the most POWERFUL laptop.

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"They won't mind, I'm sure..."
At IFA 2019 ASUS showed off their new StudioBook One which is the world's most powerful laptop.
ASUS ProArt StudioBook One:
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Grant Mckenzie
Grant Mckenzie - 11 måneder siden
Sadly used to think of you as a serious reviewer but now,’re sitting with the most powerful laptop and you played fortnite
Kh fanboy
Kh fanboy - 18 timer siden
@Neroshy best comment I seen I'm years
Finn van Ooy
Finn van Ooy - 4 dager siden
hes the game is aids but it was perfect for this test because a lot of people pay this game so the can compare and it is free
Rerum Trading
Rerum Trading - 17 dager siden
@insta corp ok
Caffeinator - 18 dager siden
​@insta corp i don't even remember this but it was a joke lol
insta corp
insta corp - 18 dager siden
@Rerum Trading frick of and get a life
retor metro
retor metro - 3 dager siden
Tips for Austin go in to the Fortnite settings and boost your FPS by switching your FPS😎
Luc!d. - 12 dager siden
XMG Apex 15 has entered the chat
Google User
Google User - 13 dager siden
What’s Fortnite?
Anthony Mejia
Anthony Mejia - 22 dager siden
my laptop has 1gb of ram...
CedBan - 22 dager siden
Then compare it to a titan
SKY NET - 24 dager siden
which do think is powerful asus proart or alienware m15
Keshava Prasad
Keshava Prasad - 25 dager siden
He edits on Davinci Resolve?

John Price
John Price - Måned siden
Came here after it dropped
Well Played
Well Played - Måned siden
Can u review HP pavilion 15
Tiger Mellon
Tiger Mellon - Måned siden
"Some professional things like autocad"
U can run Autocad on an overclocked potato
Ayd Wal
Ayd Wal - Måned siden
you: "They won't mind, I'm sure..."
me: so your saying... I am going to, TAKE IT FOR MY SELF, EVERY COMPUTER GEEK FOR THEMSELFS
Kay Jr
Kay Jr - 2 måneder siden
I’m watching on a phone though
Razer Fan Boy
Razer Fan Boy - 2 måneder siden
After 10-20 years I think that YouTubers will test this laptop and buy a used one for like 400$ in 10-20 years to test it.
Claudiu Coss
Claudiu Coss - 2 måneder siden
omg u really love fortnite dont you ? :))
Thor Odinson
Thor Odinson - 2 måneder siden
Area 51m, Apex 15, and Zephorus Duo 15: Pathetic.
Leon - 2 måneder siden
What about the helios 700
RafiCodes - 3 måneder siden
Gamers, this computer is for professional artists or programmers. Do not buy this lol, unless you are one of the latter that is.
Gu-GuKicks Balls
Gu-GuKicks Balls - 3 måneder siden
What more surprising is that Austin is a robot and doesn't sleep
Flying Pig
Flying Pig - 3 måneder siden
"4,000 dollar graphics card" Yeah ill just buy a gaming pc for the same amount sure why not
Hippothegamingpro - 3 måneder siden
Are you able to game on this laptop
Chaeyeon Lee
Chaeyeon Lee - 3 måneder siden
Is this still the MOST powerful laptop?
Rycole - 4 måneder siden
so given the fan is in the screen for the long time will it last??
Mr Beast Gaming
Mr Beast Gaming - 4 måneder siden
Dream babe😘
Rad gamer
Rad gamer - 4 måneder siden
Damn boi! He thicc!
Damn boi! He thicc! - 5 måneder siden
3:54 we love you to
Mr Channel
Mr Channel - 5 måneder siden
mac book pro has 64 gigabhte of ram
Its Andrius
Its Andrius - 5 måneder siden
Yo i will go to appel store take iphone 11 pro im sure they won t mind
Dragonovus - 6 måneder siden
fortnite is also the most ridiculous game to test a card with
F3ZM - 6 måneder siden
ok but i have the MOST powerful pc
[25HZ - 180HZ (OverClocking is safe)
[36.8GB RAM (36.0GB Usable)
[Ryzen 10 17.30GHz
[23 cores
[Turbo over 32.80GHz
[GPU AMD Vega Graphics 10
[50.0GB VRAM
[48.3GB VRAM usable
[Over 16k
[SSD 256GB ( 500MB read+write )
[SSD 500GB ( 563MB read+write )
[4 USB Ports
BadboyDCX - 6 måneder siden
They won’t mind •_•
otto -.
otto -. - 6 måneder siden
Bruh im watching this on a lenovo n22 chromebook
Pikachu - 7 måneder siden
But can it run

