering switching to apple. I have airpods already and I'm thinking of switching my tablet first. Also, should I get the Base Model, Air or Mini ? Somebody please reply.
jamestheawsome100 - 5 måneder siden
I bought the iPad 2019 to replace my older iPad mini 4, have to wait for my birthday to open it.
Thepotato101 - 5 måneder siden
Just buy it at best buy its cheaper
The Scaryjet
The Scaryjet - 6 måneder siden
If I have a MacBook
Should I go for the iPad?
ItayM - 6 måneder siden
I have the iPad 2019 10.2 inches which mistakenly was made with an A11 Bionic processor, and this mistake is just AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alex Alexander Ruiz Ruiz
Alex Alexander Ruiz Ruiz - 6 måneder siden
Subscribe to me
CommentChannel - 6 måneder siden
Cheryl Allred
Cheryl Allred - 6 måneder siden
I'm getting this on payday!!!!
Aruliah Tharan
Aruliah Tharan - 7 måneder siden
Even though I’m using iPad Pro 11 inch I still think Samsung 6s tablet is better
Chris - 7 måneder siden
Mine broke and I can’t find a replacement screen
Yol gecen hanı Ömer Han
Yol gecen hanı Ömer Han - 7 måneder siden
Chris r.i.p i am gonna buy one now
Flappy Dunk plus iOS
Flappy Dunk plus iOS - 7 måneder siden
Not a good deal. It's the *exact same as the last year iPad 6 gen.*
The iPad 6 gen has good deals online, so it's a much better deal than the new one. Or go to a more expensive iPad.
amber williams
amber williams - 7 måneder siden
I like it tbh . Just kind of wish I would have gotten the air
kuBo - 7 måneder siden
Did anyone heard that fart @4:36?
Neptune - 7 måneder siden
I love my 7th gen iPad.
Shan Ghai
Shan Ghai - 7 måneder siden
Who watching this on a 7th generation iPad
Ayman Talukder
Ayman Talukder - 7 måneder siden
But does it have a headphone jack?
Hydro Sheep
Hydro Sheep - 6 måneder siden
Ayman Talukder yes he mentioned it in the video
[content deleted]
[content deleted] - 7 måneder siden
I’m watching this on my iPad 10.2, if you couldn’t be bothered watching the video, I’m telling you, get it
golden boy master
golden boy master - 7 måneder siden
Dude i use 100 dollar Chrome book
I’m Hungry
I’m Hungry - 7 måneder siden
Where can I get that Taco Bell shirt
Cjay PH
Cjay PH - 8 måneder siden
Bigger display
Smart Connector to Keyboard
1gb More Ram
warren gaskin
warren gaskin - 8 måneder siden
I love iPads, their my favorite Apple products. I could live without iPhone or MacBook but I would always want an iPad because their are no equivalent products out there. You can find a good Android phone or a decent Windows computer but you won’t find a tablet that matches the experience of an iPad, now that you can find the base iPad for 250 bucks that has to be the best bargain in tech today
Glamrgrl104 - 8 måneder siden
I was looking into an apple iPad for drawing then read a review on Amazon someone's apple pencil caught on fire while charging! Looking into surface go or pro for drawing, light games like wizard101 and watching Netflix.
Ali Akin vlogs
Ali Akin vlogs - 8 måneder siden
I use my laptops charger to charge my new ipad
li wu
li wu - 8 måneder siden
Steal s sick con rim. 2018
li wu
li wu - 8 måneder siden
On sale 249 like clearance disposable
Luis - 8 måneder siden
Watching on my new 10.2 in iPad 😎
Snoogle - 8 måneder siden
Anyone else noticed that weird squeak at 4:35?
Damián Demon
Damián Demon - 8 måneder siden
Really liked this review, watched it on my 7th gen iPad 😉