PS5 vs Xbox Series X - The Battle is ON

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With the PS5 and Xbox Series X rapidly approaching what do we REALLY know? 🎮
The iPad just beat the PS4 💻
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osman Padilla
osman Padilla - 23 dager siden
I dont hate Xbox but am going for ps5
charlie davis
charlie davis - MÃ¥ned siden
So you believe Xbox Series X will play all games from their last 3 systems but when it comes to Playstation 5 doing the same you have to see it to believe it I've watched a few of your videos when talking about these next-generation consoles and to me it seems you're always trying to find ways to speak negatively about the PS5 as opposed to Xbox Series X whether its bashing the PS5 controllers or the hardware itself which says to me that you're team Xbox
Gurjeet Singh
Gurjeet Singh - 29 dager siden
Because xbox better duh
Adrian Marayag
Adrian Marayag - MÃ¥ned siden
I'm saving for PS5
Fintan Courtney
Fintan Courtney - MÃ¥ned siden
He is talking about how big the XBSX but now we can see that the PS5 is much bigger
SmittSand - MÃ¥ned siden
Bruh there're actually 3 consoles but it's not from xbox
It's from PS
Bryan Leal
Bryan Leal - MÃ¥ned siden
Ps5 is confirmed not to be a box
SightIsDaGoat - MÃ¥ned siden
Actually there should be no battle at all.
nicholasluigi GB
nicholasluigi GB - MÃ¥ned siden
Yo I still have a frickin plasma tv. Ouch.
Barack Obama
Barack Obama - MÃ¥ned siden
nicholasluigi GB oh, then you’re gonna have to upgrade, what’s your budget? I want to help you
nicholasluigi GB
nicholasluigi GB - MÃ¥ned siden
@Barack Obama its 720 p though lol
Barack Obama
Barack Obama - MÃ¥ned siden
nicholasluigi GB plasma is the shit bro, much better than a cheap 4k TV
Logik und Gott - Archivkanal
Logik und Gott - Archivkanal - 2 mÃ¥neder siden
They should make the grey back with the color icon.
Looks so good.
The only black has like no atmosphere
Dave Ridlespriger 2
Dave Ridlespriger 2 - 2 mÃ¥neder siden
Your eternity?
Darth Maul
Darth Maul - 2 mÃ¥neder siden
The specs of the Ps5 is disappointing.
Barack Obama
Barack Obama - MÃ¥ned siden
No they’re not, the XSX has a better GPU, who cares, even Digital Foundry has confirmed that the performance in the XSX is similar to a 2080 and the PS5’s GPU is a 2070 Super, that’s like a 5fps difference AT MOST, in some games, especially in 4k, it will be even less, but they won’t spend the extra horse power on FPS, they will spend it on higher shadow details and stuff like that, if you play a console for the specs, maybe you should think about going to PC
Noble Society
Noble Society - 2 mÃ¥neder siden
Keep the grind strong & Goodluck
Bruno Gabriaguez
Bruno Gabriaguez - 2 mÃ¥neder siden
Broo pero pon subtítulos en español plis que está información vale oro :/
dark ashes
dark ashes - 2 mÃ¥neder siden
resolution graphics and matters frame rate matters.
Cyril Walsh
Cyril Walsh - 2 mÃ¥neder siden
this guys voice is anoying
TomatoFanny - 2 mÃ¥neder siden
Here is a few facts why Xbox SX has beaten PS5
1. Xbox specs give it more SSD space with optional extra storage capabilities from launch.
2. Xbox is 20% more powerful When up against PS5 with BOOSTED components. Havent even overclocked xbox yet so you're talking a minimum 20% there...
3. You buy your game on Xbox, you have it on PC, free. That's awesome especially if you just have one console but wanna play coop with a roommate/girlfriend/friend/etc...
4. Xbox One Controllers will work with Xbox Series X
5. Xbox/Microsoft Exclusives far outweigh the PS exclusives for replayability and multiplayer l.
6. Microsoft customer support is and always will be better. Sony recently sued by Norwegian and Australian Consumer Rights respectively for breach consumer rights.
