PS5 isn't as powerful as Xbox Series X

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The PS5 is official and...can't QUITE hang with the Xbox Series X. 😅
Our Xbox Series X hands on and teardown 🔨
Can the PS5 beat the Xbox Series X? 🤔
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LUCKYRiCK MUSIC - 11 timer siden
He is just pointing out facts based on the specs and people are hating xD
David Magnusson
David Magnusson - 13 timer siden
I like that xbox series x is 100$ cheaper LOL
David Magnusson
David Magnusson - 13 timer siden
I like that xbox series x is 100$ cheaper LOL
_Kelso ツ
_Kelso ツ - 15 timer siden
Literally who cares
Emiliano JzDs
Emiliano JzDs - Dag siden
Soy el primer español???
Overkill AS
Overkill AS - 2 dager siden
team xbox bro !!!
Trent Frank
Trent Frank - 2 dager siden
2 Austin is obviously a Xbox fan
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes - 3 dager siden
But listen Ps5 can delete game instantly and can delete its types like campaign or multiplayer while series cant do that now if you want to play spiderman miles and there is no space thanks to the call of duty modern warfare 200 gb game then you can delete warzone and campaign of that game and then download Miles morales instantly then if you you want play cod mw then redownload warzone only instantly vice versa so their will be no problem
Taren Gibson
Taren Gibson - 3 dager siden
Josue Chacón
Josue Chacón - 4 dager siden
It doesn't matter that Xbox is better than PS5, people have to understand that Xbox is never going to have PS exclusives. So why so much power?
Stealth Ninja
Stealth Ninja - 4 dager siden
Is it just me or is he the only on on youtube that i see that says that the xbox is better than the ps5
Dan - 7 timer siden
@Stealth Ninja JAJJAA xbox has better controller Moré games And better games Info
StarKiller12 #907
StarKiller12 #907 - 19 timer siden
That's spelled correct.
StarKiller12 #907
StarKiller12 #907 - 19 timer siden
@Stealth Ninja I don't even care, and you woke me up your incorrect answer.
Stealth Ninja
Stealth Ninja - 19 timer siden
@StarKiller12 #907 i'm dutch so my english is good but not perfect 😁😂😂
StarKiller12 #907
StarKiller12 #907 - Dag siden
@Stealth Ninja The last two words are spelled incorrect. 👎
tenzin tsenpey
tenzin tsenpey - 4 dager siden
it doesn't matter how powerful your gun is if there is no bullet.
Joe Youtube
Joe Youtube - 4 dager siden
He is clearly biased towards Xbox.
Hyper Man
Hyper Man - 5 dager siden
People who disliked just are people who are 5 year olds who still don’t believe you
everythingboi1 - 4 dager siden
No they are the people learning from Austins videos that Austin is simping Microsoft
Nico 0509
Nico 0509 - 5 dager siden
Everything that matters to me are the games.
Playstation is life 2005
Playstation is life 2005 - 6 dager siden
xbox take the l already playstation is the best
Nemidoonam 69
Nemidoonam 69 - 6 dager siden
No one:
Literally no one:
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Granted - 6 dager siden
everyone about to switch to xbox like when they switch from xbox 360 to ps4
ALEXIOS - 6 dager siden
Ps5 fanboys: nOooOo, pS5 bEtTer bEcaUsE iTs JaPaNesE
Squidward From Walmart
Squidward From Walmart - 6 dager siden
Ps5 is way better bro ps5 will have way more to offer and we all know ps5 and Sony makes the best graphics In the console industry so this is my opinion.
Squidward From Walmart
Squidward From Walmart - 5 dager siden
SLR Neon the ps5 comes with good deals offers and games take the Xbox series halo 3 infinite not rlly what we expected so in my opinion I like ps
SLR Neon
SLR Neon - 5 dager siden
Kinda right but also kinda wrong. The ps5's graphics will only look good for the exclusives (except a couple other games) besides that they will look around the same. The xbox series x has proven to run faster/smoother. I just wanted to point that out there
Cameron Strickland
Cameron Strickland - 7 dager siden
You’re not a nerd... that would require you to be intelligent... you’re a geek.
Malcom Distansor
Malcom Distansor - 7 dager siden
Vx Dexo xV
Vx Dexo xV - 7 dager siden
11k dislikes... lol
Kujo _20
Kujo _20 - 7 dager siden
Ps5 is better
SLR Neon
SLR Neon - 5 dager siden
Not really, would expect better from you jotaro
killertheking YT
killertheking YT - 7 dager siden
Austin:So xbox is gonna be better than ps5 because they sponsered us seriously come on guys.
Bruhnando - 8 dager siden
Later on people will complain there’s no loading screen ,so they can’t prepare before the game starts anymore.
Frank Kevyn
Frank Kevyn - 8 dager siden
MKBHD T-shirt
Anonymous - 8 dager siden
How much Fps do both consoles get?
