PS5 and Xbox Mechanical Switch Keyboard! Mystery Tech

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When MYSTERY TECH wastes this much money on Amazon Ken is happy.
I test MKBHD on how well he knows tech:
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Vitenskap og teknologi
Runtime: 19:21


Gujarat Da Sher
Gujarat Da Sher - Time siden
FFI Devilsz
FFI Devilsz - 12 timer siden
“This could be some kind of unfair advantage.”
Meanwhile Fortnite kiddos using it so that they can have Aim Assist, so they are good in at least 1 of they 500 shouter games they’ve played without even being allowed to.
Mr.UnbekanntTV - 2 dager siden
I think this video bringed us the future
FireFaris88 - 5 dager siden
My mans edits are fire🔥🔥🔥
No Name
No Name - 6 dager siden
ive watch enough "censored material" that my brain automatically just decodes everything i see
Andrew Berger
Andrew Berger - 6 dager siden
that laptop looks like a 3ds
MCLEEK ! - 6 dager siden
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee oh sorry the E key got stuck
Jonathan Delarosa
Jonathan Delarosa - 7 dager siden
It says ps5
Gabriel Lopez
Gabriel Lopez - 7 dager siden
Me: starts Netflix
Netflix: 5:56
Flixonfn - 8 dager siden
Flixonfn - 8 dager siden
JJfriends - 9 dager siden
Why does Ken look like Jimmy o yang
Ryan Kong
Ryan Kong - 9 dager siden
i couldn't hear the mini pc fan over the sound my pc fan was making playing this video
OrangeOH - 10 dager siden
i havent watched the video yet but...
what is ps5 and xbox mechanicalswitch keyboard supposed to mean??
press read more on my comment
also im pretty sure its coming out in november
or december
OrangeOH - 10 dager siden
man it didnt work i was gonna fill up the coments with spaces
Nojus Valius
Nojus Valius - 10 dager siden
Clix Bait
Clix Bait - 10 dager siden
He is officially logic the gamer
pineapple seed gaming
pineapple seed gaming - 11 dager siden
hows he know my real name 16:46 my name is timmy
Artu Mormar
Artu Mormar - 12 dager siden
Why they get mad about money xd? They get more thet what they can spend
Artu Mormar
Artu Mormar - 12 dager siden
5:56 netflix intro
Divyam Shahani
Divyam Shahani - 12 dager siden
Austin plz bring back your intro " Hey guys this is Austin".
CreeperboyYT17 - 13 dager siden
9:46 i guess that phone is jailbreak now
Ali A
Ali A - 13 dager siden
I just got a steelseries Apex pro add and the oled display said Rick astley never gonna give you up
Blaker239 - 14 dager siden
Do a review on azeron gaming keypad
Loahs - 15 dager siden
what was the song at 3:12?
Matteo Pedacchia
Matteo Pedacchia - 15 dager siden
so will mouse and keyboard be compatible with ps5?
Mythical - 16 dager siden
Ken: Yes😎
Laith Abuelezz
Laith Abuelezz - 16 dager siden
James F
James F - 16 dager siden
I dont know how he was not more excited for the game case. That thing is awesome.
Captain Scapegoat
Captain Scapegoat - 19 dager siden
*Drops on table with full force*
"It's fragile"
Zamand - 19 dager siden
6:36 no shit Sherlock it is one. 😂
Mr.CDPlays - 20 dager siden
11:20 anyone else thought of electroboom when seeing this thing? XD
Jonas Grill
Jonas Grill - 20 dager siden

anyways, that album is legitimately amazing.
skatterbrain - 20 dager siden
Why I don't why you'd use that Games Sir keyboard . When you can use the Xbox Razer Turret or any other keyboard.... no thanks I'll continue using my keyboard & mouse or Elite V2 controller
skatterbrain - 20 dager siden
Yeah well that $800 I know plenty of Good way that could of been spent but But due to this dmF**kin Covid-19 shit a Fantastic way that could of been spent.... I would called up a Few homies Gone to a Classy High end Strip club found me a Drop Dead Gorgeous Blonde hair , Blue / Green / Hazel eyes , women with a 34 C, tight little body , Great ass , wearing a G string/Booty shorts Grabbing her, walked around the club Found me another one then gotten a Private room.... Then later walked out of there Gone night Club hoping had some drinks Danced with more gorgeous women found Another Gorgeous Blonde , booked a Room & taken her maybe her friend or two back to my to have a Fantastic evening..... lol this COVID-19 Shit messing with my night life , but that's ight we make Due & Create our own Clubs during this shit . But never the less point being that $800 could of gone to one Hell of a good Evening
Mint - 20 dager siden
what mouse is that??
dark_haker2 - 21 dag siden
austin i am sorry to say this but ken is the funnist
Lasted M
Lasted M - 22 dager siden
Kevin Torres
Kevin Torres - 23 dager siden
Wish for uncensored version of the videos
Jersey 21
Jersey 21 - 23 dager siden
I already follow ken on twitch
Jefferson RiveraLagos
Jefferson RiveraLagos - 23 dager siden
PGN Transmit
PGN Transmit - 23 dager siden
Cut your nail bro
Đức Phát Nguyễn Đỗ
Đức Phát Nguyễn Đỗ - 24 dager siden
Twitch City porn hub
Barbie Exotic
Barbie Exotic - 24 dager siden
Zerin Nichols
Zerin Nichols - 24 dager siden
It was at that moment he realized...
EGiga Natsvlishvili
EGiga Natsvlishvili - 24 dager siden
fortnite 17:15
Cool Games
Cool Games - 25 dager siden
Why was fact that it has Linux not mentioned? On the mini book.
Rocky Belmonte
Rocky Belmonte - 25 dager siden
Who else is watching him because your exited to get your first pc
Divyam Shahani
Divyam Shahani - 26 dager siden
never seen austin this close on the outro
Divyam Shahani
Divyam Shahani - 26 dager siden
Also austin actually did the portable xbox one x version automatically but I'd like it
without the keyboard and mouse
Divyam Shahani
Divyam Shahani - 26 dager siden
Dude when ken gave him the case and austin was all like "josh,censor the frame'" and when he was moving, looked like he was a minecraft guy
Sam Bateson
Sam Bateson - 26 dager siden
What's the song @12.41?
Bullah shah gaming
Bullah shah gaming - 26 dager siden
try to charge ur dam phone with tesla coil
LxyDxy - 27 dager siden
Dont buy the gamesir its trash it doesnt work mine came broken
Pikachu - 27 dager siden
My monitor is 144 hz and 1080 p and costs less than the portable monitor
NOPE!!! - 27 dager siden
a cell phone jail looks like something that would sit in the principals office at school to store phone that distracted the student from his classwork XD
JD Gauntlet
JD Gauntlet - 27 dager siden
The fast forward shot was hilarious
River Page
River Page - 29 dager siden
So last time we wheredkfklrifofncliffhanger
Goku nijia
Goku nijia - 29 dager siden
that is exlactly what i said to my mom
gorgin246 - Måned siden
Maybe if you stop pushing the key in it will go up
Jack Barket
Jack Barket - Måned siden
I've had a Gaems Vanguard for like 5-6 years now and seriously consider it one of my best purchases. I hope they're able to adapt to the funky next-gen console shapes.
OG - Måned siden
what is Twitchtv/ why censored ?