Microsoft LOST Their Mind - Surface Duo & Neo

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Between the Microsoft Surface Neo, Surface Duo, Pro X and WAY more they've lost their minds.
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Austin Evans
Austin Evans - 10 måneder siden
The one time I miss a Microsoft event they drop every cool product that's been rumored for the last five years 😅
SIMPLE GAMER LIFE - 5 måneder siden
austin why microsoft like changes difference it develops work technology
Kshitij Malhotra
Kshitij Malhotra - 10 måneder siden
Hans Nyström Pastor
Hans Nyström Pastor - 10 måneder siden
Its like, well Microsoft, who the fuck are they, i dont have to go to their shity event or what?, is like the biggest computer company for personal computer and you just ignore it XDD but ei, lets review every laptop that hav windows 10, even if they are practically the same
Dimpayツ - 10 måneder siden
Hey guys
shumba the don
shumba the don - 10 måneder siden
Sau hi to duncin123 😂🤪🤓
Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar - 3 dager siden
0:21 Daniel Rubino behind him😁😁😁
Owen Marganski
Owen Marganski - 15 dager siden
It's the Windows (x) Phone. What a great idea
octavius Lolipop
octavius Lolipop - 2 måneder siden
0:21 When you have an old iPhone with a mute button.
Background: Mute
saabgrowl - 2 måneder siden
The worst tech channel on youtube.
Brinta - 4 måneder siden
“Since you’d probably wanna hear from the bossman himself.”
No Ken, I’d much rather hear you. I tend to click Austin away after a minute or so, but this video I have watched twice. You are awesome and you should start your own channel!
kingtennisball - 6 måneder siden
why would microsoft make an android device. it should run windows phone
muzik note
muzik note - 7 måneder siden
microsoft surface is just like that apple at bottom of the all need to get an apple from the top of the basket that aint bruised............this shit is to need to stop pretending you are shinny apple and make something that wont bruise your wallet...............
ben shapiro is my hero
ben shapiro is my hero - 8 måneder siden
Ken should make a channel
Musa Rangane
Musa Rangane - 8 måneder siden
where is austin
JMadden 64
JMadden 64 - 9 måneder siden
It's Surface Fold.
Alamda Ali
Alamda Ali - 9 måneder siden
powerlinkers - 9 måneder siden
if you can't even memorize a few terms: what is the point doing this interview?
Really unprofessional, if you are an idiot whom does not possess good short term memory : write it down on a piece of card instead.
chicken nugget
chicken nugget - 9 måneder siden
so a ds
Ameya Lokhande
Ameya Lokhande - 9 måneder siden
Is it a tablet, book, phone or a laptop?
Microsoft: yes
Silver Bandit721
Silver Bandit721 - 9 måneder siden
Can we have Ken as a host more often?
Jose Espinoza
Jose Espinoza - 9 måneder siden
Ken is the goat
Noah Konevitch
Noah Konevitch - 10 måneder siden
I feel like Microsoft is making the right move going for two separate screens instead of one screen that folds.
trublgrl - 10 måneder siden
I never watched this channel before, and I don't know who Austin is, but I'd say Ken did a great job hosting!
jimmy cychowski
jimmy cychowski - 10 måneder siden
Microsoft & Google had a baby! called it DUO!
Expired Beans
Expired Beans - 10 måneder siden
So he's not fired
jeremyshaw1 - 10 måneder siden
The 10th gen Intel Ice Lake chips have the TB3 controller embedded into the CPU die itself. MSFT is really going out of their way to ensure their Surface devices do not have TB3. Yeah, there has to be a signal retimer, but that's a small and cheap chip compared to the 200-300 ball BGA chip the old TB3 setup required. Even funnier, I'd venture the USB-C ports are being driven by the integrated TB3 controller, just without the retimer, so TB3 isn't operational.

