The 250TB Project

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We just upgrading our server setup in a BIG way. đŸ€Ż
Check out 45Drives for our Storinado and Storinator:
Something a LITTLE cheaper - the $35 gaming PC 🎼
Some of the other gear we're using:
RackSolutions 44U Open Frame Server Rack:
Apple Mac Mini (base model with 10Gbit upgrade):
Sonnet RackMac Mini:
mRack LTO-8:
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Vitenskap og teknologi
Runtime: 09:30


Bonger724 - 6 mĂ„neder siden
how does that take 30 seconds my playstation took 5-6 hours to install overwatch
Karthig1987 - 6 mĂ„neder siden
Damn didnt even know that LTO drives were a thing
Nikolai Slater
Nikolai Slater - 7 mĂ„neder siden
"Mac Mini is fairly affordable"

Zeales - 8 mĂ„neder siden
So, uh, offsite backup?
Rn_ 2002
Rn_ 2002 - 8 mĂ„neder siden
Austin : We'll have 80% more ads two years from now
Everyone : We have adblocker
Youtube's Dec 10 TOS : I'm gonna stop you right there
Shy Neko
Shy Neko - 8 mĂ„neder siden
where is Linus :c
Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody - 9 mĂ„neder siden
Linus says in 1 petabyte: BOW TO ME PEASANT! HAHAHA!
JIMBO - 9 mĂ„neder siden
Aaaaaw doode
HAHA HATER - 9 mĂ„neder siden
Daniel Kleimenovas
Daniel Kleimenovas - 9 mĂ„neder siden
What about a Petabyte?
Matt Halpain
Matt Halpain - 9 mĂ„neder siden
7:42 I recently dropped my $100., Apple Pencil (luckily it did not break) of which $100., is expensive for me. Seeing you two handle the server is awesome power of expensive being carried to the rack. Great video, and enjoyable as I really like to see YouTube-rs grow and upgrade their equipment for their video production.
James Robinson
James Robinson - 9 mĂ„neder siden
1/4 petabyte..
BlackWolf 37
BlackWolf 37 - 9 mĂ„neder siden
I only wish I could afford all the cool setups you guys make on this channel
Karim Eid
Karim Eid - 9 mĂ„neder siden
U need to install a proper kvm in here if you want to further expand or add more servers
TheTyisAwesome - 9 mĂ„neder siden
250TB.... Bitch you ever hear of a Petabyte
Anime_Lover - 9 mĂ„neder siden
Austin : proud in 250 terabytes
Linus : you call that a challenge?
Jyoti Jain
Jyoti Jain - 9 mĂ„neder siden
Sorry Storage Is Full,Please Clean Some Files
Jyoti Jain
Jyoti Jain - 9 mĂ„neder siden
Sorry Storage Is Full,Please Clean Some Files
Aspecct - 9 mĂ„neder siden
That’s a big homework folder
ChillinChiz - 9 mĂ„neder siden
why does this look like @JayzTwoCents old setup
FutureGames06 - 9 mĂ„neder siden
Do the next episode of mystery tech on cex it's a store that is cheaper than game and you can get 100$ pc's
daniel pirkl
daniel pirkl - 9 mĂ„neder siden
Austin we have 250TB server
Linus are you challenging me
Alif Rahman
Alif Rahman - 9 mĂ„neder siden
hey austin, this is guys
GTA V guides
GTA V guides - 9 mĂ„neder siden
Hey Austin I’m not sure but I’m going to get a i3 8700 core pc and idk if it is good for gaming and streaming
Mr. Mx Tech
Mr. Mx Tech - 9 mĂ„neder siden
Hey guys blur out the address :)
Severe Traffic
Severe Traffic - 9 mĂ„neder siden
Ten gig internet? That's crazy
thatbrownboysaifaan - 9 mĂ„neder siden
It’s hard *not* to make Linus jokes.
thatbrownboysaifaan - 9 mĂ„neder siden
Austin: 250TB server project
Linus: “That’s so cute”
CozmicPlayz Minecraft
CozmicPlayz Minecraft - 9 mĂ„neder siden
You have to and I mean you have to run Minecraft raytracing please please please it doesn’t even cost that much money bruh.
Brad Johannsen
Brad Johannsen - 9 mĂ„neder siden
RIP Jellyfish
Joking_3055 - 9 mĂ„neder siden
but does it run minecraft
Aaron Curtis
Aaron Curtis - 9 mĂ„neder siden
Who else thinks that future generations will look at this and chuckle?
Sunny - 9 mĂ„neder siden
Austin: I will build a system with 250 TB
**Linus Tech Tips has entered the chat**
Chris Chen
Chris Chen - 9 mĂ„neder siden
Please build the ultimate surface go!
Luigi Ibanez
Luigi Ibanez - 9 mĂ„neder siden
smh only 250 TB
Zito - 9 mĂ„neder siden
6:51 Shots Fired! lmfao
taco - 9 mĂ„neder siden
deezy ram
deezy ram - 9 mĂ„neder siden
*me pretending to know what he’s talking about*
terrariachest - 9 mĂ„neder siden
Linus: makes 100 tb
Evercyn - 9 mĂ„neder siden
Yeah and I have integrated graphics
Bork - 9 mĂ„neder siden
I really appreciate what you did with extending what Linus did for you instead of ‘switching to a Jellyfish!!!!!’ like some other youtubers.
Rob Adams
Rob Adams - 9 mĂ„neder siden
Looks and feels like I’m watching LTT
Johnny D TV
Johnny D TV - 9 mĂ„neder siden
Linus would be so proud.
Otso Heikkinen
Otso Heikkinen - 9 mĂ„neder siden
"Actually filmed in one day"
brozic - 9 mĂ„neder siden
3:13 you peep that sound from the end of nike’s by frank ocean
sweatyboi245 .fortnite.
sweatyboi245 .fortnite. - 9 mĂ„neder siden
Austin : 4gb per second not bad
Me: đŸ˜”đŸ˜”đŸ˜ž
1K dxshyy
1K dxshyy - 9 mĂ„neder siden
Make a top 10 best rtx laptops under 160
1K dxshyy
1K dxshyy - 9 mĂ„neder siden
Allen - 9 mĂ„neder siden
I can't like comments on android wth 😂
Kian Musico
Kian Musico - 9 mĂ„neder siden
Nasa doesn't need your location they need linus's
Alex Lasslix
Alex Lasslix - 9 mĂ„neder siden
avinash nair
avinash nair - 9 mĂ„neder siden
I love how Austin reacts like a child who got a playstation. 1:38
Blackheart - 9 mĂ„neder siden
who else is here because they just got recommend his "its all gone" vid
ZEUS Gaming
ZEUS Gaming - 9 mĂ„neder siden
Petabyte Project When?
Some one
Some one - 9 mĂ„neder siden
I can finally fit my full homework folder somewhere
Texas boy
Texas boy - 9 mĂ„neder siden
Haven’t seen this shit since the apartment fire had to come back for one more hey guys this is Austin
The Man
The Man - 9 mĂ„neder siden
Hey Austin This Is Guy
kntwing.23 - 9 mĂ„neder siden
i felt this is kind a boring video to me?
Omi Kasigi
Omi Kasigi - 9 mĂ„neder siden
I thought you were gonna summon Linus like what Gamers Nexus did. Lol.
Kole Smith
Kole Smith - 9 mĂ„neder siden
Bro everytime I see him build a computer I always imagine what would it feel like to have one if those god PC
Onizon Yt
Onizon Yt - 9 mĂ„neder siden
I dont have one yet