Bintang Muhammad
Bintang Muhammad - 7 måneder siden
kayak ada droidlime
Andrew Paga'n
Andrew Paga'n - 7 måneder siden
It's pretty great, but I think the MacBook kind of wins in it's simplicity.
kira - 7 måneder siden
I still like my dell inspiron laptop
Ali Ghazavi
Ali Ghazavi - 7 måneder siden
who else is watching on acer aspire 3? anyways did acer aspire 3 users know some videos can be watched 2160 4k display?
First Second
First Second - 7 måneder siden
I want to spend the night watching this video, but my bank account tells me quit and go to bed
King Azeez
King Azeez - 7 måneder siden
'Steals the most powerful laptop', "plays fortnite".
Zaiah Talks
Zaiah Talks - 7 måneder siden
"its time for Fortnite" that got me good
Romeo - 7 måneder siden
'Including the stand' got me xD
Luke - 7 måneder siden
Austin the type of idiot to take the most powerful laptop to play...fortnite
raju melwani
raju melwani - 7 måneder siden
ikr i disliked cause of that i would play pubg and then red dead redemtion 2 cause its so unoptimized
Siemore Pekker
Siemore Pekker - 8 måneder siden
"I love this country"
Bloxer - 8 måneder siden
Is ASUS a German company?
Timular Vangular
Timular Vangular - 8 måneder siden
Austin: Holds worlds most powerful laptop

Also Austin: *F o r t n i t e*
Sunil - 9 måneder siden
Still u loose 😅
Vladimir Pavlovic
Vladimir Pavlovic - 9 måneder siden
When the Laptop is more expensive than your computer😓
7 Million
7 Million - 9 måneder siden
Most powerful computer runs fortnite at 40fps.. Are you serious???
Razer Fan Boy
Razer Fan Boy - 2 måneder siden
It didn’t have proper drivers so ofc...
Von Patrick De Villa
Von Patrick De Villa - 9 måneder siden
So can you play games like warcraft or pubg in a studiobook?? I've been choosing between buying this or a gaming laptop. I play games, but I also want to create content.
Android GamerR
Android GamerR - 9 måneder siden
But can it run Crysis at 4k 60fps?
Star Catz
Star Catz - 9 måneder siden
Fortnite? To test the most POWERFUL laptop in the world? Like.... Even Minecraft with Ray Tracing would be more impressive
Sandre Walcott
Sandre Walcott - 9 måneder siden
Lol i said Fortnite out loud when you say... you know what time it is
{Spectral} Crimsonfker
{Spectral} Crimsonfker - 9 måneder siden
1:40 low blow man, low blow
Note Fe
Note Fe - 9 måneder siden
Please gaming test :o
Nobody Nobodoy
Nobody Nobodoy - 9 måneder siden
but is it really the most powerful laptop
Random Melody
Random Melody - 9 måneder siden
I know why Asus send Austin instead of linus?
Henry - 10 måneder siden
That laptop has more RAM than my phone does storage...
D • Y • I
D • Y • I - 10 måneder siden
I thought only Marques with an 8K camera, but it's not...
Алекса Лаззар
Алекса Лаззар - 10 måneder siden
Me watching on a phone :(
NotFlawless - 10 måneder siden
Watching this with Intel Celeron 1.10 ghz and 4gb ram :p