The Cheapest GAMING Keyboards on Amazon...

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Today I test the best cheap gaming mechanical keyboards on Amazon. 🤔
My favorite cheap mechanical keyboard on Amazon:
The Amazon Basics Mechanical Feel keyboard on Amazon:
Razer Huntman Tournament keyboard on Amazon:
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Austin Evans
Austin Evans - 5 måneder siden
Have you checked out my brand new podcast?
Charandeep S. Narula
Charandeep S. Narula - 14 timer siden
I like your channel more than my family
Charandeep S. Narula
Charandeep S. Narula - 14 timer siden
Did you see my PC setup video thought
Charli Damelio
Charli Damelio - 19 timer siden
Austin Evans no I haven’t
Kilian Perez
Kilian Perez - 8 dager siden
I have the Havit its not bad it’s pretty responsive actually
MainSulfur - 17 dager siden
Lol no
Motion Man
Motion Man - Time siden
When your life is a lie
Cactusboy25 - Time siden
Is the one with the mouse made for a Mac
Meh_lee 86
Meh_lee 86 - 2 timer siden
I forgot moms old keyboard it’s free
Imran Smailbegovic
Imran Smailbegovic - 10 timer siden
Hey Austin, do you live in America because the last time I checked I live in Australia and the havit keyboard ( the havit keyboard in your video) that I want is $141 not $42 or is that because I watched this video five months later after you posted it 😁
Jurrio - 13 timer siden
Hey guys this is exhausting
Sypraction - 14 timer siden
How to make a gaming keyboard:
1. Take a normal keyboard.
VOILA!!!! you have a GAMING keyboard!
desperate_Enuf - 14 timer siden
Who's this guy, never seen him before 😕
OriZion - 18 timer siden
I'm currently using the Razer huntsman mercury edition
OriZion - 18 timer siden
I bet everyone forgot about the brand Blackweb I got my very first membrane keyboard on it and the wasd keys broke😂
FreakMasterTheNoob - 19 timer siden
Did u just call me dumb for watching ur vids
BlueSoulz - 20 timer siden
I have the rii
ShadowKnight 201
ShadowKnight 201 - 22 timer siden
It would be funny if they brought out the $9000 key board the big meat gaming laptop it would be funny
Strato - Dag siden
you should've added the redragon keyboards
TheBlueWolf - 2 dager siden
I have a Havit and its really good, and its the best keyboard I have ever used,
Hurri Keen
Hurri Keen - 2 dager siden
Austin: doesn't say hey guys this is austin
Everyone: dislikes that
Febreze Drinker
Febreze Drinker - 2 dager siden
My crappy keyboard is there lol need a new one
NEXGaming - 2 dager siden
Can I have one of the keyboards? XD
The real gamer tapia
The real gamer tapia - 2 dager siden
He making a cheap keyboard bid me laughs with my 110 dollar keyboard
ChopStick - 4 dager siden
Linus sex tips
Pro Gamer_om
Pro Gamer_om - 4 dager siden
Mystic_Stylz - 4 dager siden
Evan Barrie
Evan Barrie - 4 dager siden
When you come here to find the best cheep keyboard, but he picks the $130 one, kinda ruins the whole point of it
Atlas - 7 dager siden
Jokes on you my keyboard's from five below
Peter Renda
Peter Renda - 8 dager siden
U think u can ship the keyboards to me
Julian Cornson
Julian Cornson - 8 dager siden
This is how many times he said awhopping
Roshan Daswani
Roshan Daswani - 10 dager siden
what laptop is he using in 9:38?
Jennifer Waite
Jennifer Waite - 11 dager siden
My setup was worth under £420 a laptop a seprate keyboard a separate mouse and wireless headphones
Adriss - 11 dager siden
Logitech g213😍
Andrew Ore
Andrew Ore - 12 dager siden
I use the havit keyboard
_PSYCHO_ - 12 dager siden
Can please have a key board I really want on plzzzz
Pugest - 12 dager siden
this is a walmart version of nick eh 30
suju sajeeth
suju sajeeth - 12 dager siden
I would go for the havit
Link - 13 dager siden
More like the largest gaming keyboards
Werrpy - 14 dager siden
My man has a TACO BELL T-shirt
santarina - 17 dager siden
when you see your keyboard u have been using for a long time, there.
natsuruke - 17 dager siden
Im pretty sure this is too biased with an expensive keyboard
Dox kun
Dox kun - 17 dager siden
Austin unboxed a $34 gaming keyboard: Yeah that looks cheap.
Me with $10 keyboad : *laughed awkwardly* ye-yeah 😅
theawsomnees yo
theawsomnees yo - 19 dager siden
It's the ree keyboard not rii its reee
Milan Lenarduzzi
Milan Lenarduzzi - 20 dager siden
Austin: makes a video abt cheap keyboard
Me: laughs in steelseries apex pro
Ethan and Manix YT
Ethan and Manix YT - 21 dag siden
Am I the only in who knows that the mask he is wearing is Koya a BT21/BTS Line friends character
Nathan Stoetzel
Nathan Stoetzel - 22 dager siden
How dare Ken called me unintelligent
Francisco Banuelos
Francisco Banuelos - 24 dager siden
Does anyone know what keyboard Austin use
CNEKT - 24 dager siden
The havit keyboard now cost $56
FaZeTImSwEeNeY - 24 dager siden
I liked the part with a keyboard in it! Good Video
Satyam Vashisht
Satyam Vashisht - 25 dager siden
Patrick suck Zquidword nozel
Patrick suck Zquidword nozel - 25 dager siden
Idk if I have the cheapest mechanical keyboard costing at 14 dollars with free shipping on EBay. It’s called Vander Life kb-g80
69 420
69 420 - 26 dager siden
hello thanks for choosing havit
gets sunday league football vibes
Jerztheman Poop
Jerztheman Poop - 27 dager siden
Now I regret buying the Logitech g213 :(
nukesean - 28 dager siden
It was a really bad idea to include the Huntsman in the actual competition, because any of the cheap ones that went up against it would obviously lose and thus never get tested against the other cheapos. If you wanted to show that you can tell the difference between the budget and high-end keyboards, then try all of them at the same time with the Huntsman mixed in and see if you can pick it out. THEN have all the cheap ones compete in brackets against only each other. With your set up, the Stoga got screwed; we never had a chance to really see how it would stack up. Same with the NPET, except we at least know it beat out the Rii.
HawL The Cutie
HawL The Cutie - 28 dager siden
fell in a coma for 47 years
When u wake up: 👁👄👁
D ruzzi
D ruzzi - 28 dager siden
he should have compared huntsman to the winner, its just kinda unfair to have hunstman as your opponent at the start, you automatically lost
Cuauhtemoc Jimenez Saucedo
Cuauhtemoc Jimenez Saucedo - 29 dager siden
Where is the corsair k55 rgb?
subbing to every one who subs to me
This vid is lies so a keyboard thats a hundred dollars is cheap
SxpremxOP - Måned siden
I got the npet
CalebTheCashew - Måned siden
before you watch this video:
"Hey guys! This is Austin!"
you're welcome
Fortnite Arena
Fortnite Arena - Måned siden
Austin pls make a Review on Steelseries Apex Pro TKL
CCOG_Cassidy - Måned siden
wheres the ajazz ak33
GAME BOOM - Måned siden
bruh try the onn. gaming keyboard its really good for the price
Emma Kincaid
Emma Kincaid - Måned siden
I realise that he has a cold because of his voice