OnePlus 7T Review - Shut up and take my MONEY

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I really, really like the new OnePlus 7T.
My review of the iPhone 11:
Smartphones are becoming boring:
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Anirudhh Raghavan
Anirudhh Raghavan - 3 dager siden
0:08 can someone tell me how to get that Google-ized weather widget on the home screen??
NRGetixx MC
NRGetixx MC - 4 dager siden
Take mY money
Wayne Lee
Wayne Lee - 9 dager siden
Don't buy it. Me and my dad each bought one and it's utter trash quality. Screens nice but it suffers from bad background noise,bad reception,constant glitching and screen freezes. Now I'm having trouble with it ringing on my headset. 1 out of 3 phone calls will randomly not ring on my Bluetooth headset. The phone is shit. And yes both came directly from the website..
amit jesur
amit jesur - 24 dager siden
You idiot first tell me which one was apple's camera. What you mean by camera A and camera B😒
Chutiya sala
Moinul Hasan
Moinul Hasan - Måned siden
What the hell is stupid fast 🤣🤣
Birch Tree
Birch Tree - Måned siden
OnePlus 2019: We use the ultrawide for awesome macro shots!
OnePlus 2020: 2 mp macro cam
Duck therapist
Duck therapist - Måned siden
Hooper - Måned siden
After using one plus 7t,
I feel like my old phones are too slow..
ZulPrime - 2 måneder siden
who skip backward the video after knowing the a and b phones
Raja ebi
Raja ebi - 2 måneder siden
Talk less and come to conclusion fast..
Soleus - 3 måneder siden
didn’t linus call/use it a/as carrot peeler
Shivam Medam
Shivam Medam - 3 måneder siden
I LIKE the background liking....u really nailed it.
One Plus
One Plus - 3 måneder siden
This phone would pocket dial the Pope... I hate it
Aaditya Bhat
Aaditya Bhat - 3 måneder siden
When you realize the iphone oneplus 7t has better specs than your laptop you play cs on
Liam Ashton
Liam Ashton - 3 måneder siden
It does have dual stereo speakers but they are still really tinny sounding and hardly any bass.
Humaiyun AHMED
Humaiyun AHMED - 3 måneder siden
camera a
bo os
bo os - 3 måneder siden
Trystan Marshall
Trystan Marshall - 3 måneder siden
Is the OnePlus 7t a good phone better then Motorola and google pixel or is Samsung better
badanimator67 - 4 måneder siden
i like camera a and think it's the iphone
the wimpy kid
the wimpy kid - 4 måneder siden
Is it 5g?
NOOBS gone WILD - 4 måneder siden
Didn't see that coming.
Nathan Hodshire
Nathan Hodshire - 4 måneder siden
He plays clash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!凸( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Michele Platts
Michele Platts - 4 måneder siden
I’ve just purchased a brand new one for £450! I’m blown away and despite what other reviewers have said, I like the camera. My daily driver is iPhone 11 Pro Max and like you, I keep picking up the oneplus.
Neil Ogaard
Neil Ogaard - 4 måneder siden
Just got mine last week. It's a no brainer @ $499. I'm done spending $1000-1100 for a phone every year or two. I stuck with Samsung for a several generations for the headphone jack/expandable storage but S20's RTX level pricing and losing the jack has guaranteed I'll never own another Samsung phone. I can literally buy TWO 7Ts for the price of the S20 I was planning on getting this spring.
Neil Ogaard
Neil Ogaard - 4 måneder siden
@J andres Yes, it's the worst kept secret for a long time. Although more evolutionary than revolutionary this gen so I'd still choose the 7t at 500.
J andres
J andres - 4 måneder siden
Neil Ogaard one plus 8 relase april 14 . wait for it
Venkat Gowtham
Venkat Gowtham - 5 måneder siden
hey you! tell me why these companies are removing headphone port..??not everyone likes earpods .
naitomeaxst - 5 måneder siden
I would have gotten this if it had expandable sd card support =(
Derric Tjon
Derric Tjon - 5 måneder siden
Does anyone know how long you can game with this phone?
catch up
catch up - 5 måneder siden
Camera a
UhBuddy - 5 måneder siden
There have been some software updates since this phone was first released. The camera is now prettyawesome! The same thing happened when the Galaxy note 9 was released a year-and-a-half ago. At first the camera was not that good at night but then they did some software updates and fixed it. I have the OnePlus 7T now it has a really good camera.
