Stop buying expensive smart phones

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This is the Austin Evans Galaxy S20 review.
The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is a ridiculous monster of a smartphone. 📱
Have you listenened to my new podcast yet? 🙃
How to waste $1000 on Amazon ❓
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Vitenskap og teknologi
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Vigor Od Bgda
Vigor Od Bgda - 2 dager siden
Soon, globaly 200-300 points phone will be expensive.
DemonRevengeSpirits - 10 dager siden
My 4G LG G8x gets 43.62 download speed, in South Africa, which has pathetic cellular speeds.
Apollo 6ix Path Incan
Apollo 6ix Path Incan - 11 dager siden
This is the last time he ever said "hey guys this is Austin"
:( feels bad
Leonovichski - 15 dager siden
This was the first video that he didn’t say hey guys this is Austin:(
marina mozaffar
marina mozaffar - 16 dager siden
"It's big.It's very big."

Yalson Noorcahaya Pratama
Yalson Noorcahaya Pratama - 19 dager siden
Hey guys, where is Austin?
Hendrik - 21 dag siden
Well.. i bougt the normal s20. Wich is comfortable and small. Smaller.
Mathew O'Donnell
Mathew O'Donnell - 21 dag siden
Omg I just realised that hes wearing a dreamville shirt
Not Rival
Not Rival - 24 dager siden
🤢🤮ugly boi🤮🤢
Matix Gaming
Matix Gaming - 25 dager siden
**buys a xiaomi redmi note 8 pro** Stonks.
why-me?? - 25 dager siden
or buy an expensive smartphone so that you don't need to carry your wallet around anymore
Ryan Owens
Ryan Owens - 26 dager siden
Ask this question in a couple months.
Note 20 and iphone 12 pro.
We looking at $1500 im sure.
mattmail1000 - 29 dager siden
Who else got a ad for a super expensive phone add
Player One
Player One - Måned siden
Is this the first video where he stop saying eyyy guys this is Austinnn!! 😲
Ellison Ebenezer
Ellison Ebenezer - Måned siden
Please, what is the name or brand of the pair of glass you are wearing. Where can I get one?
GoldModdy - Måned siden
I have a slow 2GB Phone and its expensive and it lags and freezes and fps drops i dont like it
Unbent HardMode
Unbent HardMode - Måned siden
Austin: Stop buying expensive smartphones
Me: *has been using a samsung galaxy j3 eclipse with a broken camera for 4 years*
Red Phoenix
Red Phoenix - Måned siden
@0:43 It is still smaller than the behemoth Huawei Mate 20X with 7.2". :)
ツSkyGamerGR - Måned siden
I got a potato from a toaster
Smidge - Måned siden
He does this while he has the z flip
Dxhlz K
Dxhlz K - Måned siden
Is it me buy my 4g+ is above 100mb download
Tom Servo
Tom Servo - Måned siden
Switched from a Verizon locked Pixel 3 XL (which had out of warranty charging port issues after 2 years) to a standard S20 5G.
I honestly do miss the camera processing and even rear fingerprint sensor, but the standard S20 is quite solid and I have a good feeling will last longer than my Pixel 3.
Lorena Smith
Lorena Smith - 2 måneder siden
Apple users in a nutshell xD
Robert Lincoln
Robert Lincoln - 2 måneder siden
Pedro Alves
Pedro Alves - 2 måneder siden
It’s worthy if people used them for at least 4 to
5 years . Not upgrading every year just to show off the new shining thing !
using my iPhone X that’s does all a need and fast !
Lorena Smith
Lorena Smith - 2 måneder siden
Apple : yes
Me: Fuck noooo
ibra elghandour
ibra elghandour - 2 måneder siden
When he record in 8k but YouTube doesn’t even have 4K
Warm Soft Kitty
Warm Soft Kitty - Dag siden
NOburn has 4k.....
aiLi charLotte
aiLi charLotte - 2 måneder siden
expensive smartphones are the only good phones :/
Steve The Talentless
Steve The Talentless - Måned siden
Not really
József Mihovecz
József Mihovecz - 2 måneder siden
That speed exactly how much i get on 4g
Rivky B
Rivky B - 2 måneder siden
Anyone know of a phone that is under $200 that compatible with Metro PCS or T-Mobile?!
Joshua Wilson
Joshua Wilson - 2 måneder siden
disclaimer - 2 måneder siden
the button predicted the future that after this video Austin would no longer say "Hey guys this is Austin!"
fong chye
fong chye - 2 måneder siden
where is “hey guys,this is austin” austin?😡
Piens Luc
Piens Luc - 2 måneder siden
if you want good camera for fotos buy a real camera and for videos a gopro8 and you save money tu buy a decent phone ....
Jokso - 2 måneder siden
But who needs a 120hz phone
Jokso - Måned siden
@Raihan Saleem huh
Raihan Saleem
Raihan Saleem - Måned siden
Marques Brownlee problem?
Jokso - 2 måneder siden
Nobody really needs a 1000$ phone. A 400$ one is just as quick and quite powerful too.
Mc Nugger
Mc Nugger - 3 måneder siden
“Unless you want a camera like this popping up on the back of your phone” dawg don’t test me if they put a apsc sensor with a whole camera body on a smartphone I’ll buy it😞.
Thaneway 2005
Thaneway 2005 - 3 måneder siden
Finally somebody who agrees not to buy the most expensive phones
xzAsdaii - 3 måneder siden
Austin: "Stop buying expensive smarthphones

