the SMALLEST gaming PC!

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It might be tiny but there is NOTHING else like it.
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Daniel Le
Daniel Le - 3 timer siden
It kinda looked like a nintendo 3d when it was closed and my cusin askes can u play fortnite on it?
Alejandro Sigala
Alejandro Sigala - Dag siden
when u first said thundervolt and lower than 800 dlls, my first thought was external GPU, and external monitor, mouse, keybord, i like it, infact remove the joystick to lower the price evan more and im in.
Tofuna - Dag siden
Me: oh cool I will use the link to check it out
The link: 2.9 million dollars usd
Me: 😯
Tier_Dev - Dag siden
Omg So I will Give My Future Son That Laptop xD
Skelly - Dag siden
Everybody gangsta till the kid with this laptop starts cranking 90s
nester ferns
nester ferns - 3 dager siden
2020 kids gameboys.
Dylan Noon
Dylan Noon - 3 dager siden
New nintendo lap ds. Buy it now. LOL
Jihl Nabaat
Jihl Nabaat - 4 dager siden
would have preferred the ryzen with vega but still want one
RapidFire - 4 dager siden
It’s a 3Ds!
wommy splats
wommy splats - 4 dager siden
no thats an xbox + New nintendo 3ds XL
Mach umar
Mach umar - 5 dager siden
Flex seal the keyboard
Aryan Desai
Aryan Desai - 6 dager siden
bruh my graphics card the size of that laptop
young-nelson - 6 dager siden
dont you mean nintendo ds?
Kopiko Tea
Kopiko Tea - 6 dager siden
3ds pc
cuzimkirito - 7 dager siden
Is he realy playing cs on a Controller?!
Akhand Pratap Singh Singh
Akhand Pratap Singh Singh - 7 dager siden
Where is ken
Nathan Sandy
Nathan Sandy - 7 dager siden
wingedkey. - 7 dager siden
So its basically a 3ds but better...
Benedicto Diptasuta
Benedicto Diptasuta - 7 dager siden
Smallest gaming PC (laptop),...
Still has USB ports and Ethernet.

Oscar Gonzalez
Oscar Gonzalez - 7 dager siden
And a 3ds
James Eden
James Eden - 8 dager siden
Don't care about gaming but gpd stuff is pretty cool.
Simar K
Simar K - 8 dager siden
Why do you yell so much! Gives me a headache
h_ugothe dog
h_ugothe dog - 9 dager siden
Raspberry pi is an actual pc
HH-0108 - 9 dager siden
But can it run crysis?
Aaron Maharajh
Aaron Maharajh - 9 dager siden
Does it play forza horizon 4
Jibran gaming
Jibran gaming - 10 dager siden
i am a brokegamer
1 better gpu = makes gamer game smooth
Johnriel Seyer
Johnriel Seyer - 10 dager siden
Who else scrolled down to see him say hey guys this is Austin
gorkzy - 10 dager siden
bro that laptop is better than my 1.3k 15inch laptob
Aaron's fun world
Aaron's fun world - 10 dager siden
PLAINROCKY 123 - 11 dager siden
so u got a huge 3ds with windows 10 on it
Bendy Expecto
Bendy Expecto - 11 dager siden
If a 2ds XL and a small laptop had a baby :
NATHAN VALERA - 11 dager siden
Bruh Verizon loves Austin cause I only get Verizon adds watching Austin
Regular TaeA
Regular TaeA - 11 dager siden
Looks like DS not gonna lie
King Kaidoz
King Kaidoz - 12 dager siden
Me: suck here with a window 6
Tomasz Problem
Tomasz Problem - 12 dager siden
Nintendo świętach is bettterr
Kenco - 12 dager siden
I love the fact how someone looked up on google Hey guys this is Austin
ItsYeBoi Elon
ItsYeBoi Elon - 12 dager siden
The thing is... will it run DeX?
Sharky Blox
Sharky Blox - 12 dager siden
The thing is it’s better than my pc A LAP TOP LMBO
WatchEwee - 13 dager siden
It’s 3 thousand dollars
NyNyz guide to:
NyNyz guide to: - 13 dager siden
Can you play gta5 on that
RIVX SPONGE - 14 dager siden
buy a switch its better optimized
Lesley Harrys
Lesley Harrys - 14 dager siden
You’re saying “very unique” way too much. Let me quote the immortal George Carlin here:
“Unique needs no modifier. Very unique, quite unique, more unique, real unique, fairly unique, and extremely unique are wrong and they mark you as dumb, although certainly not unique.”
THE MADZ Gaming - 14 dager siden
1:07 really more like a 3ds
Sourik Ray
Sourik Ray - 14 dager siden
Shirt game on point
Euphoria ツ
Euphoria ツ - 15 dager siden
i think you call that the "Mega Deluxe Xl Nintendo4DS 2x"
Smoothy - 15 dager siden
lets be honest

the smallest gaming laptop is a DS
ButtPirate - 15 dager siden
I'm very surprised to see you guys embracing Persona 4 Golden. Very cool!
ASSASSIN DSR - 15 dager siden
Does pcvr work?
Ryan Goonan
Ryan Goonan - 15 dager siden
Who else saw it as a glorified 3DS?
UNKNOWN CLAN - 15 dager siden
Me sees vid name: oh its a ds

The vid: no im a pc and a ds together
Rekha Solanki
Rekha Solanki - 16 dager siden
the one problem i came with was that the laptop does not have a anti-glare display.
rock and robloxer IXC
rock and robloxer IXC - 16 dager siden
no it if a 3ds and a computer got together it would be this
LegoRJ35 - 16 dager siden
no GPD Win 2 and 1 are smaller
TPOLZ Playz - 16 dager siden
3ds xlxlxl
C4I3bZ - 16 dager siden
I think that would be terrible, because i play claw. And that would be really hard to play claw on.
bot kid_
bot kid_ - 16 dager siden
I like a DS
ClevePlayz - 16 dager siden
turn it upside down then you have a nintendo 3ds
Connor Roberts
Connor Roberts - 17 dager siden
In the beginning the box looked like a lunchabel box
The Man
The Man - 17 dager siden
Smol PC or big ds
Nitro - 17 dager siden
The ultra DS