Is the Nintendo Switch Lite Worth It?

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At $200 is the Switch Lite worth it?
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Junior Nguyen
Junior Nguyen - 10 måneder siden
That thumbnail is on point 😂 so glad Ken saw our tweets 🤣
Rasya Rizky Pratama
Rasya Rizky Pratama - 12 timer siden
@Koda Jackson r/woooooosh
Kate R
Kate R - 5 dager siden
Koda Jackson 👁👄👁 jeez lmao
Fake Mimic
Fake Mimic - 7 dager siden
@Austin Evans No wonder
Prajith Rathin Jegadeesh
Prajith Rathin Jegadeesh - 11 dager siden
@Austin Evans Lol
2KS - Måned siden
Koda Jackson u stfu
bathtimedee o3o
bathtimedee o3o - 20 timer siden
when you don’t have friends and never have a turn on the tv divided between 5 siblings and ur father..
uwu uwu
uwu uwu - 23 timer siden
I really like the lite, it reminded me of my psp during elementary, feels nostalgic
Bethany Alaifaiva
Bethany Alaifaiva - 3 dager siden
No affence Are u gay.
Noah Hollon
Noah Hollon - 5 dager siden
Carrie Schrader
Carrie Schrader - 5 dager siden
Can it play fortnite
Nici Brugier
Nici Brugier - 3 dager siden
Ingrid Arevalo
Ingrid Arevalo - 5 dager siden
Me selling my Special Edition Smash Bros Switch to buy a Switch Lite instead 👁👄👁
IDK - 6 dager siden
Well where I live in there's only a 60$ difference (in a normal situation lol) so I guess I'll go for the regular switch
Connor Chatterton
Connor Chatterton - 8 dager siden
Fuck you austin
Alex Brawlz YT
Alex Brawlz YT - 10 dager siden
The switch lite cant even switch
Enderboss25 - 9 dager siden
Alex Brawlz YT thats the point of why people want a lite
Light Saber
Light Saber - 10 dager siden
I really just want a 3ds that can play new Nintendo games. The screen on this is even bigger
joel itam
joel itam - 12 dager siden
What game is that at 8:01
Nici Brugier
Nici Brugier - 3 dager siden
I think it's Wolfenstein youngblood
Rochelle Genzink
Rochelle Genzink - 13 dager siden
So is it worth it?
Naq - 13 dager siden
Depend on the country. Prices differences between the two can be more than $200. Lite is the ideal budget for me 😅
Dennis Rogers
Dennis Rogers - 15 dager siden
Still has the dirt issue of its bigger bother. When it has the issue on the bigger brother can just buy new joy cons. The lite version when joystick drift becomes an issue your screwed
iTzHyruleGuardiansTTV - 15 dager siden
If you only want a Nintendo Lite for animal crossing and haven’t really played other consoles or a lot a games. Are you really a real gamer or fan of Nintendo 🤔
Cow Man
Cow Man - 15 dager siden
he compared a 200 dollar game console display to phones more than 3 times more expensive
YaBoiDrake - 16 dager siden
"About the same price as the 2ds xl"
Austin, the lite Is 50 more expensive that's not about the same price unless you're rich af
子犬かわいい - 16 dager siden
Hey guys, this is Asteinn.
David Kersey
David Kersey - 17 dager siden
It just depends on what your preferences are
Jaxson Smith
Jaxson Smith - 17 dager siden
This is perfect for me
Trabant P601
Trabant P601 - 18 dager siden
This seems awesome. I’d better get it sometime. I have a “family” switch that I have to share with my sister. She plays animal crossing all the time on it so I would rather have my own switch.
Angel be like
Angel be like - 19 dager siden
I'm sad now because I thought the Nintendo switch lite was extremely good, now I am sad because it has a lot of downsides... :(
Mackenson Jean
Mackenson Jean - 19 dager siden
Just bought my switch lite i don't know why im watching this lol. I love it
Vortex887 - 20 dager siden
If there’s a switch lite dedicated to handheld play shouldn’t there be a switch dedicated to tv mode
Just another Random dude
Just another Random dude - 21 dag siden
The country were I live the switch is for 400$ and the switch lite is 250$ And some of the games are more expensive
Robbie Fazle
Robbie Fazle - 21 dag siden
LOL that thing looks so cheap and not very attractive compared to the Wii or Switch.
