The CHEAP Laptop Challenge

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Acer Aspire 5 on Amazon:
HP 14" laptop on Amazon:
Asus VivoBook F510QA on Amazon:
Lenovo IdeaPad 130 on Amazon:
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Pedro Bontempo
Pedro Bontempo - 6 timer siden
Andrew Cole
Andrew Cole - 7 timer siden
he sold out to raid
reee_fund - Dag siden
currently watching this on an Aspire 5... thanks Austin Evans and Techno Panda for the reviews. Also, a heads up for people who want to get an Aspire 5, save up for a 2.5 inch drive (or switch out the stock ssd) and a 4 gb (or more) ram stick (ddr4 sodimm 160 pin) bcuz living on 4 gb ram is a heat-generating powerhouse. sorry if the comment is a bit complicated, just wanted to put the important details.
rocco desarro
rocco desarro - Dag siden
ThinkPads are StinkPads
Genos Demon Cyborg
Genos Demon Cyborg - Dag siden
“The CHEAP laptop challenge”
He’s to rich
Harv 03
Harv 03 - 2 dager siden
That acer laptop is currently £733 ughhh
D - 2 dager siden
Is it just me or has the Acer aspire 5 grown in price it going for around £600
ViruSyntax - 2 dager siden
when he uploaded 220 bux
now 560 bux
Sharafat Razin Ahmed
Sharafat Razin Ahmed - 2 dager siden
F#$&*k he’s been eaten by the raid shadow monster
Ninja Moose
Ninja Moose - 3 dager siden
This vid is a scam
Every thing is not priced as what he said so don’t be trying to get a gaming laptop from this vid sorry Austin
Paul Schottke
Paul Schottke - 3 dager siden
I'm not gone leave lenovo undefendet here, i used a lenovo Z710 Laptop with an Intel core I5 4 core and a Nvidia GT 740M for years and it was such a great laptop. It was easy to get into it and had pretty good performance, it now is an old laptop but still some lenovo laptop are pretty bad but if you just put a little bit more Money in a Laptop you can get a way better Laptop also from lenovo i know there are people who can't afford to spend 600 euro on a Laptop but if your in that kinda Situation, you should get a Samsung with Dex and work on that because thats just a lot better value. i now only use my Tab S6 with Dex on the go when i'm not Home but on the go.
GD Mario
GD Mario - 4 dager siden
Where is the asus vivobook 14 THEY HAVE RYZEN 3200 AND 4K VIDEO ONLY 380$
Finn van Ooy
Finn van Ooy - 4 dager siden
yeah i got a €1550 dell g5 15 (intel core i7 10th gen gtx 2060 2x8 gb ram) and all that in a laptop (i have split up parents so 2 homes)
Joe Wright
Joe Wright - 5 dager siden
‘These are all under 300 dollars’ me in the uk when it’s 600 quid
Elise Debusschere
Elise Debusschere - 5 dager siden
If I hear raid shadow ledends again I quit youtube
Bb Somalinga
Bb Somalinga - 6 dager siden
I got an ASUS laptop with 256GB SSD, 4GB RAM, 14'' FHD display and Ryzen 3 3200U for $269
Hunter. Playz
Hunter. Playz - 7 dager siden
My 711$ literally has 4GB of Ram
Its the Vivobook s14
SoughtAnarchy - 7 dager siden
The number is out of service
Alex Richmond
Alex Richmond - 7 dager siden
Review the pinebook pro.
Cn - 9 dager siden
this acer is like, extremely expensive here in Brazil, costs around $1000 at the offical store
PolygonzMC - 9 dager siden
Blowing Heart
Blowing Heart - 10 dager siden
imagine Even breaking the top one just by slapping it
luke oof
luke oof - 11 dager siden
I had the Lenovo
Subsonic 2018
Subsonic 2018 - 11 dager siden
"The answer is Y E S"
Miranda Wyszynski
Miranda Wyszynski - 12 dager siden
i stg this video was made for me, i've been looking up ""good laptops under $400" lmao
Deaft_shot - 12 dager siden
$220 is CHEAP to you ???????!