7. Everyone going on about PS5 SSD, it isnt nearly as powerful as Xbox Series X and the PS5 SSD is only 825GB BEFORE you put the OS on there and other features and settings to actually make the console work. As of launch there will be no additional storage you can purchase confirmed, so It will most likely be a couple months after before that launched, good luck trying to play games like CoD at 110gb, you will just have room for a few more and you're screwed
8. Ps5 SSD runs "faster" but isnt at a fixed speed, it can fluctuate and potentially can even be slower than xbox if it starts to throttle, Xbox has a fixed speed with their SSD which as a developer is what you want as you can create content and not have to worry about that aspect.
Finally, dont forget with PS die hard fans still arguing exclusives, you have only 10hr $60 single player games with little to no replay value, and Games like Death Stranding, Infamous and Metal Gear all dropped exclusivity to join Xbox, PC or both
Gurjeet Singh
Gurjeet Singh - 29 dager siden
Yes agreed
Timmy Boy
Timmy Boy - MÃ¥ned siden
It’s not even out
useless_danny08 - 2 mÃ¥neder siden
what about nintendo?
Hulacth - 2 mÃ¥neder siden
That shirt man
Banana - 2 mÃ¥neder siden
Austin: xbox x is better tho
Ps5 fans (including me): we fucking understand you like to keep your Microsoft check
DK Productions
DK Productions - 2 mÃ¥neder siden
I love that shirt. Where can I get it?
Dale Knox
Dale Knox - 2 mÃ¥neder siden
Road Warrior
Road Warrior - 2 mÃ¥neder siden
Sure, you can get the PC version rather than Xbox. Except to get an equivalent PC you would have to spend over $1k vs the $400-500 price of the Xbox.
bigpoolol17 - 2 mÃ¥neder siden
Ye but you don't have to pay online and games are cheaper
Bogdan Mikołajczyk
Bogdan MikoÅ‚ajczyk - 3 mÃ¥neder siden
So expensive
eternalhalloween1 - 3 mÃ¥neder siden
Hey NINTENDO, now might be a good time to release that NINTENDO 64 MINI that everyone wants!
Timmyboy 420
Timmyboy 420 - 3 mÃ¥neder siden
Bud this ain’t Nintendo 😂😂😂
jj711h YT
jj711h YT - 3 mÃ¥neder siden
Hey guys this is Austin
Project 29
Project 29 - 3 mÃ¥neder siden
This means my Xbox one is 6 years old wow
Alejandro Villalbazo
Alejandro Villalbazo - 3 mÃ¥neder siden
Yup I never got them
Goku-_-Black - 4 mÃ¥neder siden
Xbox players getting all that power just so they can play fortnite
xd Acrylix
xd Acrylix - 4 mÃ¥neder siden
I might just only get the PS5 DualSense controller
Timmy Boy
Timmy Boy - MÃ¥ned siden
??? Ok
Flávio Fonseca
Flávio Fonseca - 4 mÃ¥neder siden
Xbox Series X is better, I've got to admit it
XBuraco _TR
XBuraco _TR - 4 mÃ¥neder siden
Austin : time for a new console generation...
Me : Switches ps3 to Xbox One S
while saying 'Sniff sniff'
Timmyboy 420
Timmyboy 420 - 3 mÃ¥neder siden
You don’t say sniff it comes out your nose
YoungMrBlue - 4 mÃ¥neder siden
Who should be the winner well I think Xbox deserves a win they know how to make consoles
Ganesh and Gita Kashyap
Ganesh and Gita Kashyap - 4 mÃ¥neder siden
Wait, there’s a Xbox Series S?
