This $15 Gadget Tracks You EVERYWHERE

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Be safe out there.
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Vitenskap og teknologi
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Re Cj
Re Cj - 6 dager siden
Austin Evans, sadly you sound as a Hollywood actor. Can't stand your bla bla bla even if it could be 10% true.
xorkatoss - 18 dager siden
by the time my kids become 18 these trackers will be dirty cheap and I will be able to track them everywhere lol
The Epic Gaming God
The Epic Gaming God - 20 dager siden
6:50 this man predicted the future
mybackpocket - Måned siden
The US is leagues behind the EU when it comes to privacy. The EU has the GDPR which outlines, on a principle basis what you can't and can't do in terms of processing someone's personal data. The US, no such thing and that's why there is the privacy shield set up and the US hasn't been given adequacy status.
Jesus Sanchez
Jesus Sanchez - Måned siden
Burnout for days 🤟
Flameways 777
Flameways 777 - Måned siden
hey guys its not austin here
Austin Powers
Austin Powers - Måned siden
Wait but u already have 1 million subs
John Weatherford
John Weatherford - Måned siden
bitdefender may sound nice but if they have a breach or data leaked people then have all your data in one spot
hchilazi2 - Måned siden
I prefer Kaspersky over bitdefender
ADIL saleem
ADIL saleem - Måned siden
You give the link of this product
Luis Alfonso Rodrigáñez
Luis Alfonso Rodrigáñez - Måned siden
10 minute ad? No thanks.
beloonie pepsi
beloonie pepsi - Måned siden
I thought u quit
Keith Richards
Keith Richards - Måned siden
Why am I getting a notification for this 6 days later?
Smitty Domingo
Smitty Domingo - Måned siden
Rasen Shuriken
Rasen Shuriken - Måned siden
Wait till Bitdefender digital identity protection get hacked and dispels all that data
Zachariah Thorpe
Zachariah Thorpe - Måned siden
Austin: I'ma fire my self from YouTube!

Next video: hey guys it's austin!
Swapnil Sen
Swapnil Sen - Måned siden
A similar thing happened in India. A woman's identity was forged and 20 different people were working at different schools as teachers on her name where the actual woman was actually unemployed.
ExperimentalGaming - Måned siden
Manny koshbin background music
Micah Sudol
Micah Sudol - Måned siden
Turn your phone off before going into any store.. and download DuckDuckGo and get a good VPN
HypeBeast 2
HypeBeast 2 - Måned siden
Who came here thinking it’s mystery tech
BrianGamezYT - Måned siden
*It’s **6:50** in the morning*
Mark W
Mark W - Måned siden
YEETGOD - Måned siden
My valorant cypher cosplay is complete now
Dom Lang
Dom Lang - Måned siden
I spent 7 years in the candy isle
V1Gibby - Måned siden
I think we are all very familiar with tracking devices. I’m holding one rn
Viki Chi
Viki Chi - Måned siden
Is Ken back also? I am so happy that he didn't quit!
Luis Dezhnuts
Luis Dezhnuts - Måned siden
Can’t wait till we hack store lol 😂.
Agent FN
Agent FN - Måned siden
Nice Oreo
Viktor 10 bg
Viktor 10 bg - Måned siden
Thank you
Viktor 10 bg
Viktor 10 bg - Måned siden
Im do releafed
Viktor 10 bg
Viktor 10 bg - Måned siden
I thought you left youtube
Ben Ruckus
Ben Ruckus - Måned siden
Cheating just got a whole lot "harder" *giggity. Also track your brats.
ChickenBeaks - Måned siden
Poor Wes he kept on getting cut off buy Austin.
MCWDD - Måned siden
You can also use these to find lost items, so long as it’s attached to said lost object
sahid Romero
sahid Romero - Måned siden
Last year someone made a facebook with my name and last name and added all my friends (and they thought I made a new account so almost all of them accepted his/hers request until I found out and told them to block that fake person.
Tom Mellor
Tom Mellor - Måned siden
I miss “hey guys this is Austin”
Gamerboi53 - Måned siden
Me a week ago no don’t leave yt
A couple days later now wat the fuck y is there a vid
OLOS Gaming
OLOS Gaming - Måned siden
King 321
King 321 - Måned siden
Gonna come out with a video titled the ps5 is ugly and Phrase the x box series x
Lost Boy
Lost Boy - Måned siden
Ezkillz Gonzales
Ezkillz Gonzales - Måned siden
Im here PS5 reveals, rip xbox x
Mexicangamer_slp 64
Mexicangamer_slp 64 - Måned siden
I thought he “fired himself from YouTube”
Bacon_Hockey13 - Måned siden
ezequiel sosa
ezequiel sosa - Måned siden
ps5 gameplay trailer out now
Parker Besse
Parker Besse - Måned siden
Sir Knight. AUTTP
Sir Knight. AUTTP - Måned siden
What I can do is put it in my crushes bag lol
PFR Oasis
PFR Oasis - Måned siden
Bro it would be a dream come true for these guys come to my house and just get me like the ultimate pc with like double monitors and a sick pc and like a ps5 to be with the pc
julian ochoa
julian ochoa - Måned siden
Shut up
Ncebstar TV
Ncebstar TV - Måned siden
Man please ship me an xbox one,,i am watching all your videos,all the way from Africa, Namibia
Bhanu yadav
Bhanu yadav - Måned siden
Mi Notebook 14 is out
Andrija Vucetic
Andrija Vucetic - Måned siden
I asked my parents for a pc and got a chromebook os
Ilzxion - Måned siden
Perfect for my dad when I lost where he went lmao
_J. .Z_
_J. .Z_ - Måned siden
My grandma is dead
Ryan Peck
Ryan Peck - Måned siden
Good video. Going to sign up for this.
Ryan Peck
Ryan Peck - Måned siden
Nikolas Lialios
Nikolas Lialios - Måned siden
Cuz the government won't use that to track you...
Viewers:Do you really fired yourself from Youtube?
Darkvame - Måned siden
i dont think i can earn money at 13 so um ya.. i cant help uout austin by buying bit defender
Sven - Måned siden
All the paranoia crap.. If you carry your phone they already know where you are. Question is, why would you care.
MrSupremeRoblox - Måned siden
Thought he quit YT...