Never Make Me Use VISTA Again

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My original 2007 laptop with Windows Vista started the channel...but nah this can stay in the past
Check out @Psivewri's Vista powered Acer Aspire 3680 💻
The HOT PEPPER Gaming PC Build Challenge 🌶 😭
Microsoft's really useful Windows 10 USB tool:
Check out our new channel!
Vitenskap og teknologi
Runtime: 10:31


Marques Brownlee
Marques Brownlee - 7 måneder siden
Those Movie Maker transitions. ABSOLUTE CLASSICS
Mr Mobile gamer
Mr Mobile gamer - Dag siden
Mkbhd oh my god
ShadowKnight 201
ShadowKnight 201 - 3 dager siden
Hay you are here I wach your channel to
Milan - 4 dager siden
Ghost out
Ghost out - 5 dager siden
The hell u doing here
PLK - 15 dager siden
Nuclear Toast
Nuclear Toast - 2 timer siden
old vid starts at 9:05
Steve Alvarez
Steve Alvarez - 4 timer siden
2 23 austin was watching po*n
StopMontion Gaming
StopMontion Gaming - 2 dager siden
install windows 7 on this laptop
Big Time Aze
Big Time Aze - 2 dager siden
You should of used Windows 8.1
Harrison Snell
Harrison Snell - 2 dager siden
where did you find that camera?
QTG128 - 3 dager siden
i'm watching this video with the same laptop shown in the video lol
but mine is the Aspire 5580
iTunes Explorers
iTunes Explorers - 5 dager siden
I’m buying windows vista for my pc. How bad could it be? (Goes on eBay and gets a usb windows do for my pc that does not have a hard drive or an operating system ( :
SUPER SALTY - 5 dager siden
Anyone else laughing at Austins old haircut
Gamer2009 YtT
Gamer2009 YtT - 6 dager siden
Use vista for 1 week
Express Fax
Express Fax - 7 dager siden
Looks like 7
yash mandla
yash mandla - 9 dager siden
i dont know if this was intentonal or not, nut around 6:40 Austin's narrieration sort of reverted to how it was like in some of his old videos
HackerToolsForPranks official channel
I'd pay 99,999,999,999,999,999 dollars for that V I S T A.
Hype Kabyy 19
Hype Kabyy 19 - 11 dager siden
Why didn’t you try windows 7 on the acer that should have worked
Windows 10
Windows 10 - 11 dager siden
Vista is good
ItzDion - 12 dager siden
Damn that's a pretty high quality camera for $17 wtf
Arnab WA
Arnab WA - 12 dager siden
Teen Austine kinda looks like James from End of the fucking world.
Niko Bellic
Niko Bellic - 12 dager siden
Never Give Me Recommendations From THIS CHANNEL Again 😲
Booty4U GamesYT
Booty4U GamesYT - 13 dager siden
Never make me use THAT FACE Again
WikiForce - 13 dager siden
my first pc also came with 512mb ram back in nov 2007
then later sometime in 2008 i added 1gb stick so it was 1.5gb in total just like you
21 Áron lévai
21 Áron lévai - 16 dager siden
Austin's forehead is bigger than a school bus
Michael Freeman
Michael Freeman - 18 dager siden
This is for the viewers, id hope the guys know better. The 4gb of ram didn't work because the maximum supported ram for this laptop is 2gb. When you're breathing life into an older laptop make sure to check the spec sheet. I would have also installed Windows 7, or a light Linux distro.
Mark Moore
Mark Moore - 19 dager siden
Make more videos like this or upgrading old stuff. It’s fun to watch.
Andy gamer 55
Andy gamer 55 - 19 dager siden
Wow, this was my first ever laptop aswell
El Kraken
El Kraken - 20 dager siden
I have a very similar model, i have the aspire 3680, i modified it and added 6gb of ram and changed the processor and installed windows 10 and i use that pc for games and school
Mike Melvyn
Mike Melvyn - 21 dag siden
Windows Vista was a good OS pending what computer you had if you had Emachines T3604 for a example Windows Vista Home Basic was only supported on this and Windows Vista had problems with activation
lorenzo lenselink
lorenzo lenselink - 22 dager siden
that was my first laptop too lol
einat1622 - 23 dager siden
Putting 4GB of RAM into a 512MB of RAM laptop, really? no wonder it didn't boot up... many laptop at that time didn't support beyond 2GB max upgrade.
Also, codec for video editing not supported on windows Vista / WMW keep crashing- *me laughing in Linux*
suju sajeeth