Btg_Drae - 5 dager siden
But the ps will never hit 120 they maybe get 60
Chris M.M
Chris M.M - 8 dager siden
Max is 120 FPS
Friendly Bee
Friendly Bee - 9 dager siden
Don't u see how he loves the x series
Kxng Budha
Kxng Budha - 9 dager siden
I dont care that its not as powerful I was always with playstation im not saying I hate xbox but I always liked playstation.I trust them more. And to be honest I find playstation has better graphics.
Staring Hamster
Staring Hamster - 9 dager siden
Still gonna get the digital ps5 I hate discs
Stefan Bouda
Stefan Bouda - 9 dager siden
My first console was xbox 360, then i had an ps 4, and now ?
Selu The Greatest
Selu The Greatest - 9 dager siden
But Xbox series X has has alot of bad games
Braster - 2 dager siden
Ps too
Louis Phelps
Louis Phelps - 9 dager siden
6:07 that what she said
KingKirbo - 10 dager siden
Y do people say series x is better than ps5 bc it has better specs then go on to say ios is better than android but ios has worse specs than android?
Caleb Cole
Caleb Cole - 10 dager siden
Im a xbox and pc user lol
Neko iN'Zanity
Neko iN'Zanity - 10 dager siden
True that
But don't get mad now that we have better exclusives than your shitty Halo
Gears of war is actually good
Yasir Lakada
Yasir Lakada - 10 dager siden
Is he paid to say this?
Dragon Ball Super Bandai Official
yeah can't you tell by reading the comments
Jelte Z
Jelte Z - 10 dager siden
Gonna stick with team Sony mate!
Azazel - 10 dager siden
Laughs in Halo infinite
Madeline Cann
Madeline Cann - 11 dager siden
After 4 months, in hindsight this was dead wrong
aditya naskar
aditya naskar - 11 dager siden
just saw the x box event and halo infinitei am thinking what the 12 terafolps are doing ps 4 games look better
aditya naskar
aditya naskar - 11 dager siden
ps 4 had so many games that x box 360and x box one does not have combined
Just A-Walrus
Just A-Walrus - 11 dager siden
This aged poorly
lollipop Gamer_1234
lollipop Gamer_1234 - 12 dager siden
I just don’t get it why is PlayStation always less powerful than Xbox less frame rate and hertz than Xbox
Timothy Henson
Timothy Henson - 12 dager siden
Team xbox
Rick Astley
Rick Astley - 12 dager siden
I suppose that i am the only guy who noticed that Austin Is wearing MKBHD's merch
Ontomuch - 12 dager siden
Ps players: Xbox sucks
Xbox players: ps sucks
People who claim to be intellectuals: idc I just hope the game gud
Me watching these videos to see witch console is better so I can buy it and enjoy my best experience to the max: 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Adnan Hariri
Adnan Hariri - 13 dager siden
Pc is powerful more than these two
jeremiah gougisha
jeremiah gougisha - 13 dager siden
PlayStation still gonna win tho😪 xbox really sucks 😐
jeremiah gougisha
jeremiah gougisha - 5 dager siden
@SLR Neon um cool
SLR Neon
SLR Neon - 5 dager siden
@jeremiah gougisha kinda late but just wanna throw in there, ps5 will almost never reach a full 120fps, only the xbox will be able to sustain it
jakob dudiak
jakob dudiak - 9 dager siden
@Mr clean ur butt no iPhone is like xbox and playstation is like android
Mr clean ur butt
Mr clean ur butt - 9 dager siden
@jakob dudiak it's like saying android is for xbox has better spec but iPhone is for ps not better spec but sales more
jakob dudiak
jakob dudiak - 12 dager siden
@jeremiah gougisha lol
Donald Nguyen
Donald Nguyen - 13 dager siden
9:20 smaller than the series x... HAHAHAHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA
Mr Botzy
Mr Botzy - 13 dager siden
so who needs all the xbox speed for no games😂
Fozzy O
Fozzy O - 13 dager siden
All the dislikes are from the playstation players 😹
rodo - 13 dager siden
The real question is, is this power enough to run at least 60fps and retracing at the same time, because neither Miles Morale nor Halo Infinite seem to pull it off so far.
gamingfanatic122 - 12 dager siden
Umm. They literally announced a performance mode for 4k 60 Edit: for spiderman MM
Rudy Gaming
Rudy Gaming - 13 dager siden
Jridda10121 - 13 dager siden
Sony and PC xbox uneeded
Ricardo Barbosa
Ricardo Barbosa - 14 dager siden
Keep lying , you understand the hardware works, ps5 has fast memory so gpu can communicate faster and rendering faster and the cpu clocking so fast to have no bottlenecks, the memory ps5 can full 16gb and developers want that
steven plays
steven plays - 12 dager siden
Noble JoJo
Noble JoJo - 14 dager siden
Xbox series x just delivers childish games when ps5 delivers more awesome games man microsoft do better.. and on the other hand you can't compare ps5 when it hasent yet released you only have xsx so this comparing isent very real.. But i agree with the power is way better on xsx but you cant compare it when you dont have the ps5 yet.
Blu B
Blu B - 14 dager siden
Hey dumb Austinboyyy 😂😂😂
Josh is odd fall
Josh is odd fall - 15 dager siden
Imagine liking xbox and ps4 smh I play doara laptop