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From Switch to PS4 to Xbox we've got the best pro controllers out right now.
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Austin Evans
Austin Evans - 9 måneder siden
You're already subscribed to Kevin "Switch Controller" Kenson right?
Fall3nVo1D - 25 dager siden
Austin Evans Hey austin, its nit the bes in had 2 fix it in its 6th month in
Gabriela Fernandez
Gabriela Fernandez - Måned siden
Trippy Terpenes
Trippy Terpenes - 3 måneder siden
Austin Evans I will sub to him and inscribe to you
Bobby Richardson
Bobby Richardson - 4 måneder siden
“It does look like Vaseline is all over my screen though” 😂😂😂☠️
Klixy - 5 måneder siden
@Matthew Forteau me to lmao XD
jamess - Dag siden
5:24 whenever someone asks why I prefer Xbox over PC
Wolodz - 3 dager siden
Can u plz help me I need a scuf or something Bc I want to make a YouTube channel only can 19 subscribers so can u help plz and thank you @ yfb_qj
Margaret Adjei
Margaret Adjei - 3 dager siden
How the hell do you play with offset joysticks they suck
H G - 3 dager siden
xbox one controller is the best. mor ergonomic. and battery design is genius. i can put in two 2800mah batteries. thats more than 5x the battery capacity of the ps5 or any other controller. and i can use the xb1 on the new series X console, connect it to my pos android, use it on my laptop, etc
naga suhas
naga suhas - 4 dager siden
who uses a projecter anyway
Sverp 380
Sverp 380 - 5 dager siden
Come on dude, we all know the best controller is the Magnavox Odyssey controller
Arhan Popli
Arhan Popli - 6 dager siden
Chan - 7 dager siden
Xbox One controller is the controller for Boomers. It's the controller made for old people who refuses to adapt to modern control methods such as gyro aiming. It's basically the same tech inside as the original X360 controller. PS4 and switch Pro controller actually have a lot of useful tech inside which makes it far superior to the Xbox One Controller. I would never choose an Xbox One Controller as my default controller. It just lacks so many basic features other modern controllers have. Thats why its the boomer controller. For gamers who want a controller that reminds them of the good ole days.
LiL Cheerio
LiL Cheerio - 7 dager siden
This controller made me N U T
Avi B
Avi B - 10 dager siden
4:36 missed opportunity to say "Kevin Kenson, PlayStationmaster"
Yousuf al hayani
Yousuf al hayani - 10 dager siden
He forgot the razer wolverine ultimate
swag man
swag man - 11 dager siden
I have the elite series 2 and it absaloutley sucks. Every fingerprint, smudge and grime that usually wouldnt show up on normal controller stay on the controller forever, even if you try and get rid of these marks they'll show up the next day after using the controller once. After a few months of use it gets insane joystick drift the triggers make constant clicking sounds and the paddles straight up just fall off after a while. Dont buy the series 2, save your money and use a normal controller. The series 2 is god like in the first few months but unless you're ready to buy every piece of the controller each week and break open your controller all the time and are an alien who doesnt sweat or have fingerprints dont buy the xbox elite controller series 2
Preston Harris
Preston Harris - 15 dager siden
Everyone: not talking

Kevin: CaN I BriNg In a RaCinG WheeL NeXt
TheK Warrior
TheK Warrior - 18 dager siden
I think all Xbox controllers are not nice in your hands I hate how they feel PlayStation controllers are by far better
Laura Bernier
Laura Bernier - 23 dager siden
this is going to be a stupid question but do xbox elite controllers work for xbox 1 s???
JAXKZKINzx - - 26 dager siden
If you're playing on pc, while all these people expensive controllers are nice, they're not always optimal. I play with a PS3 controller and it's really good. I feel like old controllers are underrated and over shadowed by the new controllers. My personal favorite controller is the razor Xbox 360 controller.
cheetos21 - 26 dager siden
The elite controller v2 has a lot of problems
Aman Sharma
Aman Sharma - 26 dager siden
Help the guy with him linus ?
Chubby the Bear
Chubby the Bear - 27 dager siden
Austin 8 months ago: “It’s almost as if I was playing on a pc, called the Xbox.”

