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mangoz - 14 timer siden
I’m building the same pc, just different mobo and ram
TeamHeated ESP
TeamHeated ESP - 19 timer siden
can you review an msi trident 3
Astral Not
Astral Not - 21 time siden
Me: imma build a pc.
My Wallet: imma end this mans whole career
Christopher Cogdell
Christopher Cogdell - 23 timer siden
Austin, could you do a cable management video with tips on how to make it neat.
Sweaty Boyy
Sweaty Boyy - Dag siden
What FPS does this pc give fortnite
Henry DelGreco
Henry DelGreco - Dag siden
When your rich and you know it clap your money
sabri katoglu
sabri katoglu - 2 dager siden
But on pc part picker it doesnt aprove
120 Beats
120 Beats - 2 dager siden
Lol I thought the quality was bad the whole time then I realised that my yt wasn’t playing at 1080p
YesOrYes - 2 dager siden
Haha, jokes on you i built a different pc.
Nidrawcat 7
Nidrawcat 7 - 3 dager siden
i got the same pc but with a ryzen 5 2600 nice pc
Nisar Qambari
Nisar Qambari - 3 dager siden
What do you do with all your pcs can i have one?
Slimak - 3 dager siden
LOL i will build a PC that runs rtx 2060 super and it costs 1k $
R6 is godly
R6 is godly - 3 dager siden
What is a good monitor less than $200
MookoPistols - 4 dager siden
How well can this run roblox? full graphical compacity?
Krusenta - 4 dager siden
when he started his car with a bloody button that was so unsatisfying i prefer a key u put it in and you turn it and it starts i think anyone could break into that car and say oh shit all i gota do is push a button WOW
Marvellous Studios
Marvellous Studios - 4 dager siden
Buy This PC: Affordable
Electry City BIlls : Wasted
THOMPSiGN On Everything
THOMPSiGN On Everything - 5 dager siden
Processor - Ryzen 3 3100
Motherboard - Asus prime B450M-A
Memory - Gskill Ripjaw 16gb
SSD WD black sn750 500g
Graphics Card - ASUS Geforce GTX 1650 Super
Power Supply - EVGA 500 w
Case -Masterbox Q300L
SavageMilBrat - 5 dager siden
Bro I bet that camera I see in the background is more than 3 prebuilt overpriced pc’s
Happy TannTann Fanclub
Happy TannTann Fanclub - 5 dager siden
Why didn’t he went for the ryzen3 3300x
Southend Boyz
Southend Boyz - 6 dager siden
Do u think if paid you could you build me a pc
William Yang
William Yang - 7 dager siden
$600 pc runs better than the verges “$2000 dollar gaming pc”
Black Mii
Black Mii - 8 dager siden
Uncle Austin,
How the hell do I get pc parts when I live in Australia?
DragonboyXD 123
DragonboyXD 123 - 9 dager siden
U guys lost me at motherboard
02 - 9 dager siden
No links RIP
travis summerville
travis summerville - 10 dager siden
Thank you for wearing a mask in public
Jordan Haltrecht
Jordan Haltrecht - 11 dager siden
Will this pc work for oculus quest link?
Aamash Faruqi
Aamash Faruqi - 11 dager siden
The REAL question is if we can play Tetris on it...
KnightFlairYT - 11 dager siden
What about warzone?
Pardon Pod cast
Pardon Pod cast - 12 dager siden
Where do you find your parts
Wizzard lol
Wizzard lol - 12 dager siden
He says 600 bucks is cheap smh
vlqv - 12 dager siden
What cpu did ge have???
Shivaam - 13 dager siden
I can tell you are alone because the camera doesn’t zoom until it cuts, also there is not a single shake from the camera. Let’s help uncle Austin not be lonely 😢
Ruben Vincze
Ruben Vincze - 14 dager siden
Me:Runs Cs:Go
Me:Runs Gta 5
Pc:Ohh hell noo!
GET VECTORED - 15 dager siden
My pc rn is 30 fps don’t ask im gonna build one can’t wait to see why streamers see
Giovanni Lopez
Giovanni Lopez - 15 dager siden
So is this desktop better than the one he built 4 months ago?
Anthony Aleksiuk
Anthony Aleksiuk - 16 dager siden
How many pc do u think he has
fade Mystic
fade Mystic - 16 dager siden
You are so helpful I’m thinking about build a pc in the future
Max Lamothe
Max Lamothe - 16 dager siden
ken's shirt was epic
V S 8
V S 8 - 16 dager siden
Viru Virushi
Viru Virushi - 16 dager siden
Please give me a free gaming pc 🥺🥺🥺
DNTLS Zero - 17 dager siden
Joy and Michael Haab
Joy and Michael Haab - 17 dager siden
how do you set the pc up???
Rich Max13
Rich Max13 - 18 dager siden
He didn't even include the cost of a monitor, keyboard and mouse. Also the 3300x is on par with the 7700k! Smh
Pete Davis
Pete Davis - 18 dager siden
Would this set up still be Viable if I dropped in a Ryzen 7 or Ruzen 9 I have at home not being used? My kid needs a desktop for school and fort nite, please help!🤷🏽‍♂️
maria mercedes
maria mercedes - 18 dager siden
Dark Gamer Xtreme
Dark Gamer Xtreme - 18 dager siden
I live in Australia and I was watching the video and I heard it was $500 I added up the amount that the pc cost and it was over $1,000 need I remind u that our currency is double to Americans currency but I now have the pc built and I love it
Musa Nauman
Musa Nauman - 19 dager siden
persons profile at 9:37 : SAO character
Me a being a weeb : WHAT THE FU#$
Brodle720 - 19 dager siden
Ok so I went to micro center to pick up the parts, they didn’t have some of the parts mentioned in the video, but I was still able to get what I needed from the store. It came out to be $870 USD.
Brodle720 - 19 dager siden
A little more pricey but I think it’ll be fine
wsk hti
wsk hti - 19 dager siden
Where is the section about installing windows or operating system?
Big person
Big person - 19 dager siden
I’m doing this !
JV _
JV _ - 19 dager siden
Austin, I just want you to know that no SSD in the world is faster than me skipping your sponsor ads.
Pancakesgaming - 19 dager siden
Dude he says $600 is budget when I can’t Evan afford a laptop 😂
Facey Duck
Facey Duck - 8 dager siden
or learn to "spel"
Jayden R // Pulse
Jayden R // Pulse - 13 dager siden
mow some lawns my dude
AbideFPS - 20 dager siden
Austin: “1660 super”
Me: Cries while playing Valorant with Intel integrated graphics and 4 gb ram
AbideFPS - 15 dager siden
@Tijan Bah lol i got the base pc on ironside for like $400
Tijan Bah
Tijan Bah - 18 dager siden
I got the same specs 😭
Beastly Taco
Beastly Taco - 20 dager siden
Vr headset and Xbox 360 controller.. hmmm something’s wrong
Le Ngoc
Le Ngoc - 20 dager siden
AMD CPU goes with NVIDIA GPU??? They are going to fight in that case.
Jovi - 20 dager siden
Any other cases that are viable? I don’t want to copy part for part haha
Jovi - 20 dager siden
Why do you need the Ryzen 3 3100?
Bailey Charlow
Bailey Charlow - 20 dager siden
Is it me or do the games not look that good in the vid?
GnFNobleWolf - 21 dag siden
the recording is cool but valorant doesn't take much haha
YourBoyRocha - 21 dag siden
What do you do with all these PC's you build?