The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

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Samsung Galaxy S20 hands on:
Samsung Galaxy S20 5G Ultra is a ridiculously overkill looking phone...but does it matter? 📱
The BEST of CES 2020 🤯
The funniest gaming PC build we've ever done 🌶
Thanks to Myke for co-hosting!
Shoutout to Max Weinbach for the many excellent Samsung Galaxy S20 rumors:
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Austin Evans
Austin Evans - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
can't wait for the Samsung Galaxy S40 Hyper Ultra 6G with 4D
wavx - 4 mÃ¥neder siden
Omggggg so excited 😂😂😂
SuperAgentAB // AxelBelnas0123
SuperAgentAB // AxelBelnas0123 - 5 mÃ¥neder siden
Austin Evans oh BOI!!!!!
SuperAgentAB // AxelBelnas0123
SuperAgentAB // AxelBelnas0123 - 5 mÃ¥neder siden
Austin Evans oh ho ho!!!
draxx Sklounst
draxx Sklounst - 5 mÃ¥neder siden
Itll be out of style in a month
Just In
Just In - 5 mÃ¥neder siden
Ur gay
Say hi
Say hi - 3 mÃ¥neder siden
Here only for "Hey guys this is Austin"
Kem Chew
Kem Chew - 3 mÃ¥neder siden
Hey Austin, this is Guys!
Orange Just75
Orange Just75 - 4 mÃ¥neder siden
Seriously what's up with the cameras every new phone that they have the ad like two or three more cameras
Vivek Vhatkar
Vivek Vhatkar - 4 mÃ¥neder siden
Can it Run Crysis?
Obsidian 999
Obsidian 999 - 4 mÃ¥neder siden
Which phone makes your user experience the most productive? Or there are pure practical phone the working class would better benefit from?
Jollypk - 4 mÃ¥neder siden
Dang my phone only has a 1.5 gb of ram
mohamed sabeer
mohamed sabeer - 4 mÃ¥neder siden
Is Austin Evans worth it?
Farras Amali .M.
Farras Amali .M. - 5 mÃ¥neder siden
3:12 where i can watch this stream?
ok - 5 mÃ¥neder siden
When a phone has more ram than your computer
CC CC - 5 mÃ¥neder siden
I'm first whow
John Bulger
John Bulger - 5 mÃ¥neder siden
I'm considering the S20 Ultra cause it looks amazing but then reality hit and I'm like I can buy 3 55" smart tv's and still be cheaper than that phone. Hmmmm I did however touch and play with the S20 plus cause Walmart made an opps and put them out a week early. OMG that refresh rate bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Malfi Howari
Malfi Howari - 5 mÃ¥neder siden
draxx Sklounst
draxx Sklounst - 5 mÃ¥neder siden
Who the hell needs 16gb of ram on a phone lol
Giokyo - 5 mÃ¥neder siden
samsung:we have 8k now
people arent even using 4k lol
TheMoon - 5 mÃ¥neder siden
why tho?
why would you ever need 4 different type of cameras???!
Michael Bloomfield
Michael Bloomfield - 5 mÃ¥neder siden
⚠️UK ONLY 🇬🇧
Htain Lin Tha
Htain Lin Tha - 5 mÃ¥neder siden
Even Note 8 is still doing fine with me so I am more than sure that S20 ultra will do fine on the software side also!
mohamet officiall
mohamet officiall - 5 mÃ¥neder siden
what is price
Abdul Rahman
Abdul Rahman - 5 mÃ¥neder siden
Samsung made a reasonable Naming strategies like *S* series for their Flagships, *Note* series devices, *M* series for Midrangers and *A* for Budget phones. Now, they've also decided their mainstream Flagships with "years" (S 20 for 2020), S 21 for 2021 etc.,
William Carter
William Carter - 5 mÃ¥neder siden
I'll stick with the Fold for now
Pecoliky - 5 mÃ¥neder siden
*hey guys this is AUTISMO*
TheStupid2000User - 5 mÃ¥neder siden
What happened to the s11-19
Wynner3 - 5 mÃ¥neder siden
Who filmed this with the stand in the way? For shame.
