The $35 Gaming PC

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The Raspberry Pi 4 is a surprisingly capable $35 PC.
Check out the LG 27GL850 27” UltraGear Monitor:
To learn more:
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Yoshikuraよし - 2 dager siden
Still cant afford it
JakeR6_69 YT
JakeR6_69 YT - 2 dager siden
In so confused is this a joke
Abdullah Khan
Abdullah Khan - 2 dager siden
my retropie was open while I was watching this
Rex - 2 dager siden
You sounds like my i5 laptop is a god.
KindaBad Meal
KindaBad Meal - 4 dager siden
Can it run crysis?
Brody D
Brody D - 4 dager siden
Cooling system?
Parteek Saini
Parteek Saini - 4 dager siden
Bra something like that actually exists
Kraster 291cz
Kraster 291cz - 5 dager siden
Pls make PC from china
Jay Kent
Jay Kent - 6 dager siden
Finally something I still can’t afford.
별이youtube - 6 dager siden
*You destroyed my mouse*
-Ken 2020
Farri Wala
Farri Wala - 7 dager siden
Dat smol
hereobryne Minecraft
hereobryne Minecraft - 8 dager siden
i mean you can run stadia
Wizzard lol
Wizzard lol - 8 dager siden
Can it run Roblox
VirtualBoy_gaming - 9 dager siden
You can actually install Minecraft java edition on it and get like 60fps
Gaming0912 - 9 dager siden
Austin: 35 dollar gaming pc

Schools: so we started buying...
Zerin Nichols
Zerin Nichols - 10 dager siden
You destroyed my mouse!
mary jay gomes
mary jay gomes - 10 dager siden
We can edit 4k videos on a dual core laptop but we can't game with a raspberry pi
Like bruh can it be possible.
Juan Valencia
Juan Valencia - 11 dager siden
Make the ultimate raspberry pi pc
Micah Hanna
Micah Hanna - 11 dager siden
Make it five and we have a deal
Davi the Human
Davi the Human - 11 dager siden
i almost thought that he was actually gonna eat the whole pc
Sasha Bagdasarow
Sasha Bagdasarow - 12 dager siden
Austin: shows a 1ms response time monitor
Also Austin: shows 1ms response time monitor captured with a camera shutter speed around 24 fps.
Frogr - 13 dager siden
That's a bit too expensive.
Joe boomer
Joe boomer - 14 dager siden
This or Mac mini
GamingGamer01 - 15 dager siden
Watching this on a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B right now.
Ze Pasta
Ze Pasta - 16 dager siden
it has a cpu, wow i don’t need to buy a 190 dollar cpu ima just get a 35 dollars one
Relaxingvirus6 - 16 dager siden
Ben Dover
Ben Dover - 16 dager siden
Why would you put it in your mouth
AA ron AJ17
AA ron AJ17 - 17 dager siden
When I realized the 55$ one is better than my 275 dollar laptop
Its Your Boiii Nainz
Its Your Boiii Nainz - 17 dager siden
Hey Austin this is guys
CowManMooing - 19 dager siden
Finally someone that understands what budget means
Ryan Kong
Ryan Kong - 19 dager siden
Imagine buying a $1500 pc to use steam link on the pi and save money
Big person
Big person - 19 dager siden
Getting it
Apex Legends Gameplays
Apex Legends Gameplays - 20 dager siden
You didnt played Super Smash Bros.

What a shame...
Yuthpeppa - 22 dager siden
Hmmm exceeds my budget
Uzair Rahman
Uzair Rahman - 22 dager siden
Uzair Rahman
Uzair Rahman - 22 dager siden
pawat since 2009
pawat since 2009 - 24 dager siden
Oh wow this video was released on my dads death
royale - 23 dager siden
I’m so sorry to hear that
Jeshta shetty
Jeshta shetty - 26 dager siden
I don't know man too expensive
Floris _
Floris _ - 26 dager siden
When u get a sponsed for a 35 dollar setup.
Christian - 26 dager siden
Augustine L'Arc
Augustine L'Arc - 27 dager siden
rest in peace ken's mouse
SeniorDanick - Måned siden
Csgo runs 100 times better than my 600 dollar 2007 laptop.
Harry Farmer
Harry Farmer - Måned siden
Have you ever had a kill in Counter Strike? Lol. I love your videos bro. Iv spent hours watching your channel.
ZT - Måned siden
Ohhhh, look at mr money bags here, can afford a $35 PC...
Chris Worstell
Chris Worstell - Måned siden
i still can’t afford that
Tyler MG / Tyler mega games
Make it have rtx. Just connect and boom! Gaming pc. Or gtx to make it 200$
rigbyme - 4 dager siden
KindofkidPlaying - Måned siden
Try running Geforce Now on it with Lutris.
Sulfurix - Måned siden
In a way this is better than my laptop
Bikolbie Mio
Bikolbie Mio - Måned siden
do you have something cheaper Im kinda on a budget I’ve spend all my money on my logitech Gpro wireless 👍
Xx ZERØLAND xX - Måned siden
I got the rasperry for $0.50 on wish
Young but Retro
Young but Retro - 19 dager siden
I got scammed
DIGITAL - Måned siden
Too expensive
Timidsoul07 - Måned siden
I like how this is actually better than my labtop
Christian - Måned siden
This is where cloud gaming is great
Caterina Rodriguez
Caterina Rodriguez - Måned siden
What’s the game u playing
Reed squire
Reed squire - Måned siden
The raspberry pie4 is as powerful as my $300 laptop. 😐
Plasma Falcon
Plasma Falcon - Måned siden
My School: I'm gonna pretend that i did not see this.
Anthony Mendenhall
Anthony Mendenhall - Måned siden
A Pi computer makes for a decent cheap emulator for retro games.
Ophidian_Shitposter 9901
Ophidian_Shitposter 9901 - Måned siden
And that’s why the Nintendo mini consoles are made with raspberry Pis
Boston Wall
Boston Wall - Måned siden
can i play fortnite
Young but Retro
Young but Retro - 19 dager siden
Obviously not
MaxKing King
MaxKing King - Måned siden
GeForce now?