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The Sony PlayStation 5 launch event gave us a LOT of PS5 info.
Our hands on of the Xbox Series X:
The PS5 DualSense controller:
My new podcast The Test Drivers!
Our second channel @This Is!
I stream on Twitch now!
We have a new Discord:
Vitenskap og teknologi
Runtime: 14:48


Valentin Gallegos
Valentin Gallegos - Dag siden
looks better than xbox
Metal Wario 072
Metal Wario 072 - Dag siden
Why are you dressed up as phineas from phineas and ferb
Steyn - Dag siden
But will the ps5 support DVI-D and or Displayport cables?
John Lopez
John Lopez - Dag siden
Digital $399
Sami Hyppia
Sami Hyppia - Dag siden
Looks like microsoft hasn't learnt anything from previous generation... Again we dont have more single player games.. All we saw is more gears whateverthefuck tactics, forza, halo 1000th edition - and that's pretty much it... Sad about Xbox - it has potential - but the games choice for exclusives are just shitty... GIVE US MORE SINGLE PLAYER STORY DRIVEN EXCLUSUIVES!!! THAT IS WHAT WE WANT ON PC/XBOX !!!
eliam the theater kid
eliam the theater kid - Dag siden
Series x=mini fridge
Ps5=WiFi router
eliam the theater kid
eliam the theater kid - Dag siden
What is that what is that
Me: a Wi-Fi router
UnleashableGaming - 2 dager siden
Wallet: I'm gonna suicide
Me: I want $1200
SevenTHthunDEr90 - 2 dager siden
I'm getting the physical addition only because I don't have a blue ray player. However I would buy games digitally. So hype!!!
HyperUltima Gaming
HyperUltima Gaming - 2 dager siden
11:32 Austin: "I make noises A lot"
What my GF says to me: "I Make noises a lot"
Naughtysauce - 3 dager siden
If PS5 provides backwards compatibility to all their previous consoles, they will win
TREELY_omac - 3 dager siden
How do you keep getting consols
Czear VX
Czear VX - 4 dager siden
Big Black Box😂😂
Brandon Cobb
Brandon Cobb - 5 dager siden
Sometimes you find rare discs that are only available overseas or what have you. I found a rare American copy of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (PS3) at a gamestop.
G4Tanas - 5 dager siden
Its ugly.
Cringe Boi
Cringe Boi - 3 dager siden
Who cares tho? PlayStation 5 has the best games
Aar0nLam - 6 dager siden
imagine uncharted 6
AP 19
AP 19 - 6 dager siden
"Much smaller than the series X"
guess what it's really big
billy_p26 - 6 dager siden
Digital games at $60 means $60 is gone forever. $60 discs mean you can sell them, when you sell them, a $60 game isn’t $60, it’s $20 or $30. MASSIVE SAVINGS
Cringe Boi
Cringe Boi - 3 dager siden
Digital edition sucks
yamen azzam
yamen azzam - 7 dager siden
Why do you hate ps5
Shadow Axe
Shadow Axe - 8 dager siden
Sony making the ps5: Nope, not enough sweat. We need a bucket load more
Connor Morgan
Connor Morgan - 8 dager siden
I'm going to get the discs
Max Pain
Max Pain - 8 dager siden
Imagine spending your life try to make a good Gaming console
And everybody hates it because it LOOKS bad
Mythical - 9 dager siden
ngl it looks like a WiFi router but at least it isn’t a mini fridge
Big Time Aze
Big Time Aze - 9 dager siden
0:20 Zion should not have been 2k21 cover athlete. Ja should of been cover athlete.
Dim Val's Games
Dim Val's Games - 10 dager siden
guys hi Austin. I have 2 questions. I really am interesting to buy PS5 the digital version only if those 2 things are with PS5 too so Austin and guys. A friend of mine has a great collection of games in his PS4 Pro like God of War - All of the great Uncharted, Days Gone and more so can I play all of those games to PS5 digital version backward compatibility and stuff and second question does the thing with the 2 accounts that you have with PS4 and pro so I could play the games of my friend's too so he buys a game I can play it and have it too the 2 accounts thing like we have with PS4/PS4Pro.? If those things are with the new console I will buy it so Austin or anyone?? I know its to early but I would love to know if they have revealed about it??? Thanks in advance????
Dim Val's Games
Dim Val's Games - 10 dager siden
Hi mean.
Tash Jones
Tash Jones - 10 dager siden
we are such nerds for watching and understanding this
死Kira - 10 dager siden
will the PS5 have an optical port? Because i really need it to use my sound blaster and my headphones if it won’t then.. idk..
