MacBook Air 2020 Full Review

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The 2020 Apple MacBook Air is a big step up but did they push it too far? 🔥
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Mr_ Pro
Mr_ Pro - 5 timer siden
Just bought one today
C Rod
C Rod - 7 timer siden
I literally just bought the MacBook air and it is incredible, all of the tech channels saying it overheats. Yes it gets warm when I do photo editing but its not HOT, just warm-ish. Even though I have the 8gb ram model it is still surprisingly snappy and quick. I find it a breeze doing online school work and listening to music. The battery lasts the entire day. Bottom line is, buy the air if you can't buy the "13 pro, great "cheap" alternative
Exo Vlogs
Exo Vlogs - Dag siden
Look like alph alpha
Tanea Brigham
Tanea Brigham - Dag siden
The only laptop I would pick over this is the Microsoft Surface Book 3. Otherwise I would choose the MacBook Air or Mac Book Pro all day. Just specifically the Air because it’s better for traveling around with due to it’s size
Alex Vlogs
Alex Vlogs - 2 dager siden
I just bought the base model MacBook air a day ago, and actually I´ve been able to edit videos (some color correction, adding text and some music) on DaVinci Resolve a lot better than I initially thought.
Alex Vlogs
Alex Vlogs - 17 timer siden
@Ashley Odom For tasks like school projects and browsing the web is pretty good!! as long as she doesn´t try to edit 4k video she will be fine. I say go ahead! Hope this helps
Ashley Odom
Ashley Odom - Dag siden
Alex Vlogs I been debating whether or not to get the MacBook air base model, just need it for virtual school for my daughter and just browse the internet. How are you liking it?
Abhishek Kumar
Abhishek Kumar - 3 dager siden
Never buy a mac... You will suffer... (only for Indians 🇮🇳)
NightFuryLover1112 - 4 dager siden
As long as it has a reliable keyboard, good battery life and performance good enough to handle some school work, I’ll get it. I’ve been waiting to upgrade from my early 2014 MacBook Air since I got it in 2014😂 so far it’s still working near perfectly so I’m still waiting.
Alexander Ivaylov
Alexander Ivaylov - 5 dager siden
yeah so why buy macbook air over the other more affordable brands it has nice keyboard goddamn it
that is worth most a stupid keyboard this is a stupid reason to recommend apple laptop
Fernando - 5 dager siden
Hi Austin, please could you make a video using MBA 2019 with and without eGPU and video editing on FCP and Davinci Resolve Studio? Thank you.
TheMacGeek - 7 dager siden
I miss "Hey guys this is Austin"
Nidrawcat 7
Nidrawcat 7 - 9 dager siden
It has a name checlet keys I think?
Bharathi nanda
Bharathi nanda - 9 dager siden
My 2009 acer has a better microphone LOL
YeetyGhost - 9 dager siden
Watching stuff like this is relaxing including the showcase of those MacBook Airs. Makes me wanna buy a 2020 MacBook air
Abhidyu Dimitrov
Abhidyu Dimitrov - 10 dager siden
Dude slow down, you talk so fast in some sections, the words get smushed together
Abhidyu Dimitrov
Abhidyu Dimitrov - 10 dager siden
The mighty car mods reference saved it, forget anything I said.
The Quiet Kid
The Quiet Kid - 10 dager siden
Austin if you're being held hostage then blink SOS.
Mike Maier
Mike Maier - 10 dager siden
Is there a link to that sick tool kit with the wood case?
Yo_ NinJa KidZ
Yo_ NinJa KidZ - 11 dager siden
Can this handle gaming?
Repulse Iconic
Repulse Iconic - 11 dager siden
Ur hair is gay
Mr Memes
Mr Memes - 11 dager siden
watching this review on the computer thats getting reviewed
Ashley Odom
Ashley Odom - Dag siden
Mr Memes how do you like the MacBook air? Did you get the base one?
Abhiram - 11 dager siden
It smells fresh🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
The Xingha Show
The Xingha Show - 13 dager siden
You just have so many macbook can u just giveaway one those to me 🤣?
Union Centauri
Union Centauri - 14 dager siden
Intel Graphics That Crappy Graphics On It Ahahahhaahha
Tony Encinias
Tony Encinias - 16 dager siden
john - 16 dager siden
9:37 iMac
Yusuf Nur
Yusuf Nur - 17 dager siden
Hey i just got a new macbook air and the camera is very grainy. Anybody know how to fix this?? Thank youu!!
Jakob Dobson
Jakob Dobson - 18 dager siden
Hey Austin. I’m buying a MacBook Air for “collage” next year but I’m getting the core i3 but would it be better to get the i5 because I’m going music and making music using the MacBook. Would it be worth it?