Josh Wallace
Josh Wallace - 5 måneder siden
You use this phone daily?
Kevin Song
Kevin Song - 5 måneder siden
I honestly did prefer the oneplus with the blind tests, its that the iphone is more visually appealing but nothing else
Izzuz - 5 måneder siden
Im really confuse which one to get. 7 Pro or 7T
Estelle - 6 måneder siden
My screen cracked right at the top for no reason whatsoever. Right in front of the front-facing cam. No warranty and the guy I bought it from wanted about 250 USD to replace the entire display. It's been just 2 months since I bought the device. Tried to contact OnePlus support - no response. Been wanting to own a OnePlus since their 1st device but now I wish I just stuck to my Iphone SE because now I'm stuck with a damaged phone until I can afford a new one :(
Blamo Wamo
Blamo Wamo - 6 måneder siden
Ew. You have auto rotate on.
Aman Ali
Aman Ali - 6 måneder siden
R Muaz
R Muaz - 6 måneder siden
camera b
Amogh Arora
Amogh Arora - 6 måneder siden
Mrutyunjaya Gadanayak
Mrutyunjaya Gadanayak - 6 måneder siden
Just bought this
JAYMIN baraiya
JAYMIN baraiya - 6 måneder siden
90HZ refresh rate
+ Oxygen OS
+ Amoled display
+ SD855+
= Awesome 👍 😊😊
Ahmed Faraz
Ahmed Faraz - 6 måneder siden
me vs the guy she tells me not to worry about
Dno Tech
Dno Tech - 6 måneder siden
9:04 no
Realme X2 Pro 0 to 100 in 30 mins
Andrus - 6 måneder siden
Just bought the 7T, love it just buy that!!
Yet Another Person
Yet Another Person - 6 måneder siden
How is the signal strength?
Yat 420
Yat 420 - 6 måneder siden
I'm Huawei users aka fan boy(p20&honor10)
Guess what... This year I had changed my mind... Watching this review with my OP7T & I love it... Really love it...
thirdworldhipster - 6 måneder siden
Boycott Chinese goods!
carter.n - 5 måneder siden
Go cry about it
Old Gringo
Old Gringo - 6 måneder siden
there was an update in November of 2019, so some of these drawbacks might have been corrected.
OJAS PLAYS - 6 måneder siden
Camera A
Ronald Weidner
Ronald Weidner - 6 måneder siden
The OnePlus 7T has a 48 MP main camera. But you have to turn on pro mode to use it. It'll shoot 12 MP if you do the regular photo mode. It does wide and telephoto too. Camera debates on phones are subjective.
Manas Paul
Manas Paul - 6 måneder siden
Can you guys review or get your hands on the "Realme X2 Pro"? It's on par with 7T at a lesser price.
Rajat Verma
Rajat Verma - 7 måneder siden
JAI HIND VANDE MATARAM 🇮🇳❤️, HINDUSTANI company needs to be made with best phone specs
Game and Life
Game and Life - 7 måneder siden
To be honest, I preferred the iPhone but to say $1,000 gave me pictures that struggled where the one plus were better is sad.
PrattProGamer - 7 måneder siden
Sayyed Ali
Sayyed Ali - 7 måneder siden
Watching in my 1+ 7T😄😀
Sergio Romero
Sergio Romero - 7 måneder siden
The glow light behind you it’s very annoying! :(
Adam J Smith
Adam J Smith - 7 måneder siden
0:33 what game is that?
Nishit Singh
Nishit Singh - 7 måneder siden
Install a hood gcam port and oneplus will crush the iphone
T. M.
T. M. - 7 måneder siden
camera A is one plus
Miguel Machuca
Miguel Machuca - 7 måneder siden
I'm watching this on my 7T and I still want a 7 pro
Miguel Machuca
Miguel Machuca - 7 måneder siden
@ancient fitness the camera is great there's nothing wrong except it can look blurry when you take a normal photo
Miguel Machuca
Miguel Machuca - 7 måneder siden
@ancient fitness ya it is
Mohammed Shahid Nawaz
Mohammed Shahid Nawaz - 7 måneder siden
Shutup and give back my money, complete let down on camera front.
spider gamer
spider gamer - 7 måneder siden
I'm the newest for now