The BROKE Gaming Challenge

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This episode of Broke vs Pro takes a turn when Ken gets his precious pro budget taken away...
The BROKE vs PRO gaming setup challenge!
We also bought cheap vs expensive gaming gear 🎧
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J P - 6 timer siden
$1.00 for everything you need!!?!?!?!?!???? duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude!
Also, I seriously like these collabs you guys do
memes my tame croussiant made
AyyItzLav - 18 timer siden
This pc games better than it browses
SavMan Industries
SavMan Industries - 21 time siden
“Who uses silver gear?” he says
A&O Gaming 43
A&O Gaming 43 - Dag siden
can you make kits that people can buy that are under 400$ like if you agree
ATIQ mozzam
ATIQ mozzam - Dag siden
make a video can a 140 dollar gaming pc run fortnite
Pr0grammed - 3 dager siden
it ain't broke until u play with a membrane keyboard, along with a $15 mouse and a 60hz square vga display...disappointed :(
Yasir Saleheen
Yasir Saleheen - 3 dager siden
I can't build a pc I don't have that much experience with a computer
Xx_Yjgaming_xX - 3 dager siden
the clasic hey this is austin is just the best part of the video
Chillz FN
Chillz FN - 4 dager siden
Austin won
The Gaming Boy
The Gaming Boy - 4 dager siden
Will Coen
Will Coen - 4 dager siden
Yo Austin have you got a spare pc I can “borrow”
London is blue l
London is blue l - 3 dager siden
Will Coen “borrow” HAHA 😂😂
Aiden Oconnor
Aiden Oconnor - 4 dager siden
Guys I’m 12 and I built my set up for 233 dollars I got a Xbox 1 s for 150 dollars (used) I got a keyboard and mouse and mousepad and a headset with a mic for 50 dollars (used) and a moniker for 33 dollars (used)
London is blue l
London is blue l - 3 dager siden
Aiden Oconnor maybe spend your time on something productive and not video games you fucking tool
Destin Glenn
Destin Glenn - 4 dager siden
Build a computer and be COoOOoL.
Yonatan Gebeyehu
Yonatan Gebeyehu - 5 dager siden
Why did not Austin list his materials that he used in the description.
Team Dragon
Team Dragon - 5 dager siden
Who misses the iconic “Hey Guys! This is Austin!”
Courtney Haynes Gaming
Courtney Haynes Gaming - 5 dager siden
Ken x box is better
Suxgez - 5 dager siden
which controller was it?
Complex Yuvi
Complex Yuvi - 6 dager siden
Ken:I think you should get a job” not knowing most off us are like 13 and younger
Marthinneill Apoi
Marthinneill Apoi - 6 dager siden
Broke vs Broke
Inverted SkitZ
Inverted SkitZ - 7 dager siden
Austin talking about pc stuff
Me: brain dead
Super man Gaming
Super man Gaming - 7 dager siden
I like stadia
Jordon K
Jordon K - 7 dager siden
“I think you should just get a job...”
me: *13 years old and can’t get a job* 👁👄👁
Eashan Cherukuri
Eashan Cherukuri - 7 dager siden
im just gonna say this on ima definately win the challenge for cheapest setup
Farri Wala
Farri Wala - 9 dager siden
build a windows 12 pc lol
Jack of Cubs
Jack of Cubs - 9 dager siden
I LOVE ROCKER LEAGUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Daniel Rundsveen
Daniel Rundsveen - 10 dager siden
when he said: buy a stooopid xbox.

i felt that.
Atharv Singh
Atharv Singh - 10 dager siden
X box
Lucas Espinoza
Lucas Espinoza - 11 dager siden
Austin lost
King JAQUISE - 12 dager siden
i agree with ken, if your broke just buy a console, only buy a pc if you have the money for a good one
ひっかもりいDaniel - 12 dager siden
I wish in my second world country I could go up to a recycler(if we have these) and get all that stuff for like 2EUR.
1k subs with no videos Challge
The winner is obviosly google stadia
Đức Phát Nguyễn Đỗ
Đức Phát Nguyễn Đỗ - 13 dager siden
Xbox one Sad
gamechamp - 13 dager siden
Austins broke gaming PC is better than my current gaming PC
DA productions ಠ_ಠ
DA productions ಠ_ಠ - 14 dager siden
When pc is less than a ryzen 5
Legolas GreenLeaf
Legolas GreenLeaf - 14 dager siden
ur pc wins all the way austin
AT Silent
AT Silent - 14 dager siden
Juicy Gamer 52
Juicy Gamer 52 - 14 dager siden
Do a broke vs broke pc ONLY (ken) challenge with 300$
Alvar Yliherne
Alvar Yliherne - 14 dager siden
David Christoffersen
David Christoffersen - 15 dager siden
To be honest that is cool of the pc shop , its parts they really don't need and instead of it collecting dust they give it to him free :)
STW Exotic
STW Exotic - 16 dager siden
If you don't have the money and your game is on Xbox you might as well get an Xbox so you don't pay around 800 or whatever for a good gaming pc
If your game isn't in Xbox or PS4 well you better get to working
vDrixpz On XBOX
vDrixpz On XBOX - 16 dager siden
0:00 watch over and over again
Samurai Edge225
Samurai Edge225 - 16 dager siden
I hate their acting when they start following eachother with a camera and pretend to discover something that is cheating
Thomas F.
Thomas F. - 17 dager siden
PC all de way... but also jobs are nice
iHateNahkoi - 18 dager siden
build a pc and be cool *
PETSEY - 18 dager siden
This is what I would do make a PC hook up my ps4 to it and connect it to my TV ( it is quite a high end TV so it would run very smoothly on it
Black Spartan
Black Spartan - 18 dager siden
austin evans is like the best
Martixak - 18 dager siden
Austin:200$ is nothing
Me:playing on a 10 year old 500$ office PC with intergratet graphics
Bruh - 18 dager siden
I have a 300$ ASUS Vivobook 15.6 . It does just fine
Brackness gaming Yt
Brackness gaming Yt - 18 dager siden
Xbox won
DAT_ONE WHITE_KID - 19 dager siden
My computer is worse than the cheap computer and i paid 3x as much. Bruh i got scammed
Brrar RRi
Brrar RRi - 19 dager siden
10:26 wait that was discord nitro i didnt know that discord is in xbox
skulletor - 20 dager siden
I got a dell optiplex core i5 2400 / 4 gigs of ram
and a gtx 750 ti for $200
Is that good?
Aditya Bhardwaj
Aditya Bhardwaj - 20 dager siden
At last i have seen a pc which has a much lower spec than i have😌
Sachin SJ
Sachin SJ - 20 dager siden
Subscribe to Sachin SJ
CNEKT - 20 dager siden
Austin - “$200 is not a lot of money”
Alpha Private
Alpha Private - 21 dag siden
ATIQ mozzam
ATIQ mozzam - 21 dag siden
biddlefam gamer
biddlefam gamer - 22 dager siden
Me with a $900 laptop 👀
Shemz Love
Shemz Love - 22 dager siden
The xbox won