Filming Luxury Properties
Filming Luxury Properties - 5 mÃ¥neder siden
we get it Austin your gay
Kelva - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
can they do a samsung s20 plus mini x s 5g 4g 33ms 4k x20 ultra super ti rtx pro 865 120hz
Rus - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
Justify or not. People will pay to have latest so they can show look i got money
Joe - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
The s8 and s10e are the only good things that came from samsung
Ken Block
Ken Block - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
its crazy how these flagship phones will prolly cost 90 bucks after 5-7 years
Nicking 74
Nicking 74 - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
I can't tell if this video is mocking samsung as a joke or not
Mamlouk - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
Stahlkrieger - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
Huh my b day is on the 11th. Ironic
Pujith J
Pujith J - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
Nokia never got due credit for all the crazy designs and variations they did with the form factor and hardware of their phones in the early to mid 2000s. Just saying.
Jolly Palangue
Jolly Palangue - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
cmon austin don't be ridiculous about the camera and the quality of instagram. we know you shot this video using a RED and I watched it in 360p
Uzair Atta
Uzair Atta - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
This is going to be a sick phone I can wait until it comes out!
Prem Garu
Prem Garu - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
Austin is right and I love his videos.
MedianEgg - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
The only thing I think of when I hear *Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra+ 5G* is that Samsung is using Apple's confusing naming scheme.
Fuzion- Clips
Fuzion- Clips - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
byebye apple
Todd Barraza
Todd Barraza - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
I ask though when is it enough or over the top in specs the average consumer?
Clifton Tibbits
Clifton Tibbits - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
THE most important thing all cell phones should have is 5 G at no added cost, 1 good camera , a long lasting battery in 2020 is a must..and the price wars are flat out legal thievery...they are making our phones an auto car industry in your hand ....
Gabriel666 sparda
Gabriel666 sparda - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
basically in short words he wants us to buy only an iphone
cringlyss -
cringlyss - - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
What next S40 Hyper Ultra ultimate 5G
Matt Prior
Matt Prior - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
Gonna be going from a pixel 3 xl to this hopefully
deaennnn - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
Does it have an earphone jack
Hyder Himmathi
Hyder Himmathi - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
Future mobile camera will look like Caterpillar 🙈🙉🙊
Yahia - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
this episode is sad for some reason
Sam - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
Manny Holloway
Manny Holloway - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
Bro, I though this video was a joke
Tyler Trezak
Tyler Trezak - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
The next phone is literally gonna be all cameras on the back panel
Abdallah Elgarhy
Abdallah Elgarhy - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
I swear to God, you answer my question, which one is better, far from the operating system and the pen Note 10 Plus and iPhone 11
Metalhead - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
If it doesn't come with corona virus, I won't buy it!
Jefin Jafar
Jefin Jafar - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
He starting to cry even before it's release
Legit Stix
Legit Stix - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
How many cameras will the next galaxy have
Samsung: yes
Luis Vargas
Luis Vargas - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
This is not a real photo of the Samsung, this video is pure garbage.
Anthony Ramos
Anthony Ramos - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
Samsung makes my computer seem sad but still Samsung is always better
FIREROD 726 - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
iOS: *adds 3 cameras to iPhone 11*
Android: b*tch try me *adds 20 cameras to Samsung Galaxy s20 ultra"

(Android is better iOS here think about Android has different types of phones iOS just has iphone and iPods also air pods with the iPad and Mac that's it any thing not a iPhone is made or powered by Android*no sh*t Sherlock* also yes I know air pods aren't phones same with that Mac)⬅️don't read that just focus on the joke
jfan45 - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
It seems like this phone is going to be the biggest bump since the Galaxy S3 in specs to the Galaxy S4
Ceci - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
well I need a new phone, mine is already broken anyway... I'm just not sure if I should go full flagship tho, I do need a phone for multitasking, gaming and finally having a good camera wouldn't hurt but still...
Felipe Villalobos
Felipe Villalobos - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
We need more cameras in the back...
김무진 - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
S20 Ultra 5G, you little prick.
And you're like an old man in 4D, you son of