suju sajeeth - 23 dager siden
I am lterally using a dual core chromebook manufactured in 2019
Madhav Krishna
Madhav Krishna - 23 dager siden
Austin:Pays for Windows. Literally everyone else : Excuse me what tf ??? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
imDurpy - 23 dager siden
Edit a video with vista and upload that video to this channel
AMT Productions
AMT Productions - 23 dager siden
i like vista
Wíndows Vienna 10
Wíndows Vienna 10 - 26 dager siden
I like Vista for some reason
Greg K.
Greg K. - 26 dager siden
Your the most annoying tech youtuber, your face is just so punchable, doesn't matter how much money you make in life you still have to wake up and look in the mirror everyday, i feel sorry for you.
Icy space Pug
Icy space Pug - 24 dager siden
Imagine being in a stomach for 9 months to be named fucking Greg what the fuck is wrong with your vegetable parents
Anson - 26 dager siden
Windows Vista
joserro - 29 dager siden
I remember a lot of Vista laptops somehow had glossy screens?
ItsZeppy - 29 dager siden
i wonder if you could have tested and see if windows 7 or windows 8.1 would install on this laptop
Alejandro Ambrosio
Alejandro Ambrosio - Måned siden
austin: "dvd drive.... of course this is the future of media" lol we definitely went the other way with that
David Jose Ribeiro
David Jose Ribeiro - Måned siden
I have that exact computer!!!! :O
dinopi - Måned siden
dude just slap linux at that
iCrypticBlue - Måned siden
Hey Austin, you know what you could have probably done for this Computer. You probably would have been able to install Windows 7 or even Windows 8.1 with no hassle. Maybe for a future video right.
kai sen xiao
kai sen xiao - Måned siden
Vista is boring do not use vista
Rowan Bird
Rowan Bird - Måned siden
I (still) have a laptop like this too, but it's an HP and it has a single-core, 1.60 GHZ cpu and 1 GB of ram, INCREDIBLE SPEED!!!
Shontay ashton
Shontay ashton - Måned siden
I have 2 gigabytes of ram on a windows 7 home premium
Islam_Peace - Måned siden
Lol I have it
Demonic Cheese
Demonic Cheese - Måned siden
Play csgo
Techno Suggestions
Techno Suggestions - Måned siden
alvaro - Måned siden
well my dad is still using windows xp so...
Thị Bích Thủy Nguyễn
I feel so sorry for you for having to use this Laptop...
Ulung_RInZ - Måned siden
People seen this review
2007: What? 2GB RAM? Its very powerful bro!
2020:(laugh so hard with his imac pro with Xeon and 1.5TB of RAM)
Ulung_RInZ - 13 dager siden
@Baha Zero 2001? Lot cheaper? Wow! I'd even didn't know that!
Baha Zero
Baha Zero - 13 dager siden
2gb in 2007? could get the amd thunderbird with that ram in 2001 (1.5gb 3 slots and it was way cheaper than get 16gb right now) people where just worst than scrooge when buying a pc
Taylor - Måned siden
What did Vista have to do with that?! You can’t expect everything to work in a OS that’s from 2007!!!
Uthman Baksh
Uthman Baksh - Måned siden
I was kinda expecting that Dreamscape song to play because every video edited in Movie Maker back in 2009 featured that song.
Luca Barros Cardoso
Luca Barros Cardoso - Måned siden
You can Install Windows 10 ISO Files And Download Multiboot To Creat A Bootable Windows 10
Colin Walker
Colin Walker - Måned siden
You know, you could have tried WIN7. And did you enjoy those DDR2 prices? 4GB DDR2 is about as much as 8 GB of DDR4 now. THE FUTURE IS NOW.
NOBrakez - Måned siden
even all the way in 2020 the vista is still better than my phone...
bananaboi 27
bananaboi 27 - Måned siden
Fryndor - Måned siden
My Acer from 2007 is faster than that.

*1024 megs of ram*
Najmul Hasan
Najmul Hasan - Måned siden
Good old Aspire 3680. Technically it served as my first laptop back in 2009 when my dad got it for his work. Liked its design back in the day
No Idea Studios
No Idea Studios - Måned siden
~Austin Evans 2020
Ivan the Space Biker
Ivan the Space Biker - Måned siden
Oh wow this was the first laptop our family ever had. Lasted us like seven years and it was sluggish as a crippled snail overloaded on salt by the end. Taught me all I should expect when dealing with a laptop