Me: Little does he know of the Xbox Series X
UrLocalChild - 28 dager siden
those dislikes are pc gamers
Ля Ляпос
Ля Ляпос - 29 dager siden
The image of the projector is ugly
Dojo - 29 dager siden
EPIC12EPIC - Måned siden
The Xbox controller is perfect it just needs gyro
Eggy ツツ
Eggy ツツ - Måned siden
For the Price, Scuf controllers are garbage compared to the elite 2 controller
Eggy ツツ
Eggy ツツ - Måned siden
Don Pepe
Don Pepe - Måned siden
I just broke my elite series 1 so Imma buy this hopefully
X1 LukeSkyWalke
X1 LukeSkyWalke - Måned siden
When Austin said "Hey guys this is Austin" it activated my google home
Isaiah John Ranigo
Isaiah John Ranigo - Måned siden
A controller video but brought a Keyboard + mouse. What an idiot.
Pablo Castillo
Pablo Castillo - Måned siden
I bought a scuf vantage 1 1/2 years ago and it started malfunctioning like 2 weeks in. For example the joysticks started to drift and the headphone jack stopped working. Idk if it was only mine but I wouldn’t recommend buying
Nolan Clewell
Nolan Clewell - Måned siden
Jacob Wood
Jacob Wood - Måned siden
I looked at the projector, I was expecting a hefty price tag, but 3700
cap ghosty
cap ghosty - Måned siden
I told my mom I’m saving up for a controller she said how much is it... I said 180$... she almost threw up I’m surprised she didn’t slap me lol
Bhavdeep Gulati
Bhavdeep Gulati - Måned siden
Ah yes the NUT controller
malachi pierre
malachi pierre - Måned siden
What the hell is wrong with you?!
bludog 7479
bludog 7479 - Måned siden
I get that a lot of people like Xbox more but I prefer ps4 because of the controller. I’ve tried the Xbox controller and it’s harder for me to play on. But the ps4 controller is just easier for me to play on because the joysticks are together rather than separate
JTG Gaming
JTG Gaming - Måned siden
Can I plz buy one of those controllers with a discount
Black Heroknight1
Black Heroknight1 - Måned siden
3:02 the ps4 also Supports mouse and Keyboard 😐
big potatoe fan
big potatoe fan - Måned siden
$247 USD or $337 in CAD
Bunny - Måned siden
Do not play on tvs
Khalil Ibrahim
Khalil Ibrahim - Måned siden
Okay Kevin was a big surprise 😃👍🏽 loved the video ❤️
Gurdev Singh
Gurdev Singh - Måned siden
Gamecube controller is best of all time.
Cole Fasan9
Cole Fasan9 - Måned siden
I think you forgot the nscon pro revolution 2
Legend02 - Måned siden
Austin is really bias for xbox
Tony Brown
Tony Brown - Måned siden
LiL Cheerio
LiL Cheerio - Måned siden
This controller made me nut
Alexander Coral
Alexander Coral - Måned siden
getting it soon thx
Superblue 5
Superblue 5 - Måned siden
I love threes crossovers these are my 2 favorite channels!
omastar 5000
omastar 5000 - Måned siden
Shahzada Akbar
Shahzada Akbar - Måned siden
Xbox has a better controller but Ps4 has better games and a console
Josh - Måned siden
When did this become about the games and console? Just focus on the topic of the video
Derek g
Derek g - Måned siden
I hate xbox controller lots of people do that's why they make an adapter to hook PS4 controller to xbox. PS4 better always will be
christian and kc
christian and kc - Måned siden
Bruh ps4 controller is the best in there
Josh - Måned siden
Nah. I’ve owned both and Xbox Elite V2 is easily the best.
Lou B
Lou B - Måned siden
Scuf is overrated
Lorkie - Måned siden
Any youtuber:hey guys welcome back to another video
Willem Zaalberg
Willem Zaalberg - Måned siden
What happened to nacon, they make very good controllers.
the balling boi
the balling boi - Måned siden
They forgot the razer wolverine for Xbox.
Hemanth Veera
Hemanth Veera - Måned siden
Thank you this is really good
Ramon Reyna
Ramon Reyna - Måned siden
But the stick drift thoe bro 🤥
Hector Rodriguez
Hector Rodriguez - Måned siden
Anybody else notice that the Scuf Vantage looks like a prototype PS5 DualSense? Its probably just me
André van Niekerk
André van Niekerk - Måned siden
those are fire