Alto Simanjuntak
Alto Simanjuntak - 10 dager siden
Dont judge by looks ok :v, like everyone made fun of the iphone x nudge and now phones are creating that type of look to but when it dirst came out the iphone ppl made fun of it
BananaMower - 11 dager siden
I look forward for the ps5

Cause the PS4 May be a bit cheeper with its games
Melvin Lewis
Melvin Lewis - 11 dager siden
i cant turn on post notifications cause i run on my dads birth year cause if i put my real age my acc gets banned
Cyril Walsh
Cyril Walsh - 11 dager siden
first mistake do NOT name your console after a shape or you have to make it that shape
Gabe Palmberg
Gabe Palmberg - 12 dager siden
Lowkey looking like Phineas with that orange striped shirt
John Santino Tupas
John Santino Tupas - 12 dager siden
Go playstation
Peggasi - 12 dager siden
am I the only one seeing a trading 212 ad at the bottom of the scene
the wookie
the wookie - 13 dager siden
This is where Austin hurts the gaming community. It is called personal choice. If people want all digital, they have the CHOICE. If they want physical, they have the CHOICE. Austin, there are two versions so people have a CHOICE. Just to let you know Austin, there are alot of people out there who buy discs because they like to OWN something they pay for and/or they like to COLLECT the games. Do some research before saying something like that about the physical media version.
JaysOnGlo - 13 dager siden
Dude literally found every way to make Xbox look good 4:50 out of this ps5 showcase throwing straight shots at our “little 825 GB ssd” Xbox is 17% more storage ps5 is 2x as fast you bozo talking bout some it’s clear these new “consoles” have new toys to play with nigga shut the fuck up xbox aint even show ray tracing in the trailer that came out 2 months after PlayStation and PlayStation showed ray tracing almost every game that little game pass shit is holding Xbox back and it’s not gonna be able to fuck with the level of games ps5 can do because your trying to make the games work for Xbox one and Xbox series x
Q6Q - 13 dager siden
Austin: who is going to use the disc drive
Me: uhhh well I have ps4 games on discs for backwards compatibility
Braxton Wilson
Braxton Wilson - 13 dager siden
I’ll be back when YouTube recommends this when the ps6 comes out
steven ojeda
steven ojeda - 14 dager siden
Xbox the king
Mr. Gab guy
Mr. Gab guy - 14 dager siden
Not all/most of them. They have state of play and half/some of them reveal.
UT Apollo
UT Apollo - 14 dager siden
My friend: look
Me: look at what
My friend: this
Me: oh cool nice mini fridge
Chillz FN
Chillz FN - 15 dager siden
Will the Xbox series x have a streaming to YouTube feature?
Ninjaboy - 15 dager siden
Can he not talk about the Xbox and belittling the ps5 for 1 video. Please. It is all I want
Gamers DZ
Gamers DZ - 15 dager siden
Yup This The is WiFi Router
Dasharaath Vellayan
Dasharaath Vellayan - 15 dager siden
PS5 look like an air conditioner
ali najem
ali najem - 15 dager siden
A wise,wise man once said:the ps3 is coming,ps4 is dying,now i can buy a ps5
Hey its me Fahad
Hey its me Fahad - 16 dager siden
I know i am bit late but plz dont buy any console u can just build a pc for $400-700 and its million times better
Hey its me Fahad
Hey its me Fahad - 13 dager siden
@Jaime Delgado Jr than u r dumb do what ever u want console are trash
Jaime Delgado Jr
Jaime Delgado Jr - 13 dager siden
@Hey its me Fahad yes I am saying that
Hey its me Fahad
Hey its me Fahad - 15 dager siden
@Dripptic XT u are saying me u want to buy ps5 for $500 or xbox idk the prize but its higher and get 120 fps in 1080p high resolution u can build pc and can play 4k in 140 fps
Dripptic XT
Dripptic XT - 15 dager siden
Hey its me Fahad no
Friendly Neighbor
Friendly Neighbor - 16 dager siden
Idc I just want CoD and Apex to look more realistic
Ahmed Husic
Ahmed Husic - 16 dager siden
Maybe gameplay of the ps5 is fake. Remember what happened at the release of watch dogs.
Moto Hood
Moto Hood - 17 dager siden
Looks don t matter.
I'm getting the Xbox series x
Martinthesniper - 17 dager siden
Xbox series x looks better
Martinthesniper - 17 dager siden
Ps5 looks stupid
Adednii N
Adednii N - 17 dager siden
This is going to be much smaller that the xbox sx yeah i see
MΞMZ - 17 dager siden
I would rather get the xbox x
Mr Zombie
Mr Zombie - 17 dager siden
*So what should we set the price for our brand new console*
Sony : *YES*
JackCraftHD - 17 dager siden
corona virus: ruins 2020
Sony and Microsoft: hey
Fressi Asoron
Fressi Asoron - 17 dager siden
I love how he was all hype over the shit box n talked shit on ps5 now he’s all over it😂 ig Microsoft wasn’t paying him well
Huzail Khan
Huzail Khan - 18 dager siden
I remember when ps4 was launched and its been 7 years but it does really feel like it time really flies
crispy fetus
crispy fetus - 19 dager siden
Price is gonna be in between 400 to 500 dollars
Aditya Katkuri
Aditya Katkuri - 20 dager siden
Hes wearing the same shirt in the channel photo