BlazeTin - 23 dager siden
Don’t have one getting it one my bday tho wish me luck
Økami Shaman
Økami Shaman - 23 dager siden
I saw a guy playing on his switch lite on the bus and the switch lite looked big to me... So how big is the normal switch?
Sushanth Somayajula
Sushanth Somayajula - 24 dager siden
I already have a switch but if I didn't I might have picked a switch lite because I honestly dont like people using my joycons
LydiaTheAmazing13 - 24 dager siden
Anyone still play the gameboy/DS or just me? 😂
Gary Pan
Gary Pan - 24 dager siden
This switch is perfectly for introverts
Nicole Ilene Greensher
Nicole Ilene Greensher - 25 dager siden
I can't wait to get this!!! Prob get it in yellow.
Kuba Hrdel
Kuba Hrdel - 25 dager siden
Why no-one mentions obvious - its best for people who travel a lot! And i dont mean tourism or when you move from a 3* hotel with HDTV in room to a different hotel with same stuff for a week. I mean people who really travel, months or years on the road and on a budget where you dont have a modern TV at your disposal. Gamers who do this will love this console. Although modded Vita is pretty much as awesome or possibly even better in terms of how much more you can do on it. But i really do like switch lite.
Lucille Jureidini
Lucille Jureidini - 25 dager siden
"friends? well who has friends..-"
I D O !
Connor Sweeney
Connor Sweeney - 25 dager siden
Can you use the normal Nintendo switch dock for the lite?
TheMadladYT - 27 dager siden
Im going to save up for a switch lite for my bro because he always want to use mine and always stares at me when im playing mine and i really want to play some games with him i think he will love it
Nikos Zamarias
Nikos Zamarias - 28 dager siden
- Or play with your friends...
- Friends...? Who has friends?
The little Communist
The little Communist - 29 dager siden
OMG... Fuck up the Switch buy a PS Vita !! 🤣
Savannah Jackson
Savannah Jackson - 29 dager siden
“Who has friends?” Felt
ClockMan - Måned siden
Hey Austin, this is guys.
OtaruPlays - Måned siden
Hey guys this is Austin 🥺
unknown kid 007
unknown kid 007 - Måned siden
I have a thing that magnifies screens and it comes with a thing that props up electronics so I’m good
GhostlyCannon78 - Måned siden
I think if they made it 220 with a dock, and you could get a controller down the line it would be perfect. Still getting one tho
Telestoscopes Gaming
Telestoscopes Gaming - Måned siden
Telestoscopes Gaming
Telestoscopes Gaming - Måned siden
I like the lite but already have a switch
Tiger Likes To play
Tiger Likes To play - Måned siden
who else couldn't stop laughing at how dramatic 8:02 was😂😂
TreyDxK - Måned siden
Does the lite have a drift problem too??
Tech - Måned siden
Thinking of getting this for pretty much only 4 games, should I go for it?
Adrian Gramus
Adrian Gramus - Måned siden
Maybe you can actually play on TV with the lite if you buy an usbc port for hdmi and connect it like you'd do with the pc or the laptop
Xd_the_og - Måned siden
I’m thinking about getting one because I only want it for portable mode
Mikey The stick man
Mikey The stick man - Måned siden
In my opinion yes my friends dont have a nintendo switch anyway so im not playing with someone
Sahib Dosanjh
Sahib Dosanjh - Måned siden
Kind Karma
Kind Karma - Måned siden
Everyone gangster until the lite drifts
Denise R
Denise R - Måned siden
Holden Stegall
Holden Stegall - Måned siden
When a switch has longer battery life then your computer....
Bacon Player
Bacon Player - Måned siden
Hold on... why is this console called the Nintendo “Switch” Lite when it CAN’T even switch??? 🤨
gageisok - Måned siden
I want to get the switch because it can be handheld. I don’t care about playing on a tv that’s what my PlayStation is for.
chinabone bearings
chinabone bearings - Måned siden
logic reviews gaming shit? dope!
Whitni T
Whitni T - Måned siden
Nice Video! Love the shirt!