Juan Marco Kruer
Juan Marco Kruer - 4 mÃ¥neder siden
I have 8k In my living room
ADRIAN GALSIM - 4 mÃ¥neder siden
PS2 is still the best
David Duffy
David Duffy - 4 mÃ¥neder siden
Stop fighting console ps4 won last year
David Duffy
David Duffy - 4 mÃ¥neder siden
Hellblade 2 come ps5 in 1 2 years
David Duffy
David Duffy - 4 mÃ¥neder siden
Xbox doesn't care about cheap
David Duffy
David Duffy - 4 mÃ¥neder siden
700 xbox series x
David Duffy
David Duffy - 4 mÃ¥neder siden
Ps4 great
David Duffy
David Duffy - 4 mÃ¥neder siden
Bolth console ps5 pro and xbox series x
David Duffy
David Duffy - 4 mÃ¥neder siden
400 or 450
David Duffy
David Duffy - 4 mÃ¥neder siden
Xbox series more games
David Duffy
David Duffy - 4 mÃ¥neder siden
400 or 450 ps5 or bolth 350 bolth console
David Duffy
David Duffy - 4 mÃ¥neder siden
Ps5 win more games xbox series x need more games
Dylan Rowe
Dylan Rowe - 4 mÃ¥neder siden
I’m switching to Xbox now
The Pigs Are Rebelling
The Pigs Are Rebelling - 4 mÃ¥neder siden
PlayStation is for idiots
Dre InDaHouse
Dre InDaHouse - 4 mÃ¥neder siden
They make it 8k compatible because its life span is 7 years
Alexander Petropoulos
Alexander Petropoulos - 4 mÃ¥neder siden
Been rocking with Xbox since the original came out early 2000's. I got it as a Christmas present oh man was I excited!!! I can't wait for the series x to launch. Definitely going to get it!!!
Samrudh Master Gaming Star
Samrudh Master Gaming Star - 4 mÃ¥neder siden
The cost will depend on the store
Paul Flack
Paul Flack - 4 mÃ¥neder siden
Austin, can you advise me? I'm about buy a 65" TV and later this year I will get the new XBOX series X. I'm strongly leaning towards the Samsung Q90R but it does not have HDMI 2.1. Will I reget not gettting a 2.1 TV later on as the XBOX beds in?
shock jockey
shock jockey - 3 mÃ¥neder siden
HDMI 2.1 will be useless unless they provide high refresh rate content. It's really more aimed at gaming PC's.
See It Says It on My Shirt Jeffy
See It Says It on My Shirt Jeffy - 4 mÃ¥neder siden
R.i.p Nintendo
THE CHRISMON CHIN - 4 mÃ¥neder siden
Why would playstation put the price to 500 if rarely anyone was buying the playstaion3 because of its price to 600$ in 2006
UltraTech - 4 mÃ¥neder siden
The price of everything going up again and salaries are not 😞
Gregory Perkins
Gregory Perkins - 4 mÃ¥neder siden
Sony has created an impressive proprietary SSD solution that provides 825GB of storage and 5.5GB/s of performance. The Xbox Series X includes a custom 1TB NVME SSD, but its raw throughput is less than half at 2.4GB/s. That could mean load times differ massively between the PS5 and Xbox Series X, depending on what game developers optimize for.
Gregory Perkins
Gregory Perkins - 4 mÃ¥neder siden
The battle is already lost. Ps4 people won’t switch to the Xbox. Since Japan hates the Xbox And less than half as many Xbox sold. It’s like for example if more people in USA use iPhone and the new iPhone comes and the new Samsung comes out, how many iPhone users are gonna go Samsung. If people cross shop maybe Xbox can do something but if people don’t than Xbox will loose again like they always do.
Fueled By Coffee
Fueled By Coffee - 4 mÃ¥neder siden
When he mentioned it was 7 years already, I looked at my OG PS4 and felt overwhelmed with gratitude. It was my first ever console that I bought with my own money. I usually just borrow console from my friends, since my family is poor, and try to finish a game as soon as I can. But my ps4 gave me hours of memorable gaming experience by myself or with my buddies (during destiny 1 and 2).
Thank you my ps4! I didn't bought the pro because you're enough and I'll keep you as long as you're working.
JoshEntertainment - 4 mÃ¥neder siden
I only have have the 3rd gen for almost 3 years
Rawchicken - 4 mÃ¥neder siden
$600 is better than $1000 for a new phone
Gurjeet Singh
Gurjeet Singh - 29 dager siden
seba 25
seba 25 - 4 mÃ¥neder siden
At the end of the day I couldn’t care less about specs or resolution, give me GREAT games, that’s all I want
Stelyp - 4 mÃ¥neder siden
I have a pc with a i9 9900k and a rtx 2080ti gaming x tri
Will a ps5 or a xboxs series x outperform my pc?