The $240 MacBook Project

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Cheap eBay MacBook + upgrade = profit
The cheap iPad is REALLY good 👍
I was wrong about the iPhone 11 Pro 📱
The 16GB RAM upgrade on Amazon:
500GB WD Blue SSD upgrade on Amazon:
Third party replacement battery for the MacBook on Amazon:
The Bluray drive that (theoretically) should work on the MacBook on Amazon:
Info I used to do the swap:
The AC WiFi + Bluetooth 4.2 upgrade:
Installing macOS Catalina on supported Macs:
Why Apple sold the non-Retina 2012 MacBook Pro MD101LL/A for years:
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Tech Wizard
Tech Wizard - 18 timer siden
4:48 the Mid-2012 MacBook Pro has Bluetooth 4.0 and supports Continuity, Apple Pay on the Web, AirDrop and Handoff. The only thing that 4.2 brings is Unlock with Apple Watch.
Tech Wizard
Tech Wizard - 18 timer siden
0:58 that pixelated image of the MBP to show the old fashioned screen is not a realistic image. Yes, the screen is a bit crappy compared to the retina macs, but I think that's an error.
Bharath Kattigehalli
Bharath Kattigehalli - Dag siden
Denisse Leon
Denisse Leon - Dag siden
Mine is a late 2009 MacBook pro. I've replaced her battery once when I still had Apple Care and changed her hard drive about 3 years ago myself when she was running super slow, she's still working perfectly fine. So much so that I can't justify buying a new one, especially with the prices. I wish more people tried fixing their computers instead of throwing the whole thing away.
gomez richard
gomez richard - 2 dager siden
Cool vid. I’m on my 2012 still and on Mavericks. Stood on Mavericks because I thought it slowed down my computer when I upgraded to Yosemite. I just got 16gb ram and Idk if I should do my HD.
TheOreoKing1 - 2 dager siden
I got a 2011 macbook pro is there any way to download Catalina?
Bonno460xvr - 3 dager siden
I’m still running my mid 2010 MacBook Pro 17”. I use it for solidworks and games. I’ve removed the cd drive for a extra 500gig SSD. Maxed ram at 8gig.
Burton Yan
Burton Yan - 5 dager siden
I reckon it also retains the value so much more because people just enjoy owning them. It was new to learn that though they become bosolete just as quicly as Windows machines (if not more so) though, kind of blows the argument that it was supposed to last much longer out of the water.
On another note, the MBP had fastastic design that clearly stood the test of time (other than getting slimmer it hasn't really changed and is still one of the best), I would have absolutely no issues with the size and weight, now imagine if we'd just add modern day technology and think what the extra space could affor us with extra battery, thermals, graphics, display size.... then again, maybe that's just me getting old.
Zayboy108 - 5 dager siden
Watching on my mid 2012 13 in macbook that I've had for 8 years.Thanks lmao
Tom Wilson
Tom Wilson - 8 dager siden
So glad I randomly found this video on facebook! Immediately looked it up on YouTube. I already ordered the parts for my wife's MBP. Fingers crossed.
NN TechChannel
NN TechChannel - 8 dager siden
Where did you get it for 240$?
Jake Taylor
Jake Taylor - 8 dager siden
I used to have one of theese for about 5 years and it was my favourite laptop ever (despite it being very thick). A knockoff chineese charger fried the logic board tho :(
Pervy_Sage - 9 dager siden
No fan cleaning no thermal repaste....
oddunlckly552 - 11 dager siden
Happy you made this video how long does anybody think the MacBook 2012 version work? I’m saying around 2026
Sniperboi - 12 dager siden
When Austin call your 2012 Mac cheap
Raptor Fast
Raptor Fast - 13 dager siden
Watching this on my mid 2010 Mac Book Pro!
Nick Ruiz
Nick Ruiz - 13 dager siden
but airdrop does work on that mac!! what?? lol
Zeus Incoming2
Zeus Incoming2 - 15 dager siden
I bought one for 5 bucks with 2 chargers at a yard sale,, I can hear the start up chime, but screen doenst come on.
Zeus Incoming2
Zeus Incoming2 - 15 dager siden
I cant tell the differnce between Apple ,Windows , or can set up any of them to look like the other. There is a Linux app called Dock that looks like thes Apple screen.
Deniz Baylav
Deniz Baylav - 15 dager siden
in 2017-2018
Austin Evans using late 2009 / mid 2010 a1342
In 2019-2020
Austin Evans Using Mid 2012 Unibody Macbook
Deniz Baylav
Deniz Baylav - 16 dager siden
magsafe was better than usb c because usb c takes the computer with one foot when it is plugged into the adapter, but magsafe 1 and 2 magnet so it does not take it and there is no damage to the laptop.
Nishanth Dommety
Nishanth Dommety - 16 dager siden
290 cycle battery
My 2012 MBA with 1232 cycles
Me: A new challenger rises
Abigail Jaramillo
Abigail Jaramillo - 16 dager siden
“I’ll get in a few months”
Covid: no
Bruno Castelló
Bruno Castelló - 17 dager siden
Actually watching this on a Late 2013, 13-inch retina MacBook Pro fully upgraded to the max. Just need to replace the speakers.
Vernon Trinh
Vernon Trinh - 20 dager siden
just picked one up for 20 bucks
Andrei Tabultoc
Andrei Tabultoc - 21 dag siden
Windows 11? Free?