Apple users: Huh?
Al Adman Diman
Al Adman Diman - 3 måneder siden
They should have done s20 ultra and s20 ultra plus that the regular s20 ultra would be the same size as the s20 regular
R Nandan
R Nandan - 3 måneder siden
Lmao I still use the iPhone 5s now.
Alex Hartman
Alex Hartman - 3 måneder siden
I love your videos!!!! i have a ipod gen 5 so not to worry i didn't buy an expensive phone
Mathew Omolo
Mathew Omolo - 3 måneder siden
person from the future (2022/23/24), how much is the galaxy s20, and the galaxy fold. are they useable or terribly outdated?
Shauma ꧁꧂
Shauma ꧁꧂ - 3 måneder siden
6.9 inches
Carlos Cardona
Carlos Cardona - 3 måneder siden
Ghost Games
Ghost Games - 3 måneder siden
Josh Barreda
Josh Barreda - 3 måneder siden
I miss him saying "hey guys, this is austin"
aitareya Dwibedi
aitareya Dwibedi - 3 måneder siden
Everybody does
Gangster - 3 måneder siden
Hey Austin,this is guys.
Ryhdry - 3 måneder siden
Aira Kawairashi
Aira Kawairashi - 3 måneder siden
1st video without This is Austin
Elliot L
Elliot L - 3 måneder siden
This is the sad video where “hey guys this is Austin” was removed
randomgennericBlogger 1234
randomgennericBlogger 1234 - 3 måneder siden
Me: sTaLKer
randomgennericBlogger 1234
randomgennericBlogger 1234 - 3 måneder siden
I honestly think they should make phones more compact and i wouldve bought the regular note 10 if not for the compromises compared to the note 10 plus
10K Subs No Videos
10K Subs No Videos - 3 måneder siden
I'm keeping my Old ass Samsung A10E till about 2025 😂
Robut - 3 måneder siden
dude wtf my download is like 11mbps and my upload is like 8
Abhijit Nair's Channel
Abhijit Nair's Channel - 3 måneder siden
lets buy nokia 3310
RedPandaWinter - 3 måneder siden
Honestly, I would spend that money on the Galaxy he flip
Ruan Hinrichsen
Ruan Hinrichsen - 3 måneder siden
Im choosing between between s20 rang or note 10 plus wondering which would be better just dont like the auto focus hunting problem on ultra but love the 30x zoom quality
AK - 3 måneder siden
I bought a 6s back in 2015. Still works fine battery health has deteriorated but it runs smooth and just got IOS 13 update. If you ask me. It is worth it of you are going to use it for like 4-5 years.
AFTERSHOCK 7582 - 3 måneder siden
Stop telling me how to live my life🤷🏻‍♂️
PYr0SanS - 3 måneder siden
6.9 inch phone........( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
gabe costa
gabe costa - 3 måneder siden
Where is the Hey guys this is austin