The $1700 Windows MISTAKE - Surface Pro X

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Nathan Sandy
Nathan Sandy - 13 dager siden
Poyraz - 21 dag siden
Ken checks sponsor emails
Brian Craney
Brian Craney - MĂ„ned siden
Microsoft pulled an apple
bong kem
bong kem - MĂ„ned siden
does it work any better now ?
Kusuma Yogi
Kusuma Yogi - MĂ„ned siden
Nice 1700$ windows RT tablet
Jay Weezy
Jay Weezy - 2 mĂ„neder siden
sooooo can i play maple story or starcraft broodwars with this?
RuttRho - 2 mĂ„neder siden
If you just browse and do email....get a Chromebook.
Hassan Ali
Hassan Ali - 2 mĂ„neder siden
Where the hell is austin
Quimbly Jones
Quimbly Jones - 3 mĂ„neder siden
I got better performance out of a raspberry pi for video editing...
Paul White
Paul White - 3 mĂ„neder siden
Nope. Not buying a Windows ARM device. Complete waste.
Aleegen - 3 mĂ„neder siden
Wait... so is the Surface pro x a laptop or a tablet?
Ikram Ansari
Ikram Ansari - 3 mĂ„neder siden
Does the voice belong to the same person we see in the video?
Timothy Williams
Timothy Williams - 3 mĂ„neder siden
I'm using my dads surface pro 4 and I really like it but the performance is a little slak
B - 3 mĂ„neder siden
TL:DR/DW/DL, Only 32bit programs work. 64bit doesn't emulate properly, 64bit drivers is a no go. If it's not a windows app, good luck finding ARM64 coded apps.
p tabz
p tabz - 3 mĂ„neder siden
I had the surface pro 2. Used it for four years. I used it with actual programs. I had SOLIDWORKS, AutoCAD, SketchUp, fusion 360, word, excel and a couple of cam software. I use it for actual work. I hook it up to an external screen and keyboard, mouse, 3dmouse and software dongle. I do this at home and at work. I upgraded to a surface pro 6 right before surface pro 7 came out just because my old machine's battery and ports were starting to wear out. What the surface provides is reliability. It cost me $2k for my setup. Now I wish I could buy the surface pro x which is similarly priced. I guess the surface line is not as good as your Apple products for watching netflix or posting your selfies.
Serouj Ghazarian
Serouj Ghazarian - 3 mĂ„neder siden
5:13 Hey didn't the NSW do that too?
Pasha Hax
Pasha Hax - 3 mĂ„neder siden
Gheorghita Melinte
Gheorghita Melinte - 3 mĂ„neder siden
I don't trust reviewers anymore. the surface pro x is an awesome device, not a laptop but a device.
vSnagGod - 3 mĂ„neder siden
who else is watching on the surface pro x
interesting content productions
interesting content productions - 3 mĂ„neder siden
I feel like it should have been compared with the MacBook air :/
W: - 3 mĂ„neder siden
So there's no advantage over the surface pro 7. What's the point of arm? For now arm CPU tablets are lightweight but on the Intel side CPUs are also getting better and better with more power efficiency and full windows app compatibility.
Javier Solorzano
Javier Solorzano - 3 mĂ„neder siden
I really like this presenter......but he ain't Austin Evans!!!! Who is he? He didn't introduce himself??? AND....who the hell is Austin Evans????
Cim - 3 mĂ„neder siden
iPad Pro is better.
ć‰æ”©ç„¶ - 3 mĂ„neder siden
We can use the new Microsoft Edge instead of Chrome, it has fully supported arm 64.
Reds Byrd
Reds Byrd - 3 mĂ„neder siden
I pad pro is anything more than a tablet with a mouse? That’s definitely a hot take.
MrDebauch - 3 mĂ„neder siden
seems like making this video about the X is the only reason it was worth getting one...
John Ruchak
John Ruchak - 3 mĂ„neder siden
This sort of harkens back to the Surface RT. Not being able to run just any arbitrary Windows app is a deal-breaker.
Soundwave Superior
Soundwave Superior - 3 mĂ„neder siden
Weeb wallpaper
J theOne
J theOne - 3 mĂ„neder siden
I love my Pro X. I use it for Drawing, web browsing and streaming my Xbox. Plus I carry it with me wherever I go
AmethystWinter - 3 mĂ„neder siden
Take back your words, It was not a mistake -_-
Ben Fung
Ben Fung - 3 mĂ„neder siden
Well done, Ken
Joe Cole
Joe Cole - 3 mĂ„neder siden
That price though... If world still be a tough sale for half the price. Think about it, an iPad air a better comparison than the iPad Pro.
][000l][ll0l000] [lll-lll]
][000l][ll0l000] [lll-lll] - 4 mĂ„neder siden
I'm sorry i brought my surface pro. Made me think again about the Asus Duo or anything else similar. These arent long term (>5 years) devices imo. Looked at the XPS 15 (i7 and i9s only) and those don't seem any better (HUGE bottleneck issues between the CPU and GPU). And dont get me started on the ipad which is probably the most useless of all
Gladi - 4 mĂ„neder siden
I just hate that they always try to put windows on these... If its not windows, people wont expect it to run x64 software. But it has to be deployed big time, especially with regular desktops. How do you want it to be successful, if you cant develop on itself? I loved the fact that the Surface Pro 3 was designed in CAD on Surface Pro 3s back in the day. Now i want to see that with software for the X...
joe manner
joe manner - 4 mĂ„neder siden
That's one ugly bastard
Jethro Chan
Jethro Chan - 4 mĂ„neder siden
0:47 link to that wallpaper?
Akhila Arun
Akhila Arun - 4 mĂ„neder siden
How many times did you say Photoshop
Random7447 - 4 mĂ„neder siden
Even 1000$ for this is overpriced
KHAT YOUE - 4 mĂ„neder siden
How about surface pro 7? I want to buy it.
Victor - 4 mĂ„neder siden
The anime wallpaper doesn't help.
I can't get him serious
Ryder Maxwell
Ryder Maxwell - 4 mĂ„neder siden
First we lost hey guys it's Austin and now we lost Austin
Bruce Richwine
Bruce Richwine - 4 mĂ„neder siden
All these reviews are flawed. 99% of the population doesn’t use video editing or photo editing products. Review products from the average consumer perspective. Does it do everything well the average office worker would use. Does it have the entertainment features one would want in this form factor.
TheBrax2000 - 4 mĂ„neder siden
yeah, my dad bought one and I told him he wasted his money and should have bought the SB2
Joaquin Gonzalez
Joaquin Gonzalez - 4 mĂ„neder siden
1700$? U could buy an acer predator helios 300 for this price (depending on the model)
crys ed
crys ed - 4 mĂ„neder siden
surface RT launched 8 years Ago... And ARM still fails until NOW.. I buy product that works, not promises!
ShelLuser - 4 mĂ„neder siden
Have to politely disagree with you about the mistake part. Been using this for some time now and it's one heck of an office workstation IMO. The way I see it this all boils down to picking the right tool for the right job, and it seems not too many people are capable of doing that.
AOBAKWE THABO Ntwaagae - 4 mĂ„neder siden
way more on the ipad pro really.
James S.
James S. - 4 mĂ„neder siden
The moment the MS store associate told me that some programs work on the X, I replied Windows RT? Knew everyone was gonna nope out of this product.
Maxi SpeeltSpellen
Maxi SpeeltSpellen - 4 mĂ„neder siden
Next time please talk _just_ a little slower, just a little
Stereotype - 4 mĂ„neder siden
64-bit apps won't work??? What is the point of this crap decision?
Saurus - 5 mĂ„neder siden
$1700 just ok for lightweight task, my kinda go to machine, another competitor to the expensive facebook machine, the iPad.
irem - 5 mĂ„neder siden
man, just send it to me if you have it laying around, i just spilled water all over my surface and seeing anything tech related on my recs right now makes me sad af
BigAnimeGangsta - 5 mĂ„neder siden
Is Ken a car guy lmao
Jaiden Nova
Jaiden Nova - 5 mĂ„neder siden
ARM isn't the architecture Microsoft should be focusing on. Power9 looks like it'd be really beneficial.
Matthew McCreary
Matthew McCreary - 5 mĂ„neder siden
Shoulda been x86 the thing that made these so much better than something like an iPad is that you could run full desktop apps and not worry about optimization. What Microsoft should have done is look at what Apple did when they switched to intel. Rosetta was legendary because it worked incredibly well most people didn’t notice it at all
Ognjen Ilić
Ognjen Ilić - 5 mĂ„neder siden
Good video fellow weeb;)
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith - 5 mĂ„neder siden
Ok not yet worth it gotcha
spriteS - 5 mĂ„neder siden
But can it run word?
Cxntrolツ - 5 mĂ„neder siden
The surface go has a usbc port
Centaur Montano
Centaur Montano - 5 mĂ„neder siden
so no Note App????
andy byard
andy byard - 5 mĂ„neder siden
Not watched the video in quite a while so not sure if you are commenting on something the reviewer said. But I use OneNote (W10 version) daily for capturing handwritten notes (and then the 2016 if I need to do any major moving of pages etc and for the fantastic Onetastic add-in for generating diary pages).