I searched for 100
Tf2 rafael Dude
Tf2 rafael Dude - 13 dager siden
Oh no raid got into austins videos
Fact Core
Fact Core - 14 dager siden
Dino d
Dino d - 15 dager siden
Wtf when did ryzen 1080p laptop got sold at 300
I bought pentium 4417u at that price
Can i borrow that
100k Sub With no Video Challange
Fuuuuuuuuuuck You Raid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MasroorAB - 21 dag siden
Austin spends 1000+$ on laptops (cheap laptops)
me who even do not get a dollar pocketmoney (0.02 is my pocketmoney)
and i have a lenovo thinkpad x301 no upgrades that i use for playing only roblox because it cannot run any other game
Prince Kagato
Prince Kagato - 21 dag siden
That Acer is now over $400 on Amazon. I would've picked it up for $300
Jahvaughnplayz - 19 dager siden
Its 349.99 at the time I'm typing this
Rare Mr360Games
Rare Mr360Games - 22 dager siden
What I say is if u need a something to write on then buy a laptop but if it's for games at those price just get a console and if u go for something that runs faster just build your own PC
Surfing pikachu
Surfing pikachu - 22 dager siden
This is the raid shadow legends episode
Gamers inn
Gamers inn - 23 dager siden
Austin : this video is sponcerd by raid shadow legends Me: unsubscribe
Raymond Pajerowski
Raymond Pajerowski - 23 dager siden
Why does he call asus asoos
Leo.mp4 - 24 dager siden
Bad Shado Legends
Ena Katt
Ena Katt - 25 dager siden
Can you play Roblox on it 😅
Bekon241 - 27 dager siden
The cheep Laptop... And on YT miniature you have all hand of money if good movie you must take 1 dolar max... Trash vid... xD
Roxy Gaming Life
Roxy Gaming Life - 27 dager siden
I order won
clumZy Gabo
clumZy Gabo - 28 dager siden
Is it me or does he sound so excited
Christopher Hammock
Christopher Hammock - 28 dager siden
For this price range go for a Chromebook, 32GB is bad news for a Windows 10 laptop. It makes it very difficult to update windows because windows update demands 8GB+ of free space.
Ballisticzombie7 - 28 dager siden
I got the lenovo one for 400 how did you get it that cheap
TheUltimusProject - 29 dager siden
wow looks liek RAID took over Austin as well
Wazowski osu vids
Wazowski osu vids - Måned siden
i hate the sponsor raid i would give it a like but the sponsor is raid sorry but i do not like raid
Kaung Soe
Kaung Soe - Måned siden
me:skips raid cos hes always hearing it;-;
Kody Coleman
Kody Coleman - Måned siden
Amy Cordiner
Amy Cordiner - Måned siden
soooo acer laptop is up to £629.99 on amazon...... why is it so hard to find a budget laptop just now
Chaotic Candy
Chaotic Candy - Måned siden
That acre is not 300 it’s 350 - 400 depending where u buy it even your link isn’t 300
Mr_No_Name - Måned siden
Acer loves to use 1080p or higher trash or good
Nehal Inturi
Nehal Inturi - Måned siden
The hp one sucks i have it
Rav Jayakodi
Rav Jayakodi - Måned siden
lmao the aspire 5 is 679 pounds in the UK lol u americans are lucky
hejly cz
hejly cz - Måned siden
Acer is now like 700 dollars
-RIOT- - Måned siden
Revew the Acer chromebook 315 IT SUCKS priced at 300 dollars it should be 50 to 100
That Jedi
That Jedi - Måned siden
I have a $900 PC for my work and gaming, I need a good laptop for travel and would like to play destiny 2 on it. If possible I would like to play at 60 FPS medium settings. Any suggestion is welcome.
Sandhya Tamhankar
Sandhya Tamhankar - Måned siden
That model isn't available buddy...
I'm talking about Acer aspire 5
artgamer highlander
artgamer highlander - Måned siden
Davion Teo
Davion Teo - Måned siden
You know the laptop is cheap when Austin smacks the box
Miguel Mejia Sica
Miguel Mejia Sica - Måned siden
I love the intro! 😂
Naff _
Naff _ - Måned siden
Who else came here in 2020 to find the price had dramatically changed 😂
Nathan Hoss
Nathan Hoss - Måned siden