Our BIGGEST Setup Yet

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"It's literally wider than I am."
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Vitenskap og teknologi
Runtime: 10:01


LandsMall - 3 dager siden
I'm really frustrated with the LG WebOS currently I have, This webOS don't have Youtube or Browser too. Instead you guys please look for the android version (Note: as per my knowledge LG don't have Android Version) which is far better than WebOS, I have tried to many ways to contact support but no reply. so, very poor services. Also, people who develops the support apps don't prefer WebOS as LG WebOS support don't provide proper updates for old versions. What else I can say... AFTER 2-3 years of buying LG tv with WebOS, you will feel the same as I'm feeling now, because world goes ahead and LG WebOS stays the same... LOL
Alexander Ochoa
Alexander Ochoa - 21 dag siden
Wait Austin YouTube and sponsors help him pay all there’s people
Drake McQueen
Drake McQueen - 22 dager siden
Wait. This video is 10:01 in duration.
Sniff Sniff. Is that Ad Revenue I'm smelling?
Divyam Shahani
Divyam Shahani - 29 dager siden
“I literally,it’s wider than I am”🤣🤣👍
V i r l a z
V i r l a z - Måned siden
description: "It's literally wider than I am."
me: thats what she said
KIM Nugraha
KIM Nugraha - Måned siden
M4DW1LL - Måned siden
3:50 listen with your eyes closed
Kanishk Hari
Kanishk Hari - Måned siden
Y’all sse Jacques Slade casually walk in the studio?
Pratham Gupta
Pratham Gupta - Måned siden
Working in an office like this is the dream
Kevin - Måned siden
i dont know man, it looks like a 30 hz
VedixonGaming _
VedixonGaming _ - Måned siden
Not the bigest setup dust buy 9 more of TV's and soundboard's and it will be bigest setup
Derek Hegel
Derek Hegel - Måned siden
8:05: I then received a Linus Tech Tips YouTube notification. :)
FNZ_olde_durt - 2 måneder siden
No one:
Absolutely no one:
Austin: I need a giant TV in my editing room
Vx Dexo xV
Vx Dexo xV - 2 måneder siden
Working here would be a dream
The Unlucky Frog
The Unlucky Frog - 3 måneder siden
bruh, 5k for a tv tho...
TofouNugget - 3 måneder siden
It's almost like Ken is the co-ceo
Yansong Zeng
Yansong Zeng - 3 måneder siden
Austin: this is our biggest setup
me laughs while playing xbox on a 110 inch screen
OLiMiNATOR - 3 måneder siden
who wants: HEY GUYS THIS IS AUSTIN back?
Kao Tony
Kao Tony - 3 måneder siden
You guys need a bigger place, the editors room is way too crowded
Diamond - 4 måneder siden
Remodel the office room 🤩
C.G.S - 4 måneder siden
Anyone else like really want to work here?
Mister Wheenie
Mister Wheenie - 5 måneder siden
Ive met austin at ltx, he really is short
Richard mad
Richard mad - 5 måneder siden
are you sure that plastic is meant to come off or is the screen damage
Flamelion 9878
Flamelion 9878 - 6 måneder siden
Night Wing
Night Wing - 6 måneder siden
When's the 4million special
Kyo - 7 måneder siden
What the bgm playing at the end of the video?
Zackery John Sutton
Zackery John Sutton - 7 måneder siden
The Biggest Tv is Badass That's just crazy man I almost had a Bigger Tv sometime
Henrik Andersen
Henrik Andersen - 7 måneder siden
u done goffed up, the sun from the roofwindows will make brunin like smears on the screen when it have access like that over time, you alsow put the soundbar speakers half behind the screen so it fires up behind the tv:: :) :) :)
SEJ - 8 måneder siden
Thanks to Storybooth that met me with Austin
Jpcguy 89
Jpcguy 89 - 8 måneder siden
Only $5,000. -.-
Daniil Oxyuk
Daniil Oxyuk - 8 måneder siden
Dude, Austin, the channel isn't doing that great. The cash flow isn't that high. You have toooo many partners to pay salaries for. Fire maybe like everyone except 1? Sorry bro, but it's basic stonks
Krane - 8 måneder siden
Demigod. Which are all from a limited gene pool. I stopped watching at sound bar.
saiyan Otaku
saiyan Otaku - 9 måneder siden
Dreamstate - 9 måneder siden
Not a fan of that set up. You went with oled in a bright environment. Fail. You went with a white desk... instead of a matching black rack or shelf to put all your equipment on and stack it. Are you going to be writing on the desk? Doing work on your laptop on the desk? No. Are you going to be using the desk drawers for anything other than storing the remote for the TV... no. There's no where to put your gear under the display... wtf were you guys smoking the day you chose that thing? Then you've got the soundbar with upward firing speakers that you're never going to hear reflected off that roof that's like what... 15 feet high and has beams? Again, wtf?
Mosstafa - 10 måneder siden
Brouuu you just spoilerd me on stranger things ;(
Why are you so mean;(
francos_draws - 10 måneder siden
You had me at IKEA
Winter King Of Winters Edge
Winter King Of Winters Edge - 10 måneder siden
*Linus has left the chat*
CrAzE Volt
CrAzE Volt - 10 måneder siden
Make the ultimate PS4 Slim
Jprovence02 - 10 måneder siden
That sound bar sag:(
Old Channel
Old Channel - 10 måneder siden
But the question is

Can it play minecraft?
Old Channel
Old Channel - 10 måneder siden
Same tv I have!
Edit: ours is 55 inch
Soudrat Sabouni
Soudrat Sabouni - 11 måneder siden
StikBoyAnimz - 11 måneder siden
0:31 Ken has worn that shirt before
s k
s k - 11 måneder siden
Ken you betrayed me. Idolmaster is the way otaku should follow. Does lovelive 3d shit isnt good for your mental health.
Avieshek - 11 måneder siden
Any Dolby Vision 60fps Porn to watch up there?
shibotto - 11 måneder siden
I'm not sure what to say about the Love Live shirt...
McDonis - 11 måneder siden
what desk is that?
Sprits Fal
Sprits Fal - 11 måneder siden
10:00 You forgot the "not gaming cuz ur too busy working trying to pay for your tv....game"
Gabriel - 11 måneder siden
Dude lg is trash most of those tv's didn't last even a month
Dominic Villasenor
Dominic Villasenor - 11 måneder siden
Was that Jaques Slade?
Junkq - 11 måneder siden
Is this mrbeast 2.0??
Q-Ba - 11 måneder siden
That TV is way bigger than my bed!
illusionist - 11 måneder siden
you get hat great screen glare
XernzBurnz - 11 måneder siden
why is no one talking about how the tv remote is a wiimote knockoff
mike fenelon
mike fenelon - 11 måneder siden
If apple made a TV what would it be called
coheedhead - 11 måneder siden
Anyone know where I can get that love live shirt?
Night Raid
Night Raid - 11 måneder siden
Soo rich
Scofaa - 11 måneder siden
ken is a goddamn degenerate

like my fellow men of culture *manly tears starts dripping*
BitDuelist - 11 måneder siden
You guys should of gotten the wallpaper tv
Kaz Spartin
Kaz Spartin - 11 måneder siden
77 inches on a 4 inch phone