My only guess is they wanted parity between all of their computers, but that's a flimsy excuse, since there are already AMD motherboards with TB3 integrated...
Landon Ivy
Landon Ivy - 10 måneder siden
Will the surface neo have lte?
Miles Stevenson
Miles Stevenson - 10 måneder siden
Thunderbolt 3 is being replaced by USB 4 guys come on tech guys supposed to be in the know
David Vega
David Vega - 10 måneder siden
You do it awesome Ken!! We want more videos with you featuring... Don't Tell Austin 🤣
JohnLamb9586 - 10 måneder siden
Surface Neo, Surface Duo... Where is Trinity?? 😂
Jim Pesmark
Jim Pesmark - 10 måneder siden
I am still going to stand in line with millions of Americans and wait for the latest iPad.
Cormac O'Sullivan
Cormac O'Sullivan - 10 måneder siden
What does 13" screen in a 12" body mean?
Samuel Fisher
Samuel Fisher - 10 måneder siden
*Microsoft Surface Pro Xs claim about Qualcomm arm chip could be right, but it doesn't mean that windows will run on every arm chip without performance lost on emulation mode* *Because only Surface Pro X has CUSTOM Qualcomm chip not the standard one*
Winston Lalicon
Winston Lalicon - 10 måneder siden
Ken > Austin
mohmed badr
mohmed badr - 10 måneder siden
Ken you are asiain you should automatically know more
Shampah - 10 måneder siden
2:42 size does matter
AdventureGami774 - 10 måneder siden
My man ken bought the 11 pro max
Checker 33
Checker 33 - 10 måneder siden
Razvan Rogoz
Razvan Rogoz - 10 måneder siden
Look, to be honest, this dual form factor makes sense for me. I’ve found using my iPad in split screen mode a lot. I don’t care about the notch. I usually have a video on one screen and a word processor on the other taking study notes from the video.
I wouldn’t buy it because I have an iPad... but if I didn’t had one, I’d certainly consider it.
Kaptain Kendrick
Kaptain Kendrick - 10 måneder siden
This is awesome!
Mou Ja
Mou Ja - 10 måneder siden
iPhone 11 pro audio quality is garbage!
yusuf alsafaar
yusuf alsafaar - 10 måneder siden
2:41 that guy with the little camera is jealous at the man with the big camera😂
Remco de Louw
Remco de Louw - 10 måneder siden
If this is folding I guess every time I open a door it folds open.
Bhavesh Nadar
Bhavesh Nadar - 10 måneder siden
Did no one notice Daniel Rubino from Windows Central
Vybz Gemini
Vybz Gemini - 10 måneder siden
D3DSTR1K3R - 10 måneder siden
Wow you look different Austin!
Chris Badley
Chris Badley - 10 måneder siden
You're not Austin, Austin's not Asian.
You seriously never noticed, Hey... hats off for not seeing race.
Sevil Natas
Sevil Natas - 10 måneder siden
It's the microsoft Courier
Canine Rocket Technologies
Canine Rocket Technologies - 10 måneder siden
By the thumbnail I thought it was Dennis from Linus Tech Tips
Real Beginning
Real Beginning - 10 måneder siden
I hope the duo comes out in many colors later on so I can match it with headphones.
rrobertt13 - 10 måneder siden
Hey, this guy is good.
Endless Despair
Endless Despair - 10 måneder siden
Yo what if people start making sick DS emulators for folding phones
Ripon singha
Ripon singha - 10 måneder siden
Who is ava divley
Ehsan Behnia
Ehsan Behnia - 10 måneder siden
Microsoft: makes dual screen
Huawei mate X: am i a JOKE TO YOU?!?!
Tom - 10 måneder siden
Pfft this is more like a 3ds to me but without buttons
David Pálka
David Pálka - 10 måneder siden
Back in saddle.
Mitsos Tech Tips
Mitsos Tech Tips - 10 måneder siden
The newer models...


Ridge Williams
Ridge Williams - 10 måneder siden
Ken the best commentator
Roni Alush
Roni Alush - 10 måneder siden
Nice to see Ken and not Barbie for a change
Jeroen van den Raadt
Jeroen van den Raadt - 10 måneder siden
thanks ken
Derek Fletcher
Derek Fletcher - 10 måneder siden
nice work Ken, that was good
Revanza Pradana
Revanza Pradana - 10 måneder siden
Finally the new Nintendo has come
Nishant Kumar
Nishant Kumar - 10 måneder siden
Windows central guy atthe back!
Riazul Islam Rahil
Riazul Islam Rahil - 10 måneder siden
Where is Austin?