The Next Elon Musk

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Our first real documentary: meet Joe Barnard and BPS Space.
Huge thank you to Joe for his time, definitely check him out!
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Vitenskap og teknologi
Runtime: 19:07


Austin Evans
Austin Evans - 10 måneder siden
This has been the biggest project we've ever undertaken: our first true documentary. It's been nearly a full year between shooting and finally getting it finished for you guys...we all really, really hope you enjoy. ❤️
Maria Bella
Maria Bella - 8 måneder siden
Amazing that's awesome great job 👏👍
PresidentialWinner - 9 måneder siden
What a stupid video title. You son of a bitch.
13th Gaming Clan
13th Gaming Clan - 9 måneder siden
Did you just compare yourself to Elon... tsk tsk tsk.
Anchor Bait
Anchor Bait - 9 måneder siden
@Art Dodger you are being silly.
Art Dodger
Art Dodger - 9 måneder siden
try building a man rocket instead of a toy little boys !!! then you can use Mr Musk as an analogy
Wesley Fan
Wesley Fan - Dag siden
also joe: carbonated milk
Sahil Vasava
Sahil Vasava - 20 dager siden
He is just Elon from a parallel universe who got transferred to this version of the universe without the Paypal money. Yet look at his ambition, he figured out a way to work in the space industry without needing that Paypal money to build rockets at large scale. Elon being true to his First Principles Thinking!!!
Chandanm 333
Chandanm 333 - Måned siden
I think he will not be next elon musk but iam sure he will become first Joe barnard
Ralph Ken Barrios
Ralph Ken Barrios - Måned siden
kid: Mom, I want elon musk.
mom: we have elon musk at home
*Elon must at home:
Austin Stuff
Austin Stuff - Måned siden
He legit look like a younger version of Elon musk
kim olduğum beni hiç alakadar etmez
keep going! he's not the next Elon he is the best version of Joe
ps siddharth
ps siddharth - 2 måneder siden
Make more vids like this
Rahat Aayaz
Rahat Aayaz - 2 måneder siden
The most frustrated time in a human's life. Man you're great, just do where ever your passion goes.
Timothy Ethan
Timothy Ethan - 2 måneder siden
It's so weird how much he reminds me of Elon. The way he looks, thinks and his general good naturedness. Is that a real word? I wonder if any of Elon's 6 boys will be anything like this guy, or him rather. I wish i was that motivated and intelligent.
XtraSwift - 4 måneder siden
I hope he starts using launch lugs
Obsidian 999
Obsidian 999 - 4 måneder siden
8:29 Because I seen his humility, any space organization should hire him. Very relatable person.
Sanjay Marison
Sanjay Marison - 5 måneder siden
a real motivating person
wish he succeed in his ambition
Omar Munoz
Omar Munoz - 6 måneder siden
Isn't this more of an enthusiast Diy tech that is solving problems for other diy rocket enthusiasts, Elon Musk wanted to further mankind like sustainable energy model and space exploration. Seems like a leap to compare them.
Neil Siebenthal
Neil Siebenthal - 7 måneder siden
That's so Elons lost son... He looks just like him.. @ElonMusk claim your child!
Neil Siebenthal
Neil Siebenthal - 7 måneder siden
0:04 I see a sign to my hometown.. Austin stalking me? Please?
Verfolger - 7 måneder siden
This is Elon Musk's son Klon Dusk
Phianhcr123 - 7 måneder siden
He look like the skinny and young version of Elon
Villads Warner
Villads Warner - 7 måneder siden
This is just a clone of Elon, WTF Elon!
Sergio Luiz Fernandes
Sergio Luiz Fernandes - 8 måneder siden
joe barnard when something goes wrong (laughs)