Siddharth S T
Siddharth S T - 21 dag siden
im still using mid 2012 macbook pro but with 16gb ram and 256 gb SSD with 2.9GHz clock speed and Intel core i7 processor
The Walkthrough Specialist
The Walkthrough Specialist - 22 dager siden
can you game on 8gbs
Nugget YT6
Nugget YT6 - 25 dager siden
"The $240 macbook project"
Are you kidding me? That's insultingly high. $80 for a 2010 plastic unibody. Try me :)
Daniel Basiak
Daniel Basiak - 28 dager siden
Who was the camera man?
funnytree games
funnytree games - 28 dager siden
the reason the optical drive makes that noise is because the read sensor is making sure it needs to be on track 0.
joserro - 29 dager siden
Ain’t it weird how a lot of PCs are getting closer and closer to that Apple premium, and yet most still are made with plastic bodies. This is an 8 yo computer and it still had a solid case.
That One parrot
That One parrot - 29 dager siden
The worst part of the macbook is the speaker or the fans Oh i mean best part
JM Media Services LLC
JM Media Services LLC - Måned siden
I have a late 2011 17" MBP and it is my favorite workhorse. I am sitting on Sierra debating high sierra and would love to know your thoughts on moving up to catalina or beyond and if that is even realistic?
1GB internal SSD, 16Gig RAM, 2,2gig Intel Core I7. Thoughts? I edit videos and Mix in Protools and this would be great if I could get current for working away from my studio. I love the bigger screen. I will say I bought a Brand new MBP recently, fully loaded and sent it back because the fan noise was just too intrusive. Thanks for the great videos.
JM Media Services LLC
JM Media Services LLC - 24 dager siden
@Matt Schwartz not GPU so much as utility based issues as the tools I want to work with need newer OS's to function properly or work at all. That is why as I bought a new MBP 16" and returned it as it was not that much faster and the fan noise was horrible.
Matt Schwartz
Matt Schwartz - 24 dager siden
Have you had any GPU issues with your 2011 17" MBP? High Sierra will be fine. I'm running it on my 2010 13" MBP, and it works great. I have no desire to try to run a newer unsupported OS.
Max Aviation
Max Aviation - Måned siden
Austin: finishes upgrading the MacBook
MacBook: explodes
Jack Cowan
Jack Cowan - Måned siden
so even though this was a 2019 video, they're still running high Sierra.
Andrew Cole
Andrew Cole - Måned siden
Pc hardware - can support all software, but the computer dies first
Mac hardware - good hardware, but software dies first
ph4nt0m - Måned siden
I...... ugh
Yes austin, thats called initializing
Andrew Bernardin
Andrew Bernardin - Måned siden
anyone know if the AC WiFi + Bluetooth 4.2 upgrade is worth it or necessary? Plan on doing everything else but wondering if this is even needed. wifi still seems to work fine with stock.
TrollPotatoe - Måned siden
missing my bae,"Hey Guys This is Austin"
Berko - Måned siden
I dont even have money for an xbox controller and austin there be like 'yeah 240dollars is not much'
LoveUnicorn1113 - Måned siden
2:50 uh-oh, *some app is missing*
John Myers
John Myers - Måned siden
watching on a 2009 macbook pro. Still works great
Will Playz Roblox!
Will Playz Roblox! - Måned siden
here i am... watching this video in desperate need to fix my laptop which is like the sme as that one lol
Jack G
Jack G - Måned siden
Yes but can it work on the old white MacBook
HS 1457
HS 1457 - Måned siden
Hugh Jeffreys
Big person
Big person - Måned siden
It’s got a I5 3rd gen right??
L L - Måned siden
Can you still upgrade anything on the base macbook pro 2020? Thank you!! Might even consider to sell it and get the 2012 lol
Ed M
Ed M - Måned siden
Great video! Proves older tech can be upgraded cheaply.
srv Coperate
srv Coperate - Måned siden
Oh My Joke
Bizybee - Måned siden
290 cycles on a 7 year old laptop ! Tha F*ck
Sam Ashworth
Sam Ashworth - Måned siden
My cousin just gave me this exact model for free, planning on replacing the broken display and the slow HDD
Isaac McKercher
Isaac McKercher - 2 måneder siden
You should do an upgrade collab with Luke Miani. He’s a great content creator that deserves the attention and does a lot of Mac eBay stuff.
ThatsNiceGuy - Technology and More
Wait I see osu! in the fuckin dock when ken gets there lmao
Edit: you can see next to the vlc and QuickTime icon
Khalid Sultan Khalid
Khalid Sultan Khalid - 2 måneder siden
I bought mine when I was a student. I have traveled with it, took it to college every single day and pretty much abused the heck out of it. And guess what? I am typing this comment with my Mac Pro 2012. It works, it’s fast and get any job done. I even have a windows software installed and extremel Corsair keyboard. I have seen new generations that last way way less.
I would not invest more on this piece of heaven until I buy a house first. Then perhaps buy a new Mac in my new office.
Sarthak Chauhan
Sarthak Chauhan - 2 måneder siden
Me watching this on a 16inch MBP and still wishing to own this bad boy and try using android studio on it.
Zane Foster
Zane Foster - 2 måneder siden
Everyone’s over looking the fact of why he did this😂 I’m genuinely curious as to why he’s doing this when he has access to any laptop he wants
Matt Schwartz
Matt Schwartz - 24 dager siden
Uh...because he has a NOburn channel? The fact that this video has a million views speaks for itself.
rickzagor - 2 måneder siden
i got a 2016 macbook pro 15 inch on ebay for only 700 plus tax. i still cant believe it.
Elias Wilson
Elias Wilson - 2 måneder siden
You should have gotten a late 2013 Mac book pro I still have one and it works great.
Amar Brozovic
Amar Brozovic - 2 måneder siden
I rember when my sister gave me hers 2012 MacBook pro and I used the crap out of the thing