SeokDaSeok - 18 dager siden
Did austin say a *single* *dual-core* cpu?????
dual = 2
single = 1
me: ????????????????
That Call of Duty Gamer
That Call of Duty Gamer - 19 dager siden
What will that $100 processor upgrade help with?
That Call of Duty Gamer
That Call of Duty Gamer - 19 dager siden
The magnet charger was/is way better, they should have kept it.
shutseal7206 - 23 dager siden
Me trying to to keep my Mac as nice as possible
Austin: "We pop open the MacBook Air, we'll see..."
WA Productions
WA Productions - 23 dager siden
after watching all of these reviews I've decided not to get apple
Manimation - 23 dager siden
100% SEO score excellent job!!
MrSaid88 - 26 dager siden
8000$ 😱
Viktor Lauridsen
Viktor Lauridsen - 29 dager siden
austin: "There is a lak of touch screen on this computer"
Me: id rather own a potato than a pc with touch screen
Yuca Luca
Yuca Luca - 20 dager siden
Lmao what? Do you even hear yourself?
Konneko Neko
Konneko Neko - Måned siden
7:03 is that a jojo reference
MAROC FITNESSX - Måned siden
lol it has a fan , did you notice that the fan is not even connected to the heatsink ?
Lasky Labs
Lasky Labs - Måned siden
It's unfortunate that they removed the heat pipe on this.
I was actually considering getting one.
SWARAJ LAHIRI - Måned siden
He sounds like Steve Jobs. Little bit of space here and there.
Mr Zark
Mr Zark - Måned siden
It's good to know they fixed that god-awful keyboard. I'm thinking about getting one for my dad for Christmas. I've been giving him my older MacBook Pros for free. This sounds like it would be a great upgrade for him considering he only uses it for web browsing and word processing. Right now he's using my old 2014 13 inch MBP which works fine with the exception of the speakers and the battery needs to be replaced.
kunnyfx7 - Måned siden
12:45 hmm yes below $8000 dollars
that hair tho
Grant Mulholland
Grant Mulholland - Måned siden
12:40 $8,000
Abby H 2025
Abby H 2025 - Måned siden
With Big Sur, Apple might be making room for touchscreen macs though
Mr Memes
Mr Memes - Måned siden
imagine if apple pulled a sony and made there own processors cell processors
Jared Elaraj
Jared Elaraj - Måned siden
Why does this cost so much ?
Ertan Can Atik
Ertan Can Atik - Måned siden
You stupid, how could you support mac on high temperatures? The laptop idles at 50C. I'm gonna use this on my lap, and my many many year old i5 hp laptop idles at 30C. Is this a raspberry pi that they don't connect heat sink to fan? I'll be replacing air with pro soon. DON'T BUY AIR IT OVERHEATS.
Robbyi Tube
Robbyi Tube - Måned siden
Is this review of the 8 gb or 16 gb of ram ?
Sivan Azaria
Sivan Azaria - Måned siden
i am a medical student, did you think this computer fit to me? my maximum uses can be like a 7 ppt 1 pdf 1 chrom from drive, and 6 saffri at the same time for a long hours- do you think this can work for me? this computer can work quatly during this uses. i have friends in my class that have a mac 2016-2017 that prfect for tham! but it feels that the new one is just cant be quit!!! i dont want to cancel my Order and buy windows but i dont think i have a choice... ( i order the i3 didnt arravide yet)
Travers Harty
Travers Harty - Måned siden
Yes, but can it thermal throttle?
E Scott
E Scott - Måned siden
Only apple could get away with a i3 laptop for $1000
terry thompson PhD
terry thompson PhD - Måned siden
haha he said its like a real keyboards are we using fake keyboards
Kyle123real - Måned siden
Bet apple are listening to this video like
apple guy: I think we done it! Austin said it was good! Lets just not improve for 2021 and just re-release it with less good stuff

Is what i think they would do unless...
Ciser Cabarcas
Ciser Cabarcas - Måned siden
CH H - Måned siden
finally new glasses
Centaur Montano
Centaur Montano - Måned siden
what are good headsets for macbook air?for voip since it doesnt have usb thanks
cool person124
cool person124 - Måned siden
But if they take that extra space it could explode like the note 7 (I don't know though)
Taran Preet
Taran Preet - Måned siden
can do you a video on review on heating issues and fan sound issues?
PlaZma_Reaper - Måned siden
Austin: Stops the Hey guys this is Austin .
What replaced it?
His starting with THIS IS ........
DeSushay - Måned siden
wtf is your hair..
Ruben - Måned siden
Someone slapped him with a wet fish