me when something goes wrong(punching bag)
Susheela A
Susheela A - 8 måneder siden
found another motivation
Susheela A
Susheela A - 8 måneder siden
elon musk wants to know your location
Zabuza_Zen - 8 måneder siden
Great video!
Ianis - 8 måneder siden
Elon musk will always be better
Hamdani Mohamedaziz
Hamdani Mohamedaziz - 8 måneder siden
Maui Waui
Maui Waui - 8 måneder siden
Plot twist: This is an AI of Elon Musk.
Avinash Baghel
Avinash Baghel - 8 måneder siden
He is Elon musk going back to in time being young and working in parallel, only the real does not know this.
this is my name
this is my name - 8 måneder siden
He's elon musk son
kuku Plays
kuku Plays - 8 måneder siden
OMG you finally found the Elon musk's long lost brother
KhanKratos - 8 måneder siden
Elon's clone
Shourjyodeep Barman
Shourjyodeep Barman - 8 måneder siden
It needs atleast three different moveable motors
Dev Kev
Dev Kev - 8 måneder siden
Joe is a young Elon Musk
Jordan Blair
Jordan Blair - 8 måneder siden
“The next Elon musk” lol, it wasn’t until Elon’s latter part of his career where he said let’s do rockets.
shankar deodat
shankar deodat - 8 måneder siden
Young musk 😎🤣
ASID Clutch
ASID Clutch - 8 måneder siden
Cesar Huerta The Vegan Skater
Cesar Huerta The Vegan Skater - 8 måneder siden
Yo i think if you attached the cord from an even point it might work! you can clearly see that at the time of release it was tilted a bit, it made that 12 degree angle!
Cesar Huerta The Vegan Skater
Cesar Huerta The Vegan Skater - 8 måneder siden
9,999 more to come!!!
Ryan Cuppa
Ryan Cuppa - 8 måneder siden
Elon sees this, hires him
Park - 8 måneder siden
Dude he even looks like Elon musk
Suyash LoneWolf
Suyash LoneWolf - 8 måneder siden
Elon musk clone.. Gemini man real life
Oshan Bhatta
Oshan Bhatta - 8 måneder siden
So.... how many elon type musk are here on earth? When Parallel universe itself is drunk🤗😂
shiv giri
shiv giri - 8 måneder siden
An Indian boy in up state has made missile without any help . He lacked money . indian are genius
Juggernaut - 8 måneder siden
I would be so happy if elon hires him
Ohee Ibn Hamid
Ohee Ibn Hamid - 8 måneder siden
Reminded me of October Sky.
[deleted] - 8 måneder siden
Can he make a car ??????
The Seer
The Seer - 8 måneder siden
Anyone what he’s up to.
The Seer
The Seer - 8 måneder siden
This must be Elon musk’s young clone, in case flat earther’s assassinate him.
Elli Arellano
Elli Arellano - 8 måneder siden
He looks like a mix between Elon musk and Steve buscemi
Scepto - 8 måneder siden
16:32 Nice forest fire
Yadiel Mercedes
Yadiel Mercedes - 8 måneder siden
10:32 made hit the like button, lol. This video is awesome and inspiring.
Mandela Effect Comedy
Mandela Effect Comedy - 8 måneder siden
Dang it. So anticlimactic we need a follow up where he gets it to land!
citizen000 - 8 måneder siden
You are an inspiration !
Snack3rS7 - 8 måneder siden
Its just another Elon Musk from alternative world who came by the cern interdimensionial portal.
Telugu Tv
Telugu Tv - 8 måneder siden
dont worry bro tried well
Reece McCauley
Reece McCauley - 8 måneder siden
Everyone saying he looks like Elon
No one asking how he look like Elon:(
Leo Varghese
Leo Varghese - 8 måneder siden
Can we just appreciate how well this video is shot!
Canned Dinners
Canned Dinners - 8 måneder siden
The real Nard dog
Mibenavi - 8 måneder siden
Man, he has some really good sense of humor.
John Rodri
John Rodri - 8 måneder siden
Like the Chinese they resemble each other and they are a race , this is the Elon race 😂 , Elon musk needs to hire him and anyone with the ability and passion to make this space x work
raj - 8 måneder siden
computer scientist to rocket science
filmmaking to rocket sicence
Mack Black
Mack Black - 8 måneder siden
So basically, the government has a bunch of Elon Musk's clones somewhere in the world just in case we lost the original?