The $2000 PS4 ULTIMATE Build

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The Ultimate PS4 build off returns with a PS5 and...Kratos. 🎮
Huge shoutout to @UrAvgConsumer and @Snazzy Labs for guest hosting! 🙌
The Nintendo Switch Ultimate Build-Off 🏆
Judging help by the one and only @Kevin Kenson!
Thanks to Armando from Pixel Vault Games for the big, big hookup:
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Runtime: 21:49


William Afton
William Afton - Dag siden
Poor fish dude they did not cycle the tank at all
TrxppedIshigami - 3 dager siden
This was such a wash. Obviously Ken’s team won by a long shot.
MADMAX_BOI - 4 dager siden
2020 and he said ps5 me in 2020
Ahmed AL-Selamy
Ahmed AL-Selamy - 5 dager siden
I really really hate you for always making fun of Samsung and Playstation
RoZ Kermit
RoZ Kermit - 9 dager siden
Ken's and Jud's build took water cooling to the next level
Joker - 12 dager siden
Ultimate xbox one build??
im sad but i
im sad but i - 15 dager siden
Premium Sport Customs
Premium Sport Customs - 16 dager siden
They didn't even fill the fish tank up...
VORTEX_Blase - 16 dager siden
Do more of these!!!
Cutting Edge Gaming
Cutting Edge Gaming - 16 dager siden
Great video but am I the only one worried about the fish? My sister got a beta fish and those things require so much to keep alive and healthy. They should have asked a store employee which fish would require less attention to keep alive.
Chris Pipher
Chris Pipher - 17 dager siden
This was terrible compared to the switch video.
Ahad Mansuri
Ahad Mansuri - 18 dager siden
that poor fish is gonna die from the subwoofer
Eric L Martinez
Eric L Martinez - 18 dager siden
Dood Austin should have win like u r gonna kill the fish with heat of the ps4 that is dum as hell
Kaimo Zhao
Kaimo Zhao - 19 dager siden
I have to say i would choose the ps5
Ash Dakki
Ash Dakki - 20 dager siden
try the ultimate ps1 and yall dress up as low polygon dudes XD
Matthew Devine
Matthew Devine - 20 dager siden
legit though, gen 2 ps4s are the best, they handle graphics pretty ok and unlike the pro or slim it isn't a damn jet engine playing games like Warzone and FF7
Epic Ash 21
Epic Ash 21 - 21 dag siden
i rlly hope they treated the water and there not using straight tap
cleenexboy - 22 dager siden
you need water conditioner for the beta fish.... rip crate
Irish guy k98
Irish guy k98 - 23 dager siden
What's with the back pack
Oscar Andersen
Oscar Andersen - 23 dager siden
poor fish
Jack Breivogel
Jack Breivogel - 25 dager siden
Jack Breivogel
Jack Breivogel - 25 dager siden
Needs arguing is cringe
Thoudam. TV
Thoudam. TV - 25 dager siden
Thank u all for joining us especially the "LOSING' team.
------wise words said by Sir Austin Evans
Otter Rod
Otter Rod - 25 dager siden
Next can you pls do a xbox one
Jacob Peacock
Jacob Peacock - 25 dager siden
The Aquarium sucks
Frosty - Dag siden
The fish cares
Nicholas Abbott
Nicholas Abbott - 6 dager siden
Who cares
Jonathan barahona
Jonathan barahona - 27 dager siden
Flash forward to present day ps5 reveal .: It is the same
Greatwhite Studios Hollywood
Greatwhite Studios Hollywood - 27 dager siden
These guys must be ballers if their always spending this kind of money very often
Nicholas Abbott
Nicholas Abbott - 6 dager siden
Ikr lol
Why leonhart
Why leonhart - 28 dager siden
Austin made a ps5
Ehdrian Gaming
Ehdrian Gaming - 29 dager siden
AYYYYYY!!!!!!! uravgconsumer my guy
C0wM0nk3yz - Måned siden
It would be funny if they rick rolled them when they scanned the qr code
C0wM0nk3yz - Måned siden
It would be funny if they Rick rolled them
Easton Buhle
Easton Buhle - Måned siden
17:31 Austin go to Walmart
BDKingFist - Måned siden
5:07 epic fail
Bridgersstuff - Måned siden
I love kens shirt
Growkenzo - Måned siden
His “hey guys” sounds like Plainrockvlogs intro
Yousef Tekke
Yousef Tekke - 27 dager siden
Your not wrong lol
Mm Lol
Mm Lol - Måned siden
Do some to xbox
Rose Eclipz
Rose Eclipz - Måned siden
Ive never even had $2000 dollars, i need a better job
swag god
swag god - Måned siden
Like if y'all want a xbox one challenge
Yiğit Yüce
Yiğit Yüce - Måned siden
1:22of course you got this!!!👍👍🏻👍🏼👍🏽👍🏾👍🏿
bot 321 bot
bot 321 bot - Måned siden
They don't deserve it because how will they put the disc in if it falls it will kill the fish
TheMattLuigi - Måned siden
These videos are the best!
Xd_the_og - Måned siden
Xd_the_og - Måned siden
RESONYX - Måned siden
This is bullshit the rules didnt state that u cant get help
Ikabod Skruggs
Ikabod Skruggs - Måned siden
did anyone else notice that austin is wearing the same shirt from the last challenge?
Anonymous Blank
Anonymous Blank - Måned siden
who would win . A PS5 or a PS4 in a fish bowl with fish sticks
Mike The Irrelevant
Mike The Irrelevant - Måned siden
It literally took him like 5 seconds to realize the timer went off 😂 2:41
Blakeness HD
Blakeness HD - Måned siden
Love your videos, untill kens face is shown then the whole things ruined
Patrick The God
Patrick The God - Måned siden
What If they combined the PS4 and the PS3 since the PS3 is compatible with every PlayStation device instead of the psone?
Patrick The God
Patrick The God - Måned siden
What If they combined the PS4 and the PS3 since the PS3 is compatible with every PlayStation device instead of the psone?
Christian Aguilar
Christian Aguilar - Måned siden
I bet when da challenge finished da fish died :'v
MSC Hudson
MSC Hudson - Måned siden
3:07 Pay attention to what Austin said
SwitchBoy500 - Måned siden
15:04 I Am dead😂
Jamie Kells
Jamie Kells - Måned siden
they did not take care of that fish the right way
Myst_ Desendant
Myst_ Desendant - Måned siden
Ken: 2 Beta Fish
Me: They’ll murder each other
u know who i am
u know who i am - Måned siden
13:56 every marriage ever
Beiron Mears
Beiron Mears - Måned siden
Are they keeping the fish
Infinite - Måned siden
They should of put the ps4 hardware in the ps1
Harsha Gurram
Harsha Gurram - Måned siden
Has 2000 at the end of the challenge. We actually made money in the process of buying things :-) lol
Funqle on Ketchupp packets
Austin